Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where or where can you be?

Yes, I realize no one was around yesterday. I don't know anyone else's excuse, mine was that I was watching the House Petraeus testimony. Oddly enough though, since it was mainly empty rhetoric of anbar, ethno-sectarian, Friedman units and the like I was became attentive on another subject of the day.

The fact that the House committee was the Night of the Living Dead.

Rep Tom Lantos is obviously The Emperor from Star Wars

Rep Ike Skelton looks like an American version of Jim Broadbent

-Rep Solomon Ortiz looks like some cross between Yoda and Mr. Miyagi

-Rep Jim Saxton looks either like Uncle Fester or Telly Sevales

Finally Ambassador Ryan Crocker looks like the preacher from Poltergeist 2

1 comment:

Dews said...

Not dead I swear...

I'll have something prolly tonight though