Friday, February 29, 2008

Free Agency Has Begun

Free Agency began at midnight today and already the Browns have made a phe-nominal move, this time though it was via trade not signing away one of our rivals best players. Corey Williams, the beast from Arkansas State has been traded for the Browns' second round pick and rumor has it are signing him to a six year deal worth around $38 Million. Williams was the defensive tackle the Packers put the Franchise tag on so he didn't hit the open market.

This move of course is able to be made seeing as we likely will have a first and third round pick now that Derek Anderson has been tendered him a one year contract that turns into a first and third rounder when someone like Vikings, Chiefs or Bears sign DA. Unless no one is willing to give up their first round pick to get him, that is possible too. My hope is that Miami will be stupid enough to go after him and then helloooooooooo Chris Long. I'm still not sold on Derek Anderson anyways, when I went to the Niners game I honestly though Brady Quinn was the best quarterback to take the field that day. If this allows us to get a dynamic defensive end we sorely need, then lets do it.

Let's go other some of the other ramblings and rumors out there.

SayHey should be a happy man, as his team has become the Washington Redskins these last few years, signing players to HUGE contracts and they look to continue that trend this year. Alan Faneca, Justin Smith and Bernard Berrian are just a few of the big name free agents out there that the Niners are interested in signing. I for one wish the Browns would go after Berrian as I LOVE this kid and I think he may end up with the best salary out of any free agent this year.

Jonathon Vilma finally has his wish and is reportedly leaving the Big Apple to go to the Big Easy. This is a great move for both teams as the Jets no longer needed Vilma and the Saints need someone, anyone, to play middle linebacker for them.

For some reason the Browns are looking at Donte Stallworth, I have no clue on Earth as to why. I know we need a number three receiver, but if our defense stops giving up so many touchdowns and field goals Joshua Cribbs won't be so tired all the time.

Cleo Lemon, yes 1-6 Cleo Lemon, is reportedly being sought after by the Jaguars. I actually like this move as Lemon is a fighter and should fit well into the mold of that franchise.

The Raiders saved part of their defensive line by signing soon to be free agent Tommy Kelly to a seven year $50 Million or so deal. It's only days away until we start hearing about children being abducted, not doubt for Al Davis' sacrifices to some Sumerian demon so Chris Long can end up a Raider.

The Rams have released Issac Bruce, who should be signed right away by the Niners if they had any brains in their front office.

Fresno State Bulldog and bulldozer for LT, Lorenzo Neal, was cut by the Chargers. I'm sad to see him go, especially since we all know he's going to end up in New England, where all old Chargers go to retire.

The only thing I have for Dews is that the Redskins finally cut Brandon Lloyd who will for some reason likely be signed by the Niners or Jaguars. The Niners, because their front office appears to be that stupid, and the Jaguars because all they do is get lackluster wide receivers. I believe the Skins are still trying to work out the Chad Johnson deal, and as a fan of a team that plays Ocho Cinco twice a year I say, please sell your first borns, as well as your neighbor's and get this cat.

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SayHey Kid said...

I would love to FINALLY go on a spending spree for players who are worth a damn. Alan Faneca would be an instant upgrade, as would Justin Smith.