Tuesday, December 11, 2007

As we all know, the media is to blame

We all know that the media in this country is lacking in almost every possible way. There seems to be no more commitment to the truth, no urge to have journalistic integrity, and to say they cover the most benign things and not more important matters would make me sound like a broken record. All that being said, I do not think they are the reason a nut shot up the megachurch in Colorado.
In its Action Update today, the Family Research Council (FRC) partially cast blame for the tragic shooting at a megachurch in Colorado yesterday on “the secular media.” In the e-mail, which was sent under the name of FRC Action President Tony Perkins, the group says it’s “hard not to draw a line between” the shooting and “hostility” by “some in the secular media toward Christians”:

It is hard not to draw a line between the hostility that is being fomented in our culture from some in the secular media toward Christians and evangelicals in particular and the acts of violence that took place in Colorado yesterday. But I will say no more for now other than that our friends at New Life Church and YWAM are in our thoughts and prayers.
Of course, I'm sure it didn't help matters that the church had kicked him out of their school a few years prior. One thing I do know is rejecting someone who is not completely mentally stable can lead to bad things, especially in Colorado. He was also home-schooled in a deeply religious household, have you people not seen or read Carrie? Mass murder is usually one of the first acts of a shamed outcast from a deeply religious household.

Now I feel sorry for those folks who lost loved ones, if I prayed you would be in my prayers. I cannot though act surprised that this whole incident involved Ted Haggard's church. If you have seen Jesus Camp, you know how folks are raising these kids. His entire life sounds like he lived at Jesus Camp, so I'm not shocked that this happened. What I will not do is accept Tony Perkins trying to blame it on "the media" and their secularism and "teaching folks to hate Christianity".

Mr. Perkins, no one is teaching folks to hate Christianity, it is you and your followers who are doing that. You are your followers who are not following the message of Jesus Christ, a message that was about love and forgiveness. The message being taught in most Christian churches today is that of hate and damnation. You have all lost your way and you're attempting to take this country with you, damn you sir.

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