Monday, January 14, 2008

What a Low Down Dirty Trick.....

But I like it!!!

I do not consider, nor would I ever refer myself as a fan of the NY Post by any means. Hell, my NY family refers to it as a poor mans National Inquire. But they pulled off a prank for the ages. The Post was not convinced that Jessica Simpson was innocent of Tony Romo's poor play in the past so they did what anybody would do with a vested interest at hand. The New York Post sent a Jessica Simpson look-alike to attend the Dallas/NY game last night. Not only that, they put her in a pink Cowboys jersey and sat her 3 rows back on the 50-yard line.. I dont know if that was the sole reason for Romo's lack of production but whatever it was, the Post will certainly claim the Giants victory for their own.

Personally, I think it was genius. However,it was also rather of a cheap shot but what else would you expect from the Post?? Let this be a lesson to young Romo. Blowjobs in Mexico can just as easily be obtained in the Dallas Cowboys lockeroom. Im sure Ms. Simpson is no stranger to cold concrete below her knees.

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