Friday, October 26, 2007

Bob Jones Endorses Romney, or, How to Prove You're Jerk

So, it turns out that not only has Bob Jones III endorsed Mitt Romney, but Romney embraces the endorsement.

Read the article, let that sink in a minute.

Bob Jones and Bob Jones University teach that Mormonism, along with Catholicism, are cults. Mitt Romney is a Mormon. And Mitt Romney embraces this endorsement?

The word cult is ill-defined. It's hard to say what's a cult and what's a burgeoning religious movement. Every major religion started out as a small group of people with radical ideas, something we'd probably call a cult. But still, we all know what a cult is. It's the Branch Davidians. It's the Heaven's Gate folk. It's Jonestown. It's the religious equivalent of a racial slur.

So Romney, a supposed man of faith, has accepted this endorsement? What kind of man, and what kind of President, would accept the endorsement of man who openly spouts religious hatred? Not a good man, in my opinion. How would we all think of Bill Richardson if he accepted the endorsement of, say, the Aryan Nation if the Aryan Nation thought that Bill was tough on illegal immigration? You might say that the white supremacists would never endorse a latino candidate, but until recently, I never thought an ultra-conservative evangelical Protestant would endorse a Mormon, but that's happened.

This is the opposite of integrity. In 2000, when President Bush went to Bob Jones, he wound up apologizing to Catholics for causing needless offense. What does Romney do now? If I were a Mormon, I'd throw my chair into my computer after reading this. As it is, I'm a Catholic and I was so steamed I had to go outside for a cigarette. Romney turned his back on his own folk for cheap political gain.

And you Republicans want him to be your President?

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Shane Rollins said...

Of course he sells out for political gain, he's a Republican running for President and the ultra-conservative right wing like Bob Jones are running the Republican party for the most part.