Monday, October 22, 2007

NCAA Football Top 25 Oct 22

Wow, this week saw some upsets that NO ONE saw coming. Yes, I will answer the question I seemed to get from everyone this weekend, what happened to your South Carolina? I think it is quite obvious what happened, Spurrier was looking and "planning" for the Florida game because he was playing Vandy. I mean come on, can you blame him, it's Vandy. My 25 will probably cause some commotion again since it is not what you see by the mainstream media and I fully expect to hear as much shit as I heard last week.

1. Arizona St Sun Devils (4)-The got bumped up to number 4 since my top three teams from last week decided to lose. I don't know how long the Sun Devils will stay at number one because apparently I am a curse to these teams, they lost their star running back for the year and they're coached by Dennis Erickson. There is good news, of sorts, for the Sun Devils. The son of the Devil himself (read Elway) has committed to Arizona St.
2. Kansas Jayhawks (10)-This team has flown under everyone's radar except mine, probably cause I pay attention to the Big 12 more then any other conference. They beat the team that shocked Oklahoma, but it is sad that they don't play the Sooners this year. The remainder of their schedule makes it very probable that they will be undefeated by the time the Big 12 Title game comes around.
3. Oregon Ducks (9)-This offense is hitting all cylinders, its only sputter came against a Cal team that has done nothing but under achieved all year long and now everyone else sees what I've been saying all season long. I know the Ducks, once again, wish there was a playoff system.
4. LSU Tigers (5)-They moved up one spot, even if other teams moved above them. I think this LSU team has a lot of questions on offense, but they did win another knock down drag out fight on Saturday that I thought Auburn was going to take, so hats off to them.
5. Boston College Eagles (7)-I got a lot of shit from folks who tell me BC is a rock solid team. I'm sorry folks, I don't see it. USC shut out Notre Dame and rolled them up, BC couldn't do that. I don't think they've played the real cream of the crop yet in the ACC. Here's my thoughts, I don't know if they even win half of their remaining schedule.
6. Ohio St Buckeyes (8)-So they managed to squeak by the first team that has talent that they've played this year. Now comes the biggest game before Michigan, Penn State in Happy Valley. The misses has given me shit for not giving the Buckeyes credit. I will say this, if they beat JoePa this weekend I'll move this team at least to number 2.
7. Oklahoma Sooners (6)-I don't even know why I have Boomer Sooner this high. They barely got by Iowa St, really?! Wow. This team is showing its youth that may not be prepared for the pounding a college season has on you. Might be great years ahead, but it will not be this season.
8. Florida Gators (15)-One of the bigger moves up so far, and some may say they deserve more after beating my number two team but we won't talk crazy. They still have two losses in the giant clusterfuck which is the SEC East. They're at Georgia this week, which may be an interesting match up, but I think they'll win. November 10th is the game against the Ole Ball Coach.
9. USC Trojans (11)-I love how everyone has written off USC because they lost to Stanford. Michigan lost to Appalachian St and folks wrote them off. I think if there was a playoff system these two teams would be dangerous, SC because of Pete Carroll. I think all this loss does is revitalize this USC team and makes them try even harder next year with Sanchez firmly at the helm.
10. Kentucky Wildcats(2)-They didn't drop as far as South Carolina, then again they lost in a close game to Florida and not Vandy. I have to say I love this Andrew Woodson kid, but I already know what the detractors will say, he's a shotgun QB yada yada yada. Look, this kid knows how to win and I don't think he'll be what one of the commentators accidentally called him on Saturday, Andre Ware.
11. West Virginia Mountaineers(12)-The team that time forgot. Hell, I think now that South Florida has lost the Big East might as well be the conference the country has forgotten about. Yes, West Virginia still has a somewhat potent college offense, I don't think they could handle any of the "big boys" in a slugfest. They're a speed team, one monster hit and some of their track stars would be done.
12. South Florida Bulls(3)-They may be yet the latest victim of a team who was starting to believe their own press. They overlooked a Rutgers team who was hungry to show that they weren't as the last two weeks had shown and wanted to knock off one of the top teams in the nation. They succeeded. South Florida will move back up my poll if they can come back from this, but if not it was one hell of a ride while it lasted.
13. Virginia Tech Hookies (14)-Another year and another over ranked Hookies team. The only team of merit that they beat this year was Clemson. They were absolutely abused by LSU to the point of where they need to see a counselor about the bad man touching them. They may beat BC this weekend, but they'll likely lose two of the last three games this season.
14. Texas Longhorns(17)-Call me a homer for having them so high, but there is way too much talent on this team to have them lower. Colt McCoy needs to remember that he is Colt not Chris and his father didn't win two Super Bowls with the Giants. Once this happens, we're gonna be wrecking all the shops in the strip. Oh, and can one of the running backs live up to their potential, thank you.
15. Missouri Tigers (21)-A very nice and solid victory this weekend for the Tigers. This team may be BCS as bound as whoever wins the game between them and Kansas at the end of the season will be headed (more then likely) to the Big 12 Title game, and of course that winner will be in a BCS bowl. Nice for a Missouri team that has always come so close but has never grasped the ring as it was held in front of them.
16. Virginia Cavaliers (18)-It is hard for me when it comes to UVA. In one regards they have Chris Long who should be a top ten draft pick in the spring. On the other hand they are coached by Al Grohl and so the bottom could come out at any point. For Chris Long's sake, I hope this doesn't happen and they make it to the ACC title game, shocking the world. Either way, I'll be happy as long as they beat BC at some point.
17. Michigan Wolverines (19)-If there is any team other then Oregon that is an example as to why there needs to be a playoff system Michigan is that team. They've been demolishing teams these last few weeks, even with a turnstile at quarterback. Mike Hart should, without a doubt in my mind, win the Heisman Trophy as he is above and beyond the best college football player this year, hands down.
18. Alabama Crimson Tide (N/R)-ROLL TIDE right over those bastard Volunteers of Tennessee. I have made no question about my feelings towards the Citrus Volunteers, and I have to support Alabama as my father always loved Bear Bryant. Saban is like 10-1, or now 11-1 against Tennessee his entire career, Fulmer is his personal bitch.
19. Hawaii Warriors (20)-No game this week for the former Rainbow Warriors, they were "cured" of that Rainbow nonesense a pastor told me, so they move up one spot by other teams sucking. Colt Breenan has not been the Superman we saw last year, but he has found ways to win, much like Boise St found ways last year. Put them in a playoff system they upset one, maybe even two teams in the process.
20. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (N/R)-I've heard a lot of complaints from friends of mine who are alumni of the Demon Deacons, and I didn't put them here because of that. I put them here because they've been just as impressive as other teams in the nation, but once again under the radar since everyone just forgot about them because they lost two games. Their next three games will tell us the frame of this team as they have North Carolina, Virginia and Clemson. If they somehow win those games, a New Years Day bowl isn't out of the question.
21. Penn St Nittnay Lions (25)-This is the week I've been waiting for ever since the Buckeyes began sniffing the number one spot. Come on JoePa, you've got to have at least one last miracle left in you to beat the Luckeyes. Keep that QB calm, especially against an impressive Luckeyes defense. You know you can handle their offense, make turnovers, give yourself the short field, and do me proud.
22. Boise St Broncos (N/R)-You're all thinking to yourselves, what the fuck is Boise St doing here? I know a lot of you don't pay attention to the WAC, even though you should, but Boise St has only lost one game this year. We know this team can shock the world with their never ending heart. They have a big game this Friday against the Fresno St Bulldogs who are looking to beat the Broncos for the first time in years, expect a hell of a game.
23. South Carolina Gamecocks (1)-Such a big drop, I know. But when you lose to Vandy, hell when you only score six points against Vandy, you drop significantly. I guess Spurrier never got the memo that Vandy was at least somewhat better then they were the last time he coached college football. I take it back, he wasn't looking towards Florida it was looking forward to Tennessee and Fulmer.
24. Auburn Tigers (16)-They fought tooth and nail against LSU and came out on the short end. I know some folks would disagree with having a three loss team in the top twenty five, but hey, this Auburn team is a bunch of scrappers. They fight in every game as their losses came at 3, 5 and 6 point deficits. They overlooked Mississippi St, but losing to South Florida and LSU is nothing to be ashamed of.
25. Oklahoma State Cowboys (N/R)-You're probably asking yourself how the hell do I have Oklahoma St up here at twenty five? Well, they have three losses as well, but ever since Gundy went off on his rant his team has been playing as if the flames of hell were licking at their footsteps. Perhaps the players realized that this coach will fight for you all the way into the seventh circle, which probably won him a few recruits who were on the bubble about the Cowboys. Anyways, I thought I should recognize what a job they've done since then.


SayHey Kid said...

What a painful weekend. Noles lost in Nole fashion and my lady friends school missed out on a potention top 25 seed.

Dude, i swear your smoking that Mississippi swamp-weed or something. I swear you are hating on BC. Say what you want about them, but the ACC is extremely competive. Hell, we beat everyone outside our conference in spades. Just 'cause the ACC's interconference record is not impressive doesnt mean its a bush-league conference. Same goes for the Big-10.

That being said, i couldnt agree more with you regarding OSU. They havent had a competitive big-10 matchup yet.

I hate the fact you have Florida #8, but they have the next great QB playing like one. And Tebow is only a Sophomore. Pains me to say but they earn a top 10.

Id give Tech more credit. They lost to, THE #1 LSU week 1. So what?? New QB and a new attitude. They will make the BC game worth watching.

Wake Forrest- Fuck Wake Forrest! Thats all this bitter FSU fan can say about that.

Michigan- Very generous placement. They earned it though. Mike Hart IS the Heisman winner in my eyes as well.

Overall- For the mostpart I agree, still hate that you are giving Matt Ryan and BC zero love whatsoever. So what if ND put up some numbers. Sun shines on the dogs ass once in awhile doesnt it?

O'Brien Pundit said...

The Longhorns may not be living up to everyone's expectations, but there's still one bright spot amongst all the the darkness that's hovering over them. Colt McCoy still has a chance, albeit a small chance, to win the Davey O'Brien award. Check the standings and see for yourself...

Shane Rollins said...

First off, BC has only played 3 ACC teams and that was at the beginning of the season. Since then they have played Army, UMass, Bowling Green and ND. Why am I supposed to be impressed? Yes, the ACC is better this year, but BC doesn't know that.

Teabow is a great running back who finally got hit for the first time against Kentucky.

Tech's schedule has been easier then BC's.