Monday, December 10, 2007

Its coming down to the wire!

Other then Huckabee's now double-digit lead in Iowa and Cyborg Romney's 6-8% point lead in New Hampshire, it is still anyones game in the GOP Primary its looking.

On the Republican side, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee appears to have a
double-digit edge in Iowa, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney an 8-point
margin in New Hampshire – but South Carolina remains up for grabs, with five
candidates registering in double digits.

In the Hawkeye State – where a Newsweek poll released Friday appeared to show Huckabee with a stunning 22 point lead – the Republican contest seems to be a three-person race, with Huckabee at 32 percent, Romney at 20 percent, former Tennesse Sen. Fred Thompson at 11 percent and no other candidate registering higher than single digits.

Really enjoying the fact that this is still all up in the air. I kind of feel like this makes the process that much more interesting to have candidates really beat the crap out of each other before the general election. Air out the dirty laundry, let us all know just how many skeletons you have in your closet THEN let us decide how we want to go.

The same seems to hold true in the Dem side of things as well:
In the Democratic race, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton appears to lead Illinois
Sen. Barack Obama by a statistically insignificant 2-point margin, 25 to 27
percent, John Edwards at 21 percent, and no other candidate registering higher
than single digit support.

Really seems like this is going to boil down to two things (in my humble opinion of course)...

First off, is Huckabee going to continue to maintain this type of momentum moving forward solidifying the evangelical and more right leaning portions of the party while (and this is the key here) learning how to raise money like the cyborg or the cross dresser?

Secondly, is Edwards populism ever going to click in a way that Huckabee's has for his own pockets of power within the more right leaning parts of his party? Edwards can obviously count on plenty of resources if he needs to in order to carry on any momentum he may create before the primary, but something really needs to happen for his candidacy to really start showing he can out-muscle Hillary and Obama.

Any thoughts out there LSWTF, or bloggers in general?


SayHey Kid said...

The problem with Edwards is that he isnt getting his hands dirty enough. Obama and Hillary have been dealing death blows lately, which has taken Edwards out of the media's scope. I do respect Edwards alot for doing that. Im sick of the mudslinging campaigns.

Which brings me to the Cyborg and Lester Burnham. Lester brought his religion to a religious state, which to me explains why his populatity in Iowa is so high, where as the Cyborg is exploiting his New England popularity. I really think South Carolina will be the final battleground for the GOP. Whoever wins there, will take the prize.

South Carolina poses as an interesting state for the Dems. Edwards won this state by a landslide in 2004 primary. Can he do it again though?

Shane Rollins said...

I think Edwards might shock everyone like Kerry did in 04 in a sense. Dean was the front runner, much like Obama and Hillary. Now I don't know if they're gonna have a WAAAAAAAAAH! moment, but I think the polls may be misleading and Edwards may come away with the nom after all.

Dews said...

He certainly seems to have the most to offer in a populist candidate for the Dems, I'm just worried about when exactly he's going to finally "click" and seal up this nomination.

You'd think he would have to move kinda soon right?

SayHey Kid said...

I really hope your right Shane. I dont think I can take Obama/Oprah and Hillary much longer.

Edwards is a great pick and I really wish that more attention is given to him come January/February