Tuesday, December 11, 2007

NFL Power Rankings Week 14

There were some damn good games this weekend, and then some not so impressive games. The Chargers should some real spirit for the first time this weekend, as opposite from the Ravens as possibly could be.

1. New England Patriots (1)-So much for the Patriots slowing down any time soon. I wouldn't put it pass them that they kept those past two games close because they knew they could win and they wanted the Steelers to have a false confidence that they could crush and help them in the playoffs.
2. Dallas Cowboys (2)-So this team isn't as indestructible in the NFC as we thought. They also have an inner drive that helps them overcome obstacles as well, we didn't know that either. This could end up being the game that makes this team believe in itself, which can be very dangerous come playoffs time.
3. Indianapolis Colts (3)-So they torched the Ravens, who kept it close with the Patriots. I know many out there are starting to think that maybe the Colts are the team, don't fool yourselves. The Colts are still a great team, just the second or third greatest right now.
4. Jacksonville Jaguars (4)-This team is right on the cusp of greatness. Imagine what a great quarterback could do with this team's running game, not to say Garard isn't good, he's a decent quarterback, but I'm talking a Tom Brady, hell even a Jeff Garcia.
5. Green Bay Packers (5)-This team is starting to show life again, and they're doing it with Brett Farve, who looks amazing. Do you think the state of Wisconsin is feeling better right now about Aaron Rodgers after his game play last week? I still say the Packers have a shot at the Super Bowl as long as they have Farve.
6. Pittsburgh Steelers (6)-Well, I didn't penalize them for getting crushed by the Patriots, they still played some decent football regardless. Next time Pittsburgh, don't give Tom Brady and Randy Moss and giant target to brutalize the entire game.
7. New York Giants (8)-Well, I guess this is the season where Tom Coughlin's team doesn't short circuit in the second half, so far. These last few weeks though they've had things go their way and have managed to sneak out a victory, though I think the moment that doesn't happen this season and you'll see this team and city turn quicker then left out milk.
8. Cleveland Browns (9)-I cannot stress this enough, we need to fire our defensive coordinator. This guy can't seem to get it into his head that the only thing prevent defense prevents is a good defense. Jason Wright and Jerome Harrison are two bright spots in the backfield, though Brandon McDonald is a man child at corner, once again the d-cord dropping the ball not starting him over Holly.
9. Seattle Seahawks (10)-This team is starting to pick up some steam, starting to get folks back from injury, and their defense is playing really well right now. If they can stay healthy, and continue to play at this level, they could make some real damage in the playoffs. Of course health is the biggest thing they need to go their way, they are old and somewhat brittle and that could hurt them.
10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7)-Well, we know this team can't win now without Jeff Garcia. The defense did what it could against Houston, but when your back is constantly against the wall you're not going to be able to stop everything. If they don't have Garcia for the playoffs, they're toast.
11. San Diego Chargers (11)-Well, I do believe that LT is the reason they won this game. It sure as hell wasn't the abysmal play of Phillip Rogers, who looked like he played at Duke and not NC State right now. Todd Marinovich thought Rogers had a bad game on Sunday. They cannot win in the playoffs if his play doesn't improve.
12. Minnesota Vikings (14)-Is there any team that isn't named New England that is hotter then the Vikings right now? If you can stop Peterson, Taylor is going to torch you and vice versa. This defense is the real reason though why they have been killing folks. They are scoring, getting turnovers, and just beating up the opposing team.
13. Buffalo Bills (15)-Buffalo had two hundred yard rushers on Sunday. Was Miami that afraid of the arm Trent Edwards? Perhaps it was the folks who were choosing the Dolphins to win their first game against the Bills. That couldn't have any reason for why Buffalo seemed to be a team on a mission on Sunday.
14. Tennessee Titans (12)-This team is starting to lose its footing. They were fine as long as they were in the playoff race. As soon as Cleveland over took them however, this team seems to be slipping fast. When you can't keep a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter against a QB who is playing as badly as PR was, then you're not going anywhere in January.
15. Arizona Cardinals (13)-I don't know who spiked Kurt Warner's foutain of life mixed drink on Sunday, but I haven't seen him play that badly since he was a member of the Big Blue Wrecking Crew. The Cardinals need Warner playing his best if they have any hopes of the playoffs.
16. New Orleans Saints (17)-This team has to win the remainder of their games to even have a hope at this year's playoffs. We should find out today if Reggie Bush is calling it a season or not, but that won't help Drew Brees. Peyton is throwing the ball so much he worries me that he's gonna pull a Dusty Baker on Brees.
17. Houston Texans (18)-Even without Schaub this team has some fight. I'm real excited to see how good this team is next year. They have had a great draft after a great draft these last few years, and they have centered around defense, which is quickly becoming one of the best in the league.
18. Philadelphia Eagles (16)-This team seems to me to be lost at see, and without a rutter or any other metaphor you can dream up. What will they do with McNabb next season, who knows. I think they should trade him to the Bears and get Grossman and a 5th round pick myself, but I'm merely thinking out loud is all.
19. Cincinnati Bengals (20)-They show signs of life, well not playoff life, but not rolling over and dying like the Ravens are showing. Carson Palmer is still a great quarterback and what is killing this team right now is that their entire defense has taken the season off, I don't know why, maybe they're out supporting Michael Vick or something.
20. Washington Redskins (21)-I'm shocked not to hear as many, why wasn't Collins playing this entire time, comments from Redskin fan this week as I was expecting to. At least you're getting something of your money's worth this season from Collins, sadly though you need to re-work half your contracts just to get below the cap limit next season.
21. Detroit Lions (19)-Oh Jon Kitna, I understand why you had the look of someone who wanted to burn the stadium to the ground. You took your team, you gave them the lead almost the entire game, and your defense squandered that lead and let the Cowboys comeback and pick up the victory.
22. Denver Broncos (29)-I'll admit, it was probably my hatred for the Broncos that led me to placing them in the 29th spot last week, I apologize. I should have known they are not as bad as a Brodie Croyle led football team who apparently only have one real weapon in Tony Gonzales.
23. St Louis Rams (23)-Well, the team is regressing, but it isn't their fault. I heard today that they have 3 starting and 2 backup offensive linemen hurt, which probably explains why Brock Berlin was starting for them on Sunday since both Bulger and Ferrote were out with injury.
24. Kansas City Chiefs (24)-There is promise in places on this football team, but it's hard to find any in their offensive line or wide receiver corps. Of course giving up 41 points to the Broncos won't give me much faith in your defense either. Herm Edwards better hope for a fortunate draft, where the things he needs fall his way.
25. Chicago Bears (22)-You let Washington off the hook Chicago. If you would have put Orton in instead of Griese, something tells me you would have won that game. Instead you went by money over who actually has played better and ended up losing, kudos to you. Oh, is there any doubt now that Ron Rivera was the one who was the mastermind behind that defense? Ron, if you're reading this, please come and be Cleveland's defensive coordinator.
26. Oakland Raiders (25)-There is promise, there is Fargas, a young but talented defense, and JaMarcus Russell is on your roster. The young coach has done a good job this season, I know many thought the Raiders would be in the Dolphins spot as this season started so to have just won games is a great accomplishment.
27. Carolina Panthers (26)-I know some Dolphins players thought they were playing like a high school team, but I know I've seen some high school teams who have a better passing game then the Panthers do right now. Sorry David Carr, dainty mittens, it wasn't meant to be, my faith has faltered.
28. New York Jets (27)-There is still fight in the Jets, but I think it is more pride then anything at this point. Especially this week, breaking a new record of futility in the spread against New England. They're the Sunday night game the last week of the season, and it might be the last chance they have to win a game.
29. Baltimore Ravens (28)-Seven losses in a row, it is such a shame, it couldn't happen to a nicer team. To say that I am getting a sick pleasure watching the Ravens flop around like a bird who just ate some alka seltzer would likely be a vast understatement.
30. San Francisco 49ers (30)-The big news to come out of their game on Sunday was some fan decided to end his season and jumped off a ramp and killed himself, my thoughts go to his family. Now I don't know when this happened, but I wouldn't be shocked if this happened after Maryland terrapin Shaun Hill entered into the game.
31. Atlanta Falcons (31)-Chris Redman threw for 298 yards last night, am I the only person shocked by this? I know they were playing the Saints and everything, but this was CHRIS REDMAN. I shouldn't be too shocked, he graduated from Louisville and was there when Petrino was their offensive coordinator so he has a grasp on the offense, but Chris Redman, wow.
32. Miami Dolphins (32)-Well, they went into Buffalo and got completely rolled by the throwback Bills, how's it taste? Is Brian Cox somewhere crying himself to sleep that Buffalo just completely rolled a once great franchise? The question now is, will Cam Cameron keep his job when they go winless?


SayHey Kid said...

Patriots- Who else can beat them?? Certainly not Miami or NY

Cowboys- Shades of Elway with that game ending drive

Colts- I agree, they are great but not the best! They are missing Marvin

Jags- Well, seems Garrard is pretty great of a QB. You think Garcia would do better in JAX? I think not

Packers- Ill take what Farve is having. He looks like a kid on the field.

Browns- Sure they can tackle, but when the D is on the field for as long as they are, your bound to rack up stats.

Chargers- LT is looking like LT for 2 straight weeks.

Bills- Something about Edwards that I really like. He is a talented guy.

Saints- Must win game and they were clutch.

Texans- Is it me or is Sage the next Shaub?? Give this guy a contract

Bengals- Fuck them, Palmer has forgotten how to throw TDs which resulted in my fantasy playoff loss. Thanks for nothing buddy

Bears- ORTON IS STARTING!! I havent been this excited since I saw Trent Dilfer get concussed

Ravens- What the hell happened to this team? Your boy Rex Ryan needs to put a leash on his "Stars"

Niners- I wouldnt know Hill that much, he proved valuable going 22-28 (or something close to the good percentage). Anything is better than Dilfer. Welcome Hill, your the starter for the rest of our season. Make us proud

Dolphins- Not sure if the cold weather dampered their spirits or not. So Shane, you think Beck is the real deal in Miami now?? Mark my words, they will draft a QB with their #1 pick. Any guess as to who????

Shane Rollins said...

No, I don't think they will take a QB with their first pick. That's a crapshoot and I think they know it. Though I began working on this week's mock and their NEW pick will surprise you...maybe

SayHey Kid said...

Last weeks picks were a bit shocking, yet, i didnt disagree with you that much

Lets bring the new batch of picks on...