Wednesday, January 2, 2008

End of 07 or Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right

Well, we have returned to our pilgrimage to Cleveland and it has been decided that even when we move to Houston it will be a yearly thing that CityCat and I will partake in. Perhaps next year we will go see the Colts game and hopefully exact some revenge on this half-assing assclowns.

It seems to be the time of resolutions and predictions, as we see by Dewey's post below, and I thought I'd give a few thoughts about the end of 2007 and what I look forward to seeing and what I hope will happen in 2008, what we shall call the end of the Barstool President.

We ended 2007 with a party at the Frat House that saw Dews in his best Judge Smells outfit, complete with hat and purple velvet jacket. There were plenty of bunnies (Playboy party), delicious pudding shots, and as usual at this location the arrival of the police. The neighbor, as usual, called the cops on a bunch of twenty and thirty year olds but this time he didn't report a noise complaint. No apparently this man claims some of our party patrons were having sex on the front porch.

That's no lie.

Of course no one was actually having sex on the front porch, since with the way the house is built and where we were we would have heard and seen such activities and would of course put up a live feed here on LSWTF. It's just another ridiculous arrival by Arlington's "finest", more creative then their "following the trail of plastic cups" during the summer birthday party.

There is of course the Browns-Niners game that we attended, complete with Browns fans with Colts signs and Jerseys (brand new obviously you could still see the fold crease). The 49ers are great dancers, as their running backs preferred dancing to actually working out and preparing for the game. Then again, that might explain their current situation in the NFL. Of course everyone left the stadium pumped, especially after witnessing Brady Quinn's first NFL game. Then the Colts went against the NFL mantra of "always trying to win the game" and let a really bad Titans team win. I can understand why, they're less of a threat in the playoffs.

With the offseason beginning now for some NFL teams, here are the five things I want to see done by the Browns this offseason.

1. Sign Alan Faneca. We have an amazing offensive line right now, so why not bolster it even more by signing Faneca to play our right guard? Would we actually give up more then ten sacks a year with the offensive line?

2. The Derek Anderson situation may likely be the biggest story this offseason in the NFL period. I would like to see the Browns offer him a one year deal worth the first and third round tender money and only let him go if what we get in return is a top five pick in the draft. If we were able to get Chris Long, Sedrick Ellis, Vernon Gholston, Darren McFadden or James Laurinaitis then we have to go for it and improve this defense. I put Laurinaitis in there because he's an Ohio State kid and is a hell of a football player.

3. The coaches situation aka Fire Todd Gratham. The man doesn't know to not run the prevent defense which allowed every team we were crushing to come back and compete with us and keep us the Kardiac Kids. I know he's supposed to be this wunderkid, but the man doesn't know when to actually call the right defense. If Romeo Crennell does do the stupid thing and take the Dolphins job we need to focus on getting Mike Singletary as our head coach, and of course keeping Chud.

4. Sign Albert Haynesworth. We saw how much he meant to that Titans team when he wasn't playing and I think he'd do just fine in the 3-4 defense. Plus wouldn't it be lovely just to stick it to the Titans? We have the cap space to sign both Faneca and Haynesworth.

5. Resign Jamaal Lewis. The man proved he still has what it takes and deserves our appreciation in a new two year contract with about a $500,000 to $1 Million raise.


SayHey Kid said...

Always bashing the Niner's eh?? Was good to see Chris Weinke play again. The integration of Noles and Niners is a beautiful thing.

I knew the neighbor called the cops, but nobody told me why (Ahem Dews). NYE party was a blast though.

Dews said...

I know nothing!

Seriously, I don't remember anyone (including myself) having sex on the front porch...

Shane Rollins said...

There was no real "sex on the porch"-gate, or as far as we know there wasn't, at least not THAT early in the morning, I did go to sleep before Dews....

SayHey Kid said...

Would have been one hell of a chapter in that houses history if there was a "frathouse" sexgate NOT involving those who live there.

Dews said...

I've been told it was just some makeout session between two other individuals, and no I was not involved.

TheNaturalMevs said...

I put Laurinaitis in there because he's an Ohio State kid and is a hell of a football player.

Laurintis belongs in there man, more than Gholston anyways. This statement meant for Gholston?

He'll be a high pick, not top 5...

Really good post BTW.

Shane Rollins said...

I don't have Gholston a top five pick, but he may become a really special player. I've seen glimpses of greatness from him and we'd be damn lucky if he fell to us in the 2nd round.