Monday, December 17, 2007

LSWTF Christmas Wish List

With Christmas only a week away I thought I would release what I think each and everyone of our posters here at LSWTF should receive for their Holiday presents. Now we can't say it's a Christmas present for SHK, he's Jewish, but it doesn't matter, I'm not Christian and I celebrate the Feast of Alvis anyways.

Say Hey Kid-I would get him a laptop with WiFi. Why, so when he was in the Big Easy this past weekend he could have live blogged from Bourbon Street, especially after his victory celebration Saturday night when his Niners actually won a game.

Dews-I would give him a new owner of the Baltimore Orioles. I know this goes without saying, but Peter Angelos has to be one of the top five worst owners in professional sports, almost as bad as whoever owns the Knicks. Oh, and maybe the internet in his stocking so he can begin posting with regularity again.

Mike Honcho-After seeing his new haircut yesterday it appears we all need to give him some hair gel and other stylings. If not that, how bout a starting pitcher who is shutdown so they don't have to rely on Cole Hamells alone.

LAM-I don't know much about this person, but how about a story worthy of them posting about since they post about as much as Honcho does.

Steve-A nice warm welcome, as he is our newest blogger I believe. Then a juicy tabloid piece since he needs to write a story as well.

MoDews-I would give him money for college, for I believe he is there currently. With the way Colleges are fleecing their students and their families, he's going to need it.

DC&H-The ability to replace one Senator or Representative in Congress so there is a voice of reason, who will be able to speak plainly and eliminate some of the double talk that takes place in DC.

CityCat-Finally, for my lovely CityCat, I know what I've already gotten her for the Holidays, but right now I wish I could give her her health back as she's been fighting a cold since Friday morning. Get better soon baby.

ShaneRollins-For myself I would somehow, someway, enable us to get a top five pick in next year's draft so we can get ourselves Chris Long.


Dews said...

Internet comes after the new year when I'm settled into the new job!

Much appreciate the new owner for the O's though Shane, lord knows we need that badly...

Steve is one of those part time writers for us, but not too new, he does the "UVM Catamounts" update every so often.

SayHey Kid said...

Greetings from DC........Thank you for the laptop, but the ladyfriend would have thrown it out the window if it saw the light of NO daylight.