Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SayHeys Blog O'Fun- Wednesday Edition

There is no doubt I will never, in my wildest dreams, be able to top the good Doctor's last post. The world could end right now and it would mean little. 50 of this boards favorite television beauties all on one forum. But hey, one could try. Its raining, cold, and im unmotivated. So here we go........

Happy 47th birthday goes out to Mr. Henry Lawrence Garfield, AKA the liar himself; Henry Rollins . My question now is, why dont we have some Rollins for 08 t-shirts??

Barack Obama swept the Potomac Primaries in an overwhelming fashion. Hillary still clutches on to those Super Delegates as if it was Bill Clinton's neck. John McCain also swept, which tells me this fabled rumor of a certain sex scandal may either wait til September, or never at all.

Roger Clemens turn to testify before Congress has begun. His good buddy, Andy Pettite has already thrown him under the bus by saying that him and Clemens discussed using HGH years ago. But there is good news, the Godfather of steroids, Jose Canstrikeout told the media he never saw Clemens use. Thats nice, Mr. Honesty and Integrity seeks truth!

On a more hilarious note, John Rocker made it back in the news, saying that he tested positive for steroids back in 2000 and that MLB turned a blind eye on it. For any of you who care about this Redneck piece of shit, say AYE!

Who thought the Danes were cowards?? Not I. After 3 men who attempted to murder the Danish cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard's (Famous for posting the Prophet Mohammed's image in a cartoon) yesterday were arrested, the cartoon was RE-Published for all to see. Man, that takes balls!!

And finally, I was forced to watch 2 straight hours of "American Kareoke". I wish I could have chosen death but the good boyfriend I am, surrendered the remote to OlneyGirl. Needless to say, she is cashing in on our deal. No football, no complaints!!

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Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Two thoughts...

1. Because he has said that he shouldn't be President

2. Time to install Counter Strike Source and come and play with me during those...trying times...