Friday, November 30, 2007

Teddy Bear Nonsence

My God, i know this is rather mainstream of an issue but being an American citizen with fundamental rights, I must say this whole Teddy Bear Mohammed thing is getting way out of control. First of all, you fundamentalist Islamic extremist: ITS A FUCKING TOY!!!! Second of all, you expect the world to not think your blood hungry jihadists and then you pull this crap. Apparently protesters in Sudan are calling for the execution of the British teacher Gillian Gibbons. Yeh, because her classroom ELECTED to name a teddy bear Mohammed. Again, the class ELECTED to do this. If their parents were so opposed of this, then why did they not preach to their children that naming something other than a human Mohammed is wrong?? Or better yet, why did you send your children to be taught by a Westerner?? I could go on about this.

Im just tired of these people, yes "These People"; who wield their Koran along side their swords and guns, using Mohammed as a tool for terrorism and death. Obviously this teacher did not know hence you educate them. Why are you so quick to murder? and yes, its murder!! I hope that the UK does everything in their power to free this woman. She does not deserve to rot in prison for 15 days to satisfy 2000 year old bullshit laws. She was on a voluntary mission to educate children since the country seems to not want to do it themselves. You expect other nations to show sympathy for your plight, but what happens when you pull this bullshit on people who come to help? They stop helping. Think about it.

Just my random Friday morning rant.......Im sure someone will call for a Jihad on me, but luckily for me, I live in a country that grants me civil rights and freedom of speech!


Shane Rollins said...

If I'm Gordon Brown I'm calling Daniel Craig this woman's jail release

SayHey Kid said...

Hell, id bring in the OG Mr. Connery as backup. Man can still kick some arsse!!