Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dews Wednesday round-down

Of course the two big stories of yesterday continue to linger.

Between Heath Ledger's death, and Tom Brady's gimpy ankle, the women of the world have been on the edge of their seat for the past 24 hours I'm sure. At least you all will have Project Runway to watch this evening, with hopefully Victoria getting kicked off... But I digress...

(And yes Dewey, I watch Project Runway, and yes I am also ok with my sexuality...)

Leading off we have the rapidly declining chances of Governor Huckabee of Arkansas after a poor showing in South Carolina. A significant portion of his staff is apparently forgoing pay for the time being until the money "Hopefully" starts rolling back in:

The former Arkansas governor promised to remain in the race through next
Tuesday's Florida primary, telling about 50 people, mostly University of Florida
fraternity members: "We are taking a look at everything daily. But we will be
here every day in Florida until next week."
Quite honestly, I think the writing is on the wall for Huckabee's campaign at this point. He captured lightning in a bottle with an impressive showing in Iowa and then an enormous push nationally, but I think the establishment is starting to circle the wagons around McCain. It's pretty much a certainty that Fred Thompson, aka "The Conservative's candidate" will undoubtably endorse McCain shortly to possibly be the VP on the ticket...


The crap just keeps getting piled on between the two "Candidates" (according to national media that is). As we've made pretty clear on this site, we've had just about as much as we can take of this behavior, but apparently the American people have not made that leap yet.

The twist (and wild card) in this situation is good ole Bubba, who seems to be helpful, but then horrendous to his wife's campaign.
"I know you think it's crazy, but I kind of like to see Barack and Hillary
fight," he said lightheartedly. "They're flesh-and- blood people and they have
their differences - let 'em at it."
I know this is almost sacrilege to suggest, but I'm honestly getting tired of Bill in this whole thing too. He isn't bringing a tone of civility to this race, but certainly is adding to the strife on both sides...


Finally, on a more serious note, when are we going to finally crack down on China for its human rights violations? Every day I read article after article of abuses directed at its own citizens and yet we continue to plug away with our trade agreements as if nothing has happened...

Well, this has gone too far this time:

Chinese police have shut down a Web site selling real-time porn and arrested
33 people, state media said on Wednesday, part of a campaign which led to the
shut-down of 44,000 Web sites and arrest of 868 people last year.

China launched a crackdown on online pornography and "unhealthy" Web content
after Chinese President Hu Jintao said the country's sprawling Internet posed a
threat to social stability.
People of China, the time has come for you to rise as one and stop this tyranny!!!

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Shane Rollins said...

There are many of us men who watch Project Runway...and I can't stand Victoria either...hell, let me not mince words, I hate that bitch.

Sadly, my world was crushed two weeks can I watch this season of Project Runway without...SPARTA!