Monday, December 17, 2007

NJ Bans the Death Penalty

So, New Jersey Gov. Corzine signed a bill today that banned the death penalty in NJ. No word on how long before Dews' Sicilian brethern will get the "no-kill" memorandum, but at least the NJ government will officially not be killing anyone any time soon.

This is a good move, regardless of what you think about the death penalty in a moral sense. The death penalty, in a pragmatic sense, doesn't work. It doesn't deter crime, it costs a lot to administer, and there's always the risk that the wrong person will be convicted. Now if we could only get the rest of the country on board with some common freakin' sense.

On a completely different topic, I'm going to go check out the World Series trophy today. It may be ten degrees here in VT, we just got a foot of snow, and we don't have any Sonics anywhere in the state, but the World Series trophy is coming to my town this year, and not yours, suckerz.

This is me rubbing it in.

Also, many thanks for the Christmas wishes. Glad to be known as the voice of reason, although I may get just a lump of coal after that World Series trophy crack.


Shane Rollins said...

I don't think many folks can be upset at the Red Sox winning the World Series, at least it's not the Yankees.

As for capital punishment, I swing both ways when it comes to it. Yes, it doesn't really deter crime, but at the same time certain folks need to be put down. Now who it is to make that decision is another subject, for who does have the right to make that decision, which pretty much means no one does and it shouldn't be around.

SayHey Kid said...

I couldnt agree with you more DC&H. The system is to flawed for an capital punishment.

Shane, yes, some people need to die, but it seems more innocent people are being put down than guilty and its difficult to be pro-death penalty when the ones who commit no crime are executed.

Dews said...

fyi, Sicilians do not exactly heed any such state-regulated nonsense :)