Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Blog O Dome

It's been a long since I've done a Blog O Dome, so I figured I'd do one today, especially with everything that has happened this past weekend.

Mike Huckabee, not only pardons a serial rapist he gets his son off for doing his best Michael Vick impersonation. Sorry, if you can't even raise your children to know this is wrong you have no business leading a nation scooter.

Today is the day that Senator Chris Dodd is filibustering the FISA bill on the Senate floor and he needs your ideas for what to read. At least there is one Presidential candidate doing the right thing instead of campaigning.

John Edwards continues to be the only major candidate for President who wants to fight, well, everyone. I look forward to when he goes all Tyler Durden on us.

More on what Obama and Clinton said they would be doing today, and yet they are no where to be seen. They are "politicians", Dodd and Edwards appear to be people who genuinely want to help this country.

Glenn Greenwald is back again with news that the Jewish folks in the media don't actually speak for the majority of Jews in this country.

Wikileaks continues to pimp slap the government this time in proving their online image repair attempt. I'm shocked that the government and or the Republican Party hasn't started paying large buildings of people to control the message online, they're already doing it on TV with Fox News.

Rep Steve King (Asshat-Iowa) attacked one of the nine Democrats who did not vote on the resolution to give Christians and Christmas a hummer. Nice rebuttal by Rep Jim McDermott (D-WA) on what the true mission of Congress should be.

The man who would be a better Speaker of the House Rep. Wexler asked for people to sign his petition to begin impeachment proceedings against Darth Cheney. He was hoping for 50,000 and he got it, in less then 24 hours.

Though no longer Press Secretary, Tony Snow continues the message of the President and Fox News informing us how the second war in America is the War on God. Really, then consider me Lord Asreil if it is you and your people's interpretation of who and what "God" is.

Finally we are going to end today with CREW's Top Ten Ethics Scandals of 2007. Honestly I don't know which one pisses me off more, though most immediate damaging one has to be FEMA and their trailers.

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