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2008 NFL Mock Draft Rounds 1-4 Jan 9th

The draft picture is becoming clearer each and every day as we have more and more underclassmen enter into the NFL Draft. The only two that really shocked me were Ryan Clady and Kevin Smith, who I think would have helped their draft position by staying for their senior year. The Andre Woodson rollercoaster of where he will land continues and is almost as interesting as the Darren McFadden one.

Once again I want to welcome everyone who has found our lil corner of the net and of course extend our wishes for your feedback and who you think your team should go after, what your team needs and the like. Also you may have heard rumors in your cities about where your team is headed, we'd love to hear those as well.

1. Miami Dolphins-Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
There is no question in my mind that he will be the first overall selection after Monday's National Title game. Parcells drafted a defensive player in the first round each of his years as the coach in Dallas.
2. St Louis Rams-Jake Long, OT, Michigan
This is almost set in stone the minute Orlando Pace announces his retirement. Hell, it may be set in stone if he doesn't announce.
3. Atlanta Falcons-Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
I think the key with this selection is who actually ends up being the Head Coach of the Falcons. I'm thinking they're going with an offensive minded coach, but if it is Singletary I wouldn't rule out Chris Long or James Laurinaitis.
4. Oakland Raiders-Chris Long, DE, Virginia
This selection couldn't fall to them any prettier if it was on a silver platter. Though I wouldn't put it past a team to try to trade up to get Darren McFadden.
5. Kansas City Chiefs-Ryan Clady, OT, Boise St
I still believe the Larry Johnson trade and selection of Darren McFadden is a definite possibility. The one thing though is who has the psychiatrist to deal with Larry Johnson?
6. New York Jets-Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
Let me defend this pick. The Jets and Patriots are entered into a blood feud now and there is now way Mangini is going to let the best offense in the NFL have Darren McFadden. They could trade out with a team who wants McFadden, but if they don't get the price they like they're going to take him, Thomas Jones be damned.
7. New England Patriots (via 49ers)-James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio St
The perfect fit for the son of Animal. If Seau stayed one more year, imagine what this kid could learn from the best inside linebacker of the 90s.
8. Baltimore Ravens-Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
I almost don't think that Ozzie Newsome will draft a quarterback in the first round, especially when they can have their pick of cornerbacks here.
9. Cincinnati Bengals-Keith Rivers, OLB, USC
Protection of Carson Palmer is very important to this team, but protection doesn't mean dick if your defense couldn't stop a wet fart.
10. New Orleans Saints-Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
They have some decent and talented defensive ends, but their defensive tackles are some of the worst starters in the league and the NFC South likes to run the ball.
11. Buffalo Bills-Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas
They play the Patriots twice a year, they need some talent corners to cover all those weapons Brady throws to.
12. Denver Broncos-Jeff Otah, OT, Pitt
They have bigger needs on defense, but all their chips right now is behind Jay Cutler, he must be protected at all costs.
13. Carolina Panthers-Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky
This choice to me the longest out of the first round selections. It gives Woodson at least a year or two to learn the NFL game before having to start, as long as Delhomme stays healthy.
14. Chicago Bears-Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina
I have to agree a bit with SayHey, they need that fourth man on their defensive line. This keeps the blockers off of their linebackers who then can unleash havoc upon the offense.
15. Detroit Lions-Fred Davis, TE, USC
Matt Millen will try to explain this pick that Fred Davis, while catching the ball, is technically NOT a wide receiver.
16. Arizona Cardinals-Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois
Give the Cards two running backs who can give yourselves various looks. Edge is getting up there and I almost feel Mendenhall will end up the better back in the NFL then McFadden.
17. Minnesota Vikings-Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio St
Not as impressive as I was expecting on Monday night, but still the second best defensive end in the draft by leaps and bounds.
18. Houston Texans-Kenny Phillips, S, Miami
They now have a huge playmaker at each level of the defense. Someone needs to come up with a catchy nickname for this defense quickly.
19. Philadelphia Eagles-DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal
They've always been hurt when Westbrook went down, now he doesn't have to do any returning and this gives them a very dangerous weapon to unleash on the NFC East.
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State
He was the one defensive player for Ohio State that really stood out to me on Monday night, this kid is going to be a "shut down" corner in the NFL.
21. Washington Redskins-Lawrence Jackson, DE, USC
They finally get that pass rushing threat that they've been missing. Andre Carter gets free now and then, but now he has someone to compliment him.
22. Dallas Cowboys (via Browns)-Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma
I know, they have TO and possibly Crayton (free agent at the end of the season I believe) but TO isn't getting any younger, Crayton could be gone, Romo needs a wide receiver who is gonna be around for a long time.
23. Seattle Seahawks-John Carlson, TE, Notre Dame
When it comes to that offense, a tight end is needed more right now then a running back, that's why Carlson's number was called first.
24. Pittsburgh Steelers-Marcus Griffin, S, Texas
Without Troy that defensive secondary seems a bit lost. Not the hitter that Troy is, he does know where the balls go and makes many picks.
25. Tennessee Titans-Limas Sweed, WR, Texas
A familiar target for Vince Young, and perhaps one that will be around longer then only one year at a time.
26. New York Giants-Erin Henderson, OLB, Maryland
They have great defensive ends, an emerging secondary, but Antonio Pierce is the only linebacker they have that I have any faith in.
27. San Diego Chargers-Dan Connor, ILB, Penn State
With one pick only on the first day of the draft they have to select the best linebacker that is still on the board.
28. Jacksonville Jaguars-James Hardy, WR, Indiana
Go watch a youtube highlight clip of this kid to see how amazing he is, then imagine him being the first legitimate wide receiver that the Jaguars have had in years.
29. Green Bay Packers-Jonathon Stewart, RB, Oregon
Ryan Grant has emerged as a playmaker for the Packers, but he's been in the NFL for almost five years now. We also don't know if it is only a one year flash in the pan, they need a backup plan.
30. Dallas Cowboys-Sam Baker, OT, USC
You've given Tony Romo and big time target in Malcolm Kelly, now give him someone to cover his backside, front side, all sides.
31. San Francisco 49ers (via Colts)-Early Doucet, WR, LSU
In a way this is the perfect selection for the Niners considering who their new offensive coordinator is. He's a fast, sure handed wide receiver and Martz will try to use him like Issac Bruce.
32. New England Patriots-Forefit

1. Miami Dolphins-Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt
Their offensive line isn't that bad, but you need to be careful just in case.
2. St Louis Rams-Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida
The Rams have two huge needs, offensive line and secondary, we've started work on one...
3. Atlanta Falcons-Marcus Harrison, DT, Arkansas
They have two picks this round, you need tackles from both sides and Harrison is the higher rated of what is available.
4. Oakland Raiders-Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss
He should stay in school, but looks like he's coming out to protect JaMarcus Russell.
5. Kansas City Chiefs-Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech
I thought he might have stayed in school, but they lose most of their defense so I suppose it is time to jump ship.
6. New York Jets-Vince Hall, ILB, Virginia Tech
Helps fill that inside and gives the Jets a solid football player.
7. San Francisco 49ers-Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia
They started the outside building last year, time to finish it and start that pocket.
8. Baltimore Ravens-Reggie Smith, CB, Oklahoma
Oklahoma secondary is hit and miss in the NFL, they hope he's a part of the former.
9. Cincinnati Bengals-Trevor Laws, DT, Notre Dame
Teams were running on them like mad a points of the season.
10. New Orleans Saints-Justin Keller, TE, Purdue
Ask Drew Brees if he misses having a tight end like Antonio Gates.
11. Buffalo Bills-Ali Highsmith, OLB, LSU
A nice compliment to Poz, has the right demeanor for that Bills team.
12. Denver Broncos-Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy State
Dre Bly wasn't able to perform like the late Darnett Williams.
13. Carolina Panthers-Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan
The Panthers finally get a TALL wide reciever, which should help getting the ball to Steve Smith.
14. Chicago Bears-Joe Flacco, QB, Delaware
They go against the grain here and take Flacco, little known to most but talent galore.
15. Detroit Lions-Jamie Silva, S, Boston College
They have bodies in the middle at the line and linebackers, but the secondary has been a gapping hole.
16. Arizona Cardinals-Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College
They need a dependable and solid tackle, which is Cherilus to a T.
17. Minnesota Vikings-Kevin Ellison, S, USC
A truly gifted football player, can benefit from learning from those veterans.
18. Atlanta Falcons (via Texans)-Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma
No good having a quarterback who is always getting sacked, or a running game with Warrick Dunn that has no holes.
19. Philadelphia Eagles-Craig Steltz, S, LSU
They need a safety and Steltz is a player Phily fan would love the moment they saw him.
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Geno Hayes, OLB, Florida ST
Derrick Brooks isn't getting much younger, Hayes could do wonders in Tampa.
21. Washington Redskins-Michael Hamlin, S, Clemson
Safeties are going fast, so they have to take Hamlin now before they're left with the scraps.
22. Cleveland Browns-Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU
He damn near dominated the National Title game, it would be a blessing if he fell this far.
23. Seattle Seahawks-Alex Mack, C, Cal
Their interior line has been shit since Steve Hutchinson left, they need to start over with it.
24. Pittsburgh Steelers-Robert Felton, G, Arkansas
They're gonna lose Faneca, so naturally someone is needed to replace him.
25. Tennessee Titans-Red Bryant, DT, Texas A&M
I'll be shocked if they're able to actually keep Haynesworth this year.
26. New York Giants-Tracy Porter, CB, Indiana
Their secondary is coming along, he could step into the number two slot or a very solid nickel back.
27. Miami Dolphins (via Chargers)-Charles Godfrey, CB, Iowa
Their secondary has been abused by Tom Brady constantly, Godfrey is a Parcells player if I've ever seen one.
28. Jacksonville Jaguars-Bruce Davis, OLB, UCLA
A really athletic outside backer to help that defense get even better.
29. Green Bay Packers-Barry Richardson, OT, Clemson
I want to ask you something, name one Packers offensive lineman.
30. Dallas Cowboys-Jonathon Godd, ILB, Vanderbilt
A position that has been lacking since Dat Ngyuen retired.
31. Indianapolis Colts-Carl Nicks, OT, Nebraska
Their offensive line was battered pretty bad this year, imagine him opposite Ugoh.
32. New England Patriots-Shawn Crabble, OLB, Michigan
Their linebackers are getting up there, time to restock the shelves.

1. Miami Dolphins-Keenan Burton, WR, Kentucky
As of right now, is there anyone other then Ginn Jr for John Beck to throw to?
2. St Louis Rams-Derek Harvey, DE, Florida
A speedy defensive end who would do wonders on that indoor race track in St Louis.
3. Atlanta Falcons-DeJuan Tribble, CB, Boston College
The Falcons secondary talks a great game, and make interceptions, but also a lot of touchdowns.
4. New England Patriots (via Raiders)-Adrian Arrington, WR, Michigan
They will lose one or two receivers after this year, they need to restock and this kid raped Florida.
5. Kansas City Chiefs-Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio State
A solid wide receiver with NFL blood which creates a reassuring corps for Croyle to throw to.
6. New York Jets-Calais Campbell, DE, Miami
They do love their Miami Hurricanes in New York.
7. San Francisco 49ers-Pat Sims, DT, Auburns
I think he should stay in college and help his status, but the Niners need to replace retiring Bryant Young.
8. Buffalo Bills (via Ravens)-Martellus Bennett, TE, Texas A&M
Just think of these stats, 6'6" 250lbs 4.75 40.
9. Cincinnati Bengals-Tony Hills, OT, Texas
Don't forget to protect Carson Palmer Marvin, your team can't without him.
10. New Orleans Saints-Ben Moffitt, ILB, South Florida
They have a defensive tackle, now they need someone behind him making tackles.
11. Buffalo Bills-Adam Kraus, G, Michigan
Someone has to get in the trenches and open holes for Marshawn Lynch.
12. Minnesota Vikings (via Broncos)-DJ Hall, WR, Alabama
Tavaris Jackson needs another weapon to lob the ball, excuse me, throw the ball to.
13. Carolina Panthers-Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech
Imagine the following stats opposite Julius Peppers. 6'6", 255lbs, 4.55 40.
14. Chicago Bears-Lavelle Hawkins, WR, Cal
I honestly don't see Bernard Berrian staying in Chicago, do you?
15. Detroit Lions-Jamaal Charles, RB, Texas
When was there a season where Kevin Jones was healthy for all of it?
16. Arizona Cardinals-Frank Okam, DT, Texas
They usually take Michigan defensive tackles, it hasn't been working.
17. Minnesota Vikings-Chad Rinehart, G, Northern Iowa
Some have him rated the number one guard in the draft, him with Hutchinson ain't to shabby.
18. Houston Texans-Ray Rice, RB, Rutgers
This would be a complete steal at this point in the draft.
19. Philadelphia Eagles-Dorien Bryant, WR, Purdue
I know, another wide receiver, but came you name me an Eagle wide receiver?
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Heath Benedict, OT, Newberry
Did you see the game on Sunday, Garcia didn't have a single second to even scratch his balls.
21. Washington Redskins-Earl Bennett, WR, Vanderbilt
There needs to be something else there, Randal El and Moss don't seem to be working for the Skins.
22. Cleveland Browns-Dre Moore, DT, Maryland
The dude is a rock with strength and speed, beautiful for the 3-4.
23. Seattle Seahawks-Kevin Smith, RB, UCF
They wait a few rounds and end up getting college football's rushing leader.
24. Pittsburgh Steelers-Mike McGlynn, OT, Pitt
They also may lose one of their starting tackles in the off season as well.
25. Tennessee Titans-Erik Young, G, Tennessee
They take a local kid to help open up some of those running lanes for their many running backs.
26. New York Giants-Terrance Taylor, DT, Michigan
This may be the weakest link on the Giants defense, and Taylor should be an upgrade.
27. Chicago Bears (via Chargers)-Chris Johnson, RB, East Carolina
Cedric Benson isn't working, and Peterson isn't a starter, late enough to take a chance.
28. Jacksonville Jaguars-Josh Barrett, S, Arizona State
They're getting long in the tooth in the safety region, great competitor.
29. Green Bay Packers-Steve Justice, C, Wake Forest
I still think Justice is the best interior lineman in this draft.
30. Dallas Cowboys-Cody Wallace, C, Texas A&M
Maybe a bit early for a lineman, but the Cowboys offensive line has been spotty all year long.
31. Indianapolis Colts-Quentin Groves, DE, Auburn
A speedy defender who can play down or standing and should wreck havoc for Tony Dungy.
32. New England Patriots-Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, CB, Tennessee State
A spunky player who should fit in and be easily molded by the team's veterans.

1. Miami Dolphins-Mike Hart, RB, Michigan
You don't know how healthy Ronnie Brown is going to be, good solid backup.
2. St Louis Rams-Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii
You know Gus isn't going to be your long term backup solution, and Brennan can sling it as long as he has blocking.
3. Atlanta Falcons-Matt Forte, RB, Tulane
Warrick Dunn is getting older and it's late enough to take a chance on Tulane.
4. Oakland Raiders-Josh Morgan, WR, Virginia Tech
Their wide receiving corps has become stale, time for some new blood.
5. Kansas City Chiefs-Allen Patrick, RB, Oklahoma
They run their running backs into the ground, they always need to replenish.
6. New York Jets-Donnie Avery, WR, Houston
Crochery and Coles are nice, but there needs to be a third option somewhere.
7. San Francisco 49ers-Roy Schuening, G, Oregon State
You have the outside set, time to bulk up the interior of it.
8. Baltimore Ravens-J Leman, ILB, Illinois
They have so many holes, they can only fill one at a time.
9. Cincinnati Bengals-Martin Rucker, TE, Missouri
A compliment to a solid wide receiving corps that every team needs.
10. New Orleans Saints-Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona
A playmaker in the secondary for a secondary who should all be fired.
11. Buffalo Bills-Wesley Woodard, OLB, Kentucky
This kid teamed with Ali Highsmith and Poz may give the Bills the best linebacking corps in the league.
12. Denver Broncos-Jacky Claude, G, Florida St
An excellent choice as he has the raw talent that can be molded to their taste.
13. Carolina Panthers-Phillip Wheeler, ILB, Georgia Tech
Beason has come on at the inside, but Wheeler is capable of playing outside.
14. Chicago Bears-John Greco, OT, Toledo
They are getting up there in age on the offensive line.
15. Detroit Lions-Chris Ellis, DE, Virginia Tech
Perhaps he can jump start a pass rush that only appeared against Denver.
16. Arizona Cardinals-Beau Bell, ILB, UNLV
I love this kid, and he may be able to do what DeMeco Ryans did for the Texans.
17. Minnesota Vikings-Pedro Sosa, OT, Rutgers
He knows how to block for great running backs.
18. Houston Texans-Shannon Tevaga, G, UCLA
Well, they wanted a wall to be built in Texas.
19. Philadelphia Eagles-Owen Schmitt, FB, West Virginia
I love this kid, and is a huge upgrade over Tapeth.
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-John David Booty, QB, USC
A tall rangey quarterback for Jon Gruden to groom into his type of QB.
21. New York Jets (via Redskins)-Jordan Grimes, G, Purdue
They need to continue to build up that offensive line of theirs.
22. Cleveland Browns-Darrell Robertson, DE, Georgia Tech
The kid can be moved to outside linebacker and be Willie McGinest's replacement.
23. Seattle Seahawks-Dennis Dixon, QB, Oregon
They are willing to take a chance at quarterback, see Seneca Wallace.
24. Pittsburgh Steelers-Chris Harrington, DE, Texas A&M
One can never have enough pass rushers.
25. Tennessee Titans-Adarius Bowman, WR, Oklahoma State
He would be the reliable number two or three receiver who will always catch the ball.
26. New York Giants-Peyton Hillis, FB, Arkansas
It is an upgrade over what they have and could give them a new look.
27. San Diego Chargers-Andre Fluellen, DT, Florida State
They need something in the middle of the defense, Fluellen fits that defenses' mentality.
28. Jacksonville Jaguars-Jack Ikegwuonu, CB, Wisconsin
Ikegwuonu is an absolute steal this late in the draft, they play the Colts twice a year and need corners for that.
29. Green Bay Packers-Trae Williams, CB, South Florida
Charles Woodson must teach his ways to a pupil, here is your student Master Woodson.
30. Dallas Cowboys-Jonathan Hefney, S, Tennessee
This isn't the year for the Cowboys to work on their safety issue.
31. Indianapolis Colts-David Vobora, ILB, Idaho
A good, solid, reliable player ya know the kind the Colts like on defense.
32. New England Patriots-Tom Zbikowski, S, Notre Dame
The perfect fit for that team and city, Zbikowski was born to be a Patriot.


SayHey Kid said...

My God James Laurinaitis looks like his father. Scary!

Crayton signed a 4 year extension last week. But your right, Owens and Glenn arent getting any younger

Panthers have had tall WRs in the past; Dwayne Jarret currently and Keyshawn Johnson 2 years ago. They just dont/never did utilize them.

I like both Doucet and Super Mario. Martz will make a star out of either of them. Good Bruce comparison

Bryant Young will never retire. He will play forever *dreamland*

Tapupartforpres said...

Some good points. Check out this blog though.

Check out this blog

Michael said...

hey i am a bills fan and i can understand taking one LB but we have crowell and poz we only need one if that the bills need a tall reciever more or another DT more than a second LB