Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New contributor!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have found a new member for our ever increasing stable of writers here at LSWTF.com...

None other then SayHey's good friend, President Ahmadinejad of Iran!

Apparently he is quite the blogger and is not nearly as firebrand in his own pulpit as he is in the court of public opinion!

Equally surprising for a leader known for a kind of thundering public
presence, his blog is not especially tough. He condemns Washington’s policies, but writes infrequently and more ponderously than in his confrontational speeches. Yet the reader comments posted alongside his own seem far less censored and harsher than one might expect.

“I think you are an evil leader,” one comment posted by an American reader said. “Freedom and tolerance are necessities in this day and age, and the fact that your country kills intellectuals, journalists, minorities is horrible and deeply disturbing.”

Those comments run along with supportive ones, including postings that seem
to refer to the new American intelligence estimate that Iran is not actively
pursuing a nuclear weapon, something Mr. Ahmadinejad had repeatedly

“I knew you were telling the truth,” wrote a Canadian.

Canada! You have totally gotten me off the hook for occasionally saying I am fascinated by this guy by giving credence to his line of thinking!

And to think, I thought all of Canada was like the Quebecois province... Full of strippers and gravy fries... Apparently you guys hate minorities too! :)

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