Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dews Thursday issues


Well where to begin.

World Series began last night and though I pulled a Tony Kornheiser by falling asleep before 10:10 or so, I was pretty sure the rest of the game was going to be more of the same Sox killing Rox, and sure enough, it was.

In a surprising news event, we learn that 48% of Americans have trouble sleeping. Quite honestly I'm glad the number is so high, because that makes me feel FAR far better about my own insomnia, but they didn't stop at just sleeping... Apparently we're drinking far too much as well, which I can kinda see too (Kickball Offseason right?).

I'm guessing that Mr. Cheney also suffers from some insomnia himself, but really shouldn't be catching up on sleep during a "Wild Fires" briefing...

Anyway, short, quick post for me today... Got stuff to do, things to plan/pack, crappy lopsided baseball to watch and perhaps some sleep to lose and alcohol to drink (I'm a good American afterall)!.

Enjoy all.

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