Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NFL Thoughts After Week 2

  • No team has had worse luck this season then Jimmie's San Diego Chargers. They just barely lose in week one, and were robbed in week 2.
  • No team at 0-2 surprises me more then the Jaguars, who at one time were my super bowl pick. I don't know what's wrong, but Del Rio better fix it quick.
  • DeSean Jackson has surprised many folks so far this season, even if he doesn't know where the goal line is.
  • The Niners are starting to show why I picked them to be my NFC West Champs.
  • Brett Favre couldn't even beat a quarterback who hasn't started a game since his Senior High School season.
  • Why won't Phil Savage listen to me and trade Donte Stallworth, and next year's first round pick to Arizona for Anquan Boldin?
  • Speaking of the Browns, if Romeo Crennel can't turn this thing around don't be surprised if Bill Cowher comes home to Cleveland to finally right this ship.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs may have the ability to achieve the unbelievable dream of a winless team.
  • Then again, the Dolphins may have that ability as well.
  • The Bills will be the team to win the AFC East, mark my words.
  • Now that I think about it, the Bengals could be the team to go winless as well.
  • I feel bad for Carson Palmer for playing for the Bengals, the guy has had some of the worst luck of anyone in the NFL.
  • Is Willis McGahee ever gonna play and get me some fantasy points?
  • I am completely for changing rookie contracts to look something like the NBA contracts that have a maximum for each pick in the draft depending on order. To offset pissing off the agents, allow them to incentive based to add some of that extra money.
  • Jim Zorn has done a surprisingly good job with the Redskins so far.
  • DeMarcus Ware is a man beast and the Eagles are lucky he didn't kill McNabb last night.
  • Eddie Royal, the first solid NFL player from Virginia Tech since Bruce Smith? Time will tell.
  • Has any team been affected as much by injuries as the Browns have? Two weeks and at least six starters hurt each game, and yet they've had their chances to win both games at times.
  • Missing, Braylon Edwards hands, if found please contact the Cleveland Browns front office.
  • I would still like to see a restructuring of MLB and the addition of two more teams, while moving the Marlins from Florida. Yes, it isn't on the NFL but the thought is still in my head.

    Anonymous said...

    The Jags are a mess. No receivers. Offensive line is hurting. David Garrard is overrated. They're starting RB is 30-something. Their first round pick just started practicing...

    Jack Gonzo, MD said...

    Maurice Jones Drew though is a running back I wish was on my team, one of my favorite players in the NFL right now.