Friday, February 29, 2008

MLB Power Rankings- Spring Training MLB

*For Jack Gonzo, our devout A's fan (Huston Street)*

Happy Leap Year to all, and to all a Leap Year? Yeh, doesn't work for me either. But who cares, Wednesday marks the PRE-Happy New year celebrations for all. Games started, which means I dropped my 15 hard earned bones on the gluttonous, all you can eat, and never filling: MLB Radio package. Thats correct folks, Im listening in on all of what Spring Training has to offer! It has felt like forever since I have heard the sweet sweet siren voice of Jon Miller. Now that games have unofficially started, its unlikely that we will see any major shifts in the rankings, but then again, I have been known to shock.

On a side note, with games actually being played, I found this the Power Rankings to be a bit tougher to report on. But bare with me, This is my Spring Training as well.

1 (1). Boston Red Sox- Boston begun their season in spit squads, humiliating Boston College (giving up just 1 hit) and Northeastern (CAA team giving up 3 hits). Theo also signed Fatola, errr Bartolo Colon to a minor league deal. If he stays healthy, could be a 10 game winner. Schilling who??

2 (2) Detroit Tigers- Time to see what this wrecking ball of an offense can really do.

3 (4) Chicago Cubs- I know, why did they get the unexpected bump up? Well, that will be explained shortly. Just know that Fuc-u-dome really laced into SF pitching yesterday. They beat us 12-6, which was to be expected. Im also looking at Felix Pie and Mike Fontenot.

4 (5) LA Dodgers- Its time to pay attention to Matt Kemp and James Loney this season. I know I will be.

5 (6) New York Mets- This could be a long season for all you John Maine keepers. But hell, i cant stress this enough: ITS SPRING TRAINING!

6 (3) New York Yankees- Jack, Dews, and myself debated the #3 placement I originally gave them while munching on taco's at the press club. I have finally been swayed. Sure this team is talented, but they are old and do have a history of injury as well as the stigma of steroids. Joe Girardi is a fantastic manager, but it will take him time to earn Joe Torre respect. Kennedy and Hughes enter the rotation, and as good as they might be, they are not proven.

7 (7) San Diego Padres- I have also been heckled a bit for the Padres being this high. If your the NL West freak that I am you would understand why. This team is young, proven, and motivated. I saw it last season and we I will see it again this season. They wont crush the ball at home, but they will on the road. Good news for Padre fan, Trevor Hoffman did pitch the other night and pitched well. Padres still got crushed though.

8 (8) Cleveland Indians- LOB of 24 vs the Astros, Thats alot but they still managed 12 runs. I dont see this becoming a re-occurring theme though.

9 (8) LA Angels- The most "locked and loaded" OF in baseball.

10 (10) Arizona Diamondbacks- Micah Owings 1st start wasnt that impressive, nor did the bullpen look good. Again, its spring training.

11 (11) Chicago Whitesox- 49 year old Jose Contreras had a good start and Nick Swisher gave all of of Whitesox fan a reason to be excited.

12 (12) Colorado Rockies- Over-paid Aaron Cook stunk up his first start.

13 (13) Houston Astros- Wandy Rodriguez pitched well but the Astros offense was the issue. 5 runs in 2 games. Not that great. But Lee and Tejada's names were not in any box score.

14 (14) Milwaukee Brewers- Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder combined for 5 RBI vs the A's. Even Mike Cameron pitched in.

15 (15) Tampa Bay Rays- They are holding on to 15 by a nose hair. Scott Kazmir is out for 2 weeks. What worries me is that this isnt the first time that elbow has hurt.

16 (16) Seattle Mariners- A nice victory over the Padres in their first game of spring training.

17 (17) Philadelphia Philly’s- Im looking at Travis Blackly to take the #5 spot. He defiantly got my attention vs the Reds. What bothers me most is that we let him go in the Rule 5 draft. Look for Greg Dobbs to get some more playing time as well.

18 (18) Washington Nationals- They played Georgetown U yesterday and killed em. No HRs but it was nice to see VCU alumni Jason Dubois (2-4 1rbi) get playing time. It was also nice to see Lastings Milledge go 2-3 vs the Marlins. I see good things here.

19 (19 Atlanta Braves- Tim Hudson pitched OK vs LA

20 (20) Minnesota Twins- The new look Twins played like a high school team. I know it was their first game, but come on!

21 (21) Toronto Blue Jays- The Bluejays were another topic of discussion. I dont want to move them until I see what they can do. Injuries plagued this team last season and they didnt get any younger. They did add depth but will it be enough? Side note- Litsch pitched poorly, however, the bullpen only gave up 3 hits in 6 innings. That trend could add alot of weight to the PR.

22 (22) Cincinnati Reds- 1-1 so far and yes, Joey Votto is that good. Keep a close eye on him throughout ST.

23 (23) San Francisco Giants- I should move them lower with the loss of Omar Vizquel, but his injury gives Kevin Franden a shot to start. We in SFville really want to see what this kid can do as an everyday starter. here is his chance. We did get crushed by the Cubs, but we got a good look at Eugenio Velez. Ive got my eye on him this ST.

24 (24) Oakland A's- Joe Blanton look like absolute horse pooh, giving up 6 runs in his first start. If he keeps that up, you can waive all of those nice trade options goodbye.

25 (25) St Louis Cardinals- Ok, who saw that AMAZING Rick Ankiel catch in CF yesterday?? I did!!! And my jaw is still dropped. He will earn that CF spot and play like a 25 year old Jim Edmonds. Perhaps I underestimated this team?

26 (26) Pittsburgh Pirates- Nate Mclouth and Adam Larouche spoiled Howie Kendricks first start. I expect Larouche to rebound from an awful 2007 season.

27 (27) Texas Rangers- Kason Gabbard pitched pretty well in his first start. And Josh Hamilton is back to being a man-beast!

28 (28) Kansas City Royals- No games played yet.

29 (29) Florida Marlins- Florida earns the 29 spot by CRUSHING the Orioles 16-3. WOW, i know its ST but the Orioles looked like Boston College yesterday.

30 (30) Baltimore Orioles- I dont want to hear any protest. I know its ST but it was the Marlins. You cannot lose THAT badly when one of your key starters is on the hill (Adam Loewen). The good news is that Brian Roberts played well and Adam Jones showed excellent plate patience. That being said, it IS Spring Training and I get it. Its a practice game, but my God at least TRY to show up.


Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

Bartolo Colon is in the running for my first annual Rich "El Guapo" Garces Award, given to the most effective fat pitcher in MLB.

Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

Travis Blackly defiantly got your attention? Did you warn him not to get your attention against the Reds? What a cocky sonofabitch, that Blackly.

Dews said...

Can't extrapolate any data from someone's first start of ST...

That especially doesn't make any sense in doing a "power ranking" considering Loewen is still going to be #1 or #2 in that rotation.

Guarantee that your boys Lincecum and Cain will get lit up soon enough, but its just the natural progression of the spring, building up arm strength and finding location.

SayHey Kid said...

Uhm let me translate for you: By Blackly getting my attention it simply means he had a good outing. He is making his chance to make the team roster worth a damn. As a Giants fan, I look at players we let go of. We let him go in the Rule 5 and I really wish we didnt. Thats baseball and I do get it.

So forgive my language on my post. I dont speak or communicate "NEW ENGLAND" like you must do. Perhaps I can smarten up and talk to you at YOUR level one of these days. But of course, Im from SF. That will never happen, right?

As for Spring Training, your correct Dews. But man, I had to start somewhere right?? Like I said, this was a tough one to write.

Dews said...

hehe, spellcheck is def not your friend man, that being said I don't think you speak "San Fran".

I haven't heard you say "Faaaaaaabulous" once, but you could be saving it for special company? :)

SayHey Kid said...

Thanks Dews for that frienly observation.

If I had "special company", OlneyGirl would be MOST upset with me haha

Dews said...

Should I?

Nah :)


Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe said...

Oh, I'm sure it'll happen. Just be sure to keep up on your homework in your English as a second language course.

Anonymous said...

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