Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday Blog Round Up

Texas is joining me on the John Edwards train. It's nice to see he is gaining ground on the two candidates the media only wants to talk about.

A detailed analysis of the ass kicking we received on Sunday at the hands of our oldest and most respected rival. All I can say is Brodney Pool, fuckin Sooner.

One Marine speaks about how Iraq was doomed form the start. A very intriguing piece that really does a great job drawing you in.

There are quite a few sad kittens and rainy days until Petraeus can get his pony. Big ups to Corrente for finding this.

The NBC plan seems to be working out for KO as he destroyed his competition on Friday. You know somewhere BillO is having angry phone sex.

It's getting tougher for the administration to try to claim what the troops feel when they're doing a fine job of it on their own. Word has it they have turned down Senator Stevens' idea of using a cork to plug the tubes.

Pure gangsta bitches. For a man who wants to be a cop after he retires, he sure does have a lot of criminals on his bus.

At least SOMEONE is trying to get to the bottom of the Alabama Governor case. The case stinks to high heaven and once again DoJ doesn't look good at all during this.

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