Monday, December 10, 2007

Wrestlemania Thoughts

With rumors circulating that on tonight's Monday Night Raw anniversary that they will begin to set up a possible Wrestlemania main event tonight it got me thinking once again to what I would book if I was Vince McMahon. The key to Wrestlemania is to not be afraid to show a certain person, or people, the money to make the all time greatest Wrestlemania match ever happen.

Dark Match
Cade and Murdoch vs London and Kendrick

A simple match to warm up the crowd, especially with London and Kendrick to start the evening right.

Opening Match
ECW Title
CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

These two could work some real magic together to start the show off right. I don't know if they have any real ideas what to do with Rey Mysterio at this point, so this makes sense to get him involved in the ECW Title match.

Money In The Bank
John Morrison vs Bobby Lashley vs Shelton Benjamin vs Umaga vs Santino Marella vs Kane

You have two men who can do great things with ladders (Morrison and Benjamin) a man who can talk (Santino) and enough big beasts to make this match interesting. I think I might actually finally give Kane the win here, he's been in enough already.

Women's Title
Beth Phoenix vs Mickie James

A breather for the most part, but with two female wrestlers who can work well enough to keep the fans interested.

IC Title Match
Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Kennedy

I know we've seen this match plenty of times before, but do we really have any other options? The match should be decent enough, maybe through in a gimmick as well.

US Title Match
MVP vs Matt Hardy

You can continue to build this up all the way to Wrestlemania, they've done a good job so far.

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho
When I was devising this, I couldn't decide what to do with these two men so I thought perhaps a rematch of one of the best matches of all time was in order.

World Title Match
Edge vs Undertaker

Yes, I'd have Edge win the title off of Batista at Armageddon and lead up to this match where both streaks are on the line.

Batista vs Randy Orton
This would come about due to the finish of the Royal Rumble, where a certain someone eliminated both of them at the end to win the Rumble.

WWE Title Match
HHH vs Ric Flair

Yes, HHH would beat Orton on Raw for the title after Armageddon and Flair would win the Rumble to get his shot at greatness at Wrestlemania. Hell, I'd even give Flair the victory here...with a little help from Arn Anderson.

Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold Steve Austin vs THE ROCK

Yes, I would make this a triple threat match. Wait, I'd make it a three way dance where Austin pins Hogan and Rock pins Austin. This is the match where I don't care how much money The Rock asked for Vince McMahon should pay it and give us the greatest main event in Wrestlemania history.


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