Monday, January 14, 2008

God Bless Texas

You know why I love Texas, because it's the only state in the union where you would find a story as crazy as this one.
When the Arlington father caught his teenage stepson sexually assaulting his 8-year-old daughter late Jan. 2, the 32-year-old man did the right thing -- he called police, investigators say.
So, everything is going fine nothing too big out of the normal of your everyday SVU episode. Then somehow the mother pays his bail going against her husband's wishes about the boy. The boy, the idiot he is, calls home to get picked up (cause you know he really missed his sister and needed to see her) and the stepfather picked up the phone. Things just went downhill for the kid from there.
...the Arlington man reportedly drove his stepson to an abandoned house in east Fort Worth where he delivered his own brand of justice. Police say he severely beat the teen with a baseball bat, then anally raped him with a wrenchlike metal tool...after the sexual assault, the father left the scene. The stepson made his way to a pay phone, where he called police and was then taken to an area hospital.
The kid is lucky he wasn't picked up by similar cops or they may have left him there to bleed it out. I try not to be a supporter of vigilante justice, but it isn't like the stepfather hadn't seen with his own eyes what the boy had done to his daughter. I'm not saying I agree with what he did, but as Chris Rock once said, I understand.

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