Friday, December 7, 2007

Dews End of week issues

Ya ya, I know, I've been gone most the week doing this that and the other thing... Trust me, this blog is not the only thing I've been neglecting because of my lack of internet access at home. I still have another website to be brought online for a certain organization in the area that I haven't been able to get up yet and will be feeling the wrath for soonish :)

No matter, lets deal with the issues at hand, live for the moment, seize the day, ra ra all that good stuff right?

Leading off is a great little story of how Microsoft managed to pervert Christmas!

An artificial-intelligence Santa bot operated by Microsoft to talk to
children wavered off topic saying: “It’s fun to talk about oral
sex, but I want to
chat about something else....”

Honestly, I really only felt compelled to post about this because I am usually the anti-mac crusader, so I feel I have to prove that I'm equally down on microsoft. That and its about a robotic santa toy talking about oral sex... Really, do I need any other reasons?

Governor Mitt Romney gave his "JFK, don't hate the catholics" speech, though just substituted catholicism for those wacky mormons.

Immediate reaction from the pool of other GOP candidates was basically none at all, except for a LSWTF favorite, Governor Mike Huckabee that rather sensibly was quoted as:
"I think (discussing faith) is an important part of helping people get to
know the candidates," Huckabee said Friday morning after a breakfast fundraiser
in Charlotte. "(But) sometimes the questions get a little laborious when they
start asking you about intricate, nit- picky things of church doctrine that's
probably not all that relevant to being president."

Fair enough to me.

Lastly, I only have a certain amount of time here at the coffee shop before I need to get all pretty for Tacos tonight, but I shall be back in force very soon!

PS: Any LSWTF staff wanna join me for tacos? :)
PPS: Steely McBeam is NOT that hairy...

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