Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire Shit Show

Well, at least by the end of the day we will stop hearing about how important New Hampshire is in the big scheme of things and break it all down on what all these crazy votes mean. I think the one reason I tend to only read bloggers when it comes to political information is that the rabid ass monkeys at the networks wouldn't know their own ass from a hole in the moon if you shot them up there on Voyager 2.

I mean the political commentary is only barely tolerable on certain websites and a few radio stations. The rest of them are a bunch of survived afterbirths who suck at the corporate tit like a starving child in some third world hell hole. With the exception of true visionaries (Olbermann, Colbert, Stewart) who has the god damn decency to either say exactly what they feel or mock the ridiculous shit we're shoved everyday; the rest of the "political punditry" have as much at stake here as the candidates do.

I swear that this cycle of media, lobbyists and politics is getting more entwined then a Roman Bath House under Caligula's rule. They push on us Shrillary, Magical Underwear Express, Mr. 9/11 Pathological Cheater, and "the clean black man" while giving no time to any candidate who radically wants the change the way things are done. They routinely lie out of their ass like they were all born from some sex crazed night between Richard Nixon and Rafael Palmeiro. CityCat has been on the stump about how pointless and inane pre-game shows in football and that the shit show on the television about politics are the same, and I believe and agree with my beautiful future wife.

The image above was chosen because that is how I feel the giant pool of miscreants who are your typical voter on the right side actually are. Do you honestly want me to believe you honestly think HuckAChuck is the best option for this country? I'm sorry I wasn't a big fan of the Spanish Inquisition the first time around jackass. It's folks like this that the worst creation in television history, The Fox News Channel, exists and isn't going anywhere fast.

The amount of sewage the spew every hour on the hour that would keep Yeomets full on a constant basis. They have personally been driving the wedge between this country with a hammer on a daily basis since they crept out of whatever sixth layer of hell it was conceived. This country, more now then ever, must come together and rise as one, but these fascist collie fuckers have their goals and are doing their best to achieve them. I know it's said that it's good to have goals, but pedophiles have goals too and their achievement isn't exactly a blessing for mankind either.

One day, and I hope it isn't too soon, this country is going to splinter and it will be because of these cross wearing, bible thumping, heathen burning lunatics who have this crazy notion that a nation created by people who were escaping religious prosecution wanted this place to be a theocracy. It is supposed to be one nation under God, not THE God, or Jesus God, or Allah, Zeus, Odin or Cthulhu. The God is an all encompassing God, an adjective describing whatever faith you wish to believe in.

The day may be coming where it is us, the folks who have a level head who want this country to progress against those who wish us to become a theocracy with prayer every hour on the hour, becoming what they crusade against this very moment in a far away land. I just know that if it comes down to it, it will be the end of this great nation as we know it.

Well, the first primary is today in New Hampshire, enjoy the punditry.


Dews said...

All that being said, I plan on reporting live from Cap Lounge for "Wing Night" as the results come in...

LSWTF.COM folks are encouraged to join, as ten cent wings, and politics taste better the closer you are to the Capitol...

Well, maybe they don't, but they do taste damn good...

SayHey Kid said...

Dews- I believe in the philosophy "Dont eat where you shit"

Shane- Its bad when radio "Liberals" jump the HuckWagon because of his "Super Liberal platforms". Apparently these wizkids neglected to read "The Illiad" and its wonderful Trojan Horse conclusion.