Thursday, May 1, 2008

NFL Draft Review NFC West

Well, the news hasn't hit this blog but I am more then happy to let it be known. Yesterday at some point in time our token steroid supporter, SayHey, proposed to a wonderful lady and she said yes. We are all excited here at LSWTF for SayHey's good fortune and we're happy something good went his way, cause after all if you've paid attention to his teams during the last five years it hasn't been the happiest of times.

DRAFT PICKS:DB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, DL Calais Campbell, WR Early Doucet, DL Kenny Iwebema, RB Tim Hightower, DL Chris Harrington, OL Brandon Keith
APPROVED PICKS:Rogers-Cromartie, Doucet, Iwebema, Keith
EVENTUAL BUSTS:Campbell, Harrington
REVIEW: I think this is a very solid draft for a team that is right on the cusp of being a playoff contender. Taking Rogers-Cromartie was a smart move, even if they were dying to draft Mendenhall. He has the genetic ties to greatness, Cromartie is cousins with the man who made Peyton Manning his personal bitch, and is a raw gem they can sculpt into what they want. I'm not a fan of Calais Campbell like everyone else. To me he has all the athletic ability in the world, he should control games, but what I see is an underachiever who doesn't know how to work hard when he's not the most athletic in the room. Doucet will do phe-nominally well in this system as their number three receiver next to Fitz and Bouldin. Iwebema may make them forget about Calvin Pace faster then they expected. Hightower is an intriguing pick, another project coming from the Richmond Spiders. He has the size to be very productive and could be a real steal where they took him. Keith is another small school player who I think will be in this league for a good amount of time. He's with the right coaching staff to learn and adjust to the NFL level and I think you may eventually see him in the Pro Bowl.

DRAFT PICKS:DL Chris Long, WR Donnie Avery, OL John Greco, DB Justin King, WR Keenan Burton, OL Roy Schuening, LB Chris Chamberlain, LB David Vobora
APPROVED PICKS:Long, Burton, Schuening, Vobora
REVIEW: The former Los Angeles Rams take the son of the ex Los Angeles Raiders. Thankfully Chris Long didn't fall to the Chiefs, imagine what Raiders fans would have done to the Godfather if he allowed the Second Coming to fall to their arch rivals. I'm not sure what to think about Donnie Avery. Yes, he fits their system the best, but why not trade down a few slots, pick up some picks and still get him there? Hell, you could have picked up picks and gotten both Henne and Avery. I don't see John Greco amounting to much, but that's what they get for waiting so long to draft a lineman. Justin King is going to be used and abused and I'll be shocked if he last three years in the NFL. Keenan Burton I think will surprise a lot of people and may end up being the second best player of the Rams draft. Schuening was one of the best guards in this draft and really helps the Rams out. Chamberlain is a workout warrior, someone whose performance at pro day wooed scouts. I'm not sold on those players, if you didn't get it done during the game how are you going to be able to play in the NFL? I expect David Vobora to be the best Mr. Irrelevant the NFL has had. I'm really high on this kid, not the work out stud that some want, just the one who makes plays all over the field, sort of like Zach Thomas was coming out of college.

DRAFT PICKS:DL Kentwan Balmer, OL Chilo Rachal, DB Reggie Smith, OL Cody Wallace, WR Josh Morgan, LB Larry Grant
APPROVED PICKS:Rachal, Wallace
EVENTUAL BUSTS:Balmer, Smith, Morgan
REVIEW: I'm not a fan of Balmer, to me he's the classic college under achiever who got by on his athletic ability and not much else. You can tell this because in college he rarely was consistent, even though the gods granted him an ass load of ability. Chilo Rachal without a doubt was the best pick of this draft and will likely be starting for the Niners week one. Reggie Smith, I don't buy the hype, it's that simple. I think Cody Wallace is a nice strong pick, it isn't the sexy pick Niners fans want, but he'll end up starting on this offensive line as well, which is something they need badly. Morgan has a troubled past, not Vick-esque but he's come close. Now if he's able to turn the corner, he could contribute in the Martz offense, but these Hokies rarely turn the corner. Larry Grant is a football player, which is something the Niners need more of. He's not the next Lance Briggs, but he will be a special team stud and not hurt the defense when he comes in to play.

DRAFT PICKS:DL Lawrence Jackson, TE John Carlson, DL Red Bryant, FB Owen Schmitt, LS Tyler Schmitt, RB Justin Forsett, K Brandon Coutu
APPROVED PICKS:Jackson, O. Schmitt,
REVIEW: A decent draft by the perennial playoff team. I love the selection of Lawrence Jackson, pairing him with what they already have on the defensive line gives them one of if not the most solid defensive lines west of the Mississippi. John Carlson is a solid player that will allow Hasselback to have a security blanket for the first time since the Huskie rapist. Red Bryant will be a situational player, but a decent one that could give him longevity in the league. Love the Owen Schmitt pick, love this kid, wish he was coming to Cleveland as he would be a god there. I'm never a fan of drafting a long snapper, especially when you could use that pick on a much needed wideout or a quarterback to one day replace Chunky soup. Forsett never impressed me in college and I don't see him lasting too long in the NFL. I like the Coutu pick, but you can never tell what college kickers will be able to handle the pressure of the NFL. He has to compete with Mare for playing time, but his leg has the strength to turn some heads in the NFL.

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