Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Throw Down

So I go off to a crappy Holiday party yesterday and the kids apparently ran off in the night. Well, you get what you pay for. Note to all offices, don't have your holiday parties at a buffet, especially a small one, when there are three other office parties there at the same time. Though I did pull number one in the Dirty Santa and took home a big thing of hot chocolate, go me.

Apparently the good news we've been receiving from Iraq is because the administration has stopped making the military decisions over there and did what Dubya always said he did, and listened to the Generals. Didn't they learn from Vietnam that Politicians have no business running a war, Patton wouldn't stand for this.

Apparently there was a fire in Cheney's office yesterday. Well, cause as we all know you're not guilty of shredding papers if the building simply burns.

This Republican minority has broken a record, they've filibusterd more bills then any other in the history of our country. The scary portion of that is that they're only half one through the two year session.

How can anyone take Republican campaigning serious anymore? I mean seriously, a dog groomer letter from a dog named Spike?

Apparently Huckabee isn't the only Republican candidate with someone affiliated with their campaign that has a dog killing story. What is it with all the Republican killing dogs, isn't that what serial killers do when their children?

The good news, the House passed the Open Government Act this week. The bad news is it pretty much just makes the wait weeks and not years for your request to be denied.

The years top ten quotes were released this week with Don't Taze Me Bro being number one. Nice to see Joe Biden's shot at Rudy making the list, but where is Sparta?

San Diego State's nighttime underwear run occurred this past weekend. I doubt CityCat will allow me to participate in any future University of Houston runs, guess I'll have to use that Journalistic integrity excuse.

Apparently the DoJ isn't too interested in Justice since they had zero representatives on the Hill for this testimony yesterday. It is a very tragic story, the kind of which has run rampant in Iraq and has been the least reported and most offensive non-reporting maybe in the history of this country.

Dubya may get the visit he's been dreading for years now after his folks blocked one of Ahnuld's initiatives. I can't wait till I'm driving by the Mall and Ahnuld's out there topless with camo paint on screaming, "What are you waiting for, I'm right here!!!"

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SayHey Kid said...

If you use a shredder non-stop, its bound to blow up. WTG Dick

As a TSA FOIA Employee, I am THRILLED that the Open Government Act is about to be signed. I can actually get work done for a change. Now the Gov bosses I report to on the other hand.......Accountability is something that is unheard of in these parts