Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NFL Week One Power Rankings

It seemed this week that every game was either down to the wire or a complete ass kicking. Sadly my team was on the latter end, but I have a new saying.

The season doesn't start until Quinn starts.

1. Colts-Manhandled the Saints, either the Colts are this good or the Saints have taken a step back.
2. Patriots-Week One gave us a preview of the the Tom and Randy show and it was quite impressive.
3. Chargers-Not the offensive onslaught that folks were expecting, but it was Norv's first game as head coach for the team, and they did manage to find a way to win.
4. Steelers-New coach, same impressive team. Of course that may be due to the crappy ass Sooner Brodney Pool.
5. Bears-They may have lost, but their defense is still the best in the NFL and that alone may get them back to the Super Bowl.
6. Bengals-Their offense had sparks last night against a talent Ravens' defense, and a surprising defense as well.
7. Cowboys-Bitch slapped the Giants back and forth all over the football field. I haven't seen a new yorker that abused since Clemens' last start.
8. Panthers-I don't think many expected them to do that against the Rams, except maybe myself and Panther fans.
9. Packers-They beat the Eagles, the team who may win the East, they deserve to be there. Just a reminder why they call Farve a gunslinger.
10. Eagles-They lost to the Packers simply because their returners couldn't hold on to the ball. I've never seen that team fumble so many times.
11. Saints-They are ranked this high only because that first game may have been a fluke. Plus we know how much talent they have, they just may need time to get going.
12. 49ers-An impressive comeback last night against the team they will fight all season for the West crown. Alex Smith is almost at that level, now if they could only spell Gore a bit.
13. Ravens-They fought tooth and nail against the Bengals and almost pulled it out, but it may be Boller time again. Bet they wish they had signed Byron now.
14. Broncos-Somehow they managed to pull out a win in Buffalo this weekend. They had no finish that entire game, could hurt them in the weeks to come.
15. Redskins-They struggled with the Dolphins, one of the worst teams in the NFL. This is going to be a long season for Skins fans.
16. Jets-They were burnt toast after the Patriots game, and this may be a bit high to place them, but I will give Mangenius the benefit...for now.
17. Seahawks-They won, but it was an ugly game against a very bad Buccs team. This may be the last win for a while for the Seahawks.
18. Giants-This is WAY too high for the Giants, but people would give me no credit if they were any further down. Mark my words, Giants worst season in twenty years.
19. Cardinals-Now then, this is way to low for the Cards. They played a decent game last night and their defense looked much improved. Adrian Wilson is by far their best player.
20. Rams-They are a tweener team, they will either use this loss to propel themselves to try harder, or could be a sign of many things to come.
21. Lions-Well, they beat the Raiders, and for that they get the number 21 spot. Of course they won because their Riaders offense turned it over more then a short order cook.
22. Titans-They fought, scrapped and clawed their way to victory. They will likely move up and down five spots on this list all year.
23. Bills-Damn, they almost had it didn't they? This team could fight its way into playoff contention if they continue to be scrappers.
24. Texans-They beat up the worst team in football, but a win is a win. Mario Williams also played much better, so these are all good signs.
25. Vikings-Much like the Texans, they beat up a pretty bad team, but better then folks had expected. Adrian Peterson definitely had a pretty run didn't he?
26. Raiders-They didn't look like last year's Raiders, they showed some ability. Then again, they were playing the Lions so we'll see.
27. Jaguars-So the big test came and went and their defense kept them in that game. I personally don't like the idea of dropping a competitor like Byron.
28. Dolphins-Much like the Jags, the Dolphins defense kept them in the game. They also were a part of the most exciting play of the weekend.
29. Buccaneers-They were not impressive what so ever this last weekend, and from here on you could pretty much rank the teams any which way but loose.
30. Browns-Well, they had a show of promise on ONE drive of the day. Charlie Frye was goated, and Brodney Pool needs to be taken to the woodshed.
31. Falcons-They get this spot above the Chiefs due only on the fact that their team has more talent, and that is about it.
32. Chiefs-People seemed shocked by their performance this weekend, that's because no one listens to me. They MIGHT win a game, and that better be because of Larry Johnson.


SayHey Kid said...

Thanks for the Niner love. Smith was not as sharp but the Cards have a revamped D, I expected him to struggle a bit.

btw- Id hate to see Pool reach Elway status with you

TheNaturalMevs said...

titans and vikings should be higher, overall though, good post.