Friday, November 30, 2007

Bored Again

Once again I can't sleep and have become extremely bored. This is due to the fact someone though it would be a genius idea to pull the building fire alarm at five in the morning.

Was searching through YouTube and I have decided to support Mike Huckabee for president based on this video. Mike Huckabee reassured me that this country is far from danger by just mentioning two words... Chuck Norris.

Anyways hope you all find the humor in this... Enjoy


SayHey Kid said...

As twisted as Huckabee is, that ad was absoltley hilarious! All-be it extremelt cheesey!

Shane Rollins said...

Yes, and this is true and you wish to support a crazed christian who wishes to stone women in the town square then his video had the exact effect he wanted it to.