Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Throw Down

I think this is a wonderful website for a growing problem in Houston and around the country. The Houston We Have A Problem title is also a great touch.

Progress? We don't need no stinking progress. If I'm Pastor Death right now, I would start drinking heavily.

Judas Liberman was declared worst person in the world Tuesday on KO. Does anyone else feel the right killed Judas and replaced him with a cyborg?

I can already here the political hackery that will be said. You know, we don't run governments by polls and the like. You should though guys, last time I checked this was a place for the people by the people.

Ever wonder why some movies are rated the way they are? Well here is a top ten list of the most ridiculous reasons for a rating ever.

There are good military commanders and there is General DavP. I will say my respect for Admiral Fallon just went through the roof, the man was born to lead.

Thankfully the dems found a backbone and threw down the gauntlet. Sorry sparky, one of your fledgling lil lackeys won't get the job, you actually have to appoint someone we can actually trust.

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