Thursday, October 30, 2008

Round The Bend 10.30.08

On the day after Philadelphia ends their championship drought…

  • We discuss the World Series
  • We do our weekly predictions
  • We discuss Halloween and Dews' many faults
  • A question of what Republicans will do in the future…

JackGonzo: Good Morning on day one of the countdown to the apopcalypse

SayHey: As PhillyFan is drunk on power........

SayHey: Is Philly still standing?

JackGonzo: Next thing you know the Bills are gonna win the super bowl

MrSanDiego: ugh

I feel sick

JackGonzo: PhillyFan did send me a story of SUVs being attacked outside the park

10:02 AM We all do this morning

SayHey: Wouldnt shock me if she was one of the attackers

MrSanDiego: Nah for Reals

I drank some coffee Dews made


PhillyFan: Yeaaaaaaa!!!

SayHey: Dews is a Vermonter, which means his coffee has moror oil in it

PhillyFan: haha every city does that

10:03 AM SayHey: Yeh, but they dont do it the way Philly does it

JackGonzo: Dews can't make coffee?

Well, shouldn't be a shock he's used to waking up in a strange place and letting her make the coffee

SayHey: LOL this is true

10:04 AM PhillyFan: haha

SayHey: Dews never mastered the "love em and leave em" tactic

PhillyFan: Dews and his many ladies!

SayHey: The Vermont Lover Boy

MrSanDiego: He is like James F'ing Bond

JackGonzo: lmao

10:05 AM who won MVP anyways?

PhillyFan: Cole Hamels

MrSanDiego: Bud Selig

JackGonzo: should have been the umps

SayHey: I hope your kidding

JackGonzo: or the Rays 1-4 hitters for no showing until game 5

MrSanDiego: they all get cheesesteaks for life

SayHey: Rocco Baldeli

PhillyFan: ha they failed

too much pressure

10:06 AM SayHey: They failed just like Ryan Howards bat

MrSanDiego: account of the rioting

Details of the Riots

JackGonzo: So lets ask the question, were the Phillies just that much better or did the Rays just spent themselves getting there?

SayHey: Wow, good stuff

JackGonzo: They definitely had the tougher road

MrSanDiego: I think Philly Fan needs go go turn a car over and set it on fire

SayHey: Ill give the Phillies some credit, they showed up

10:07 AM But, had help from the umpos

I think the Rays were just young and not ready for the global stage

JackGonzo: who makes it back there sooner?

PhillyFan: We do!

10:08 AM SayHey: The NL East is such a disaster right now, I think the Phills have a better shot

JackGonzo: and yes, PhillyFan should go find a car with a Mets sticker (if it's possible) and draw a pair of balls on the windshield

MrSanDiego: Hmm

SayHey: My question is

is the NL still considered "JV"

MrSanDiego: I think the Rays with a more mature pitching staff

SayHey: Pitching wasnt the problem tho

JackGonzo: yes

PhillyFan: Yea they had good pitching

SayHey: If the NL is JV, then what is the AL?

PhillyFan: as shown by the people we left on base

MrSanDiego: Their Bullpen needs some help

10:09 AM PhillyFan: But they didn' lose because of the bullpen either

JackGonzo: JV at a private school

MrSanDiego: um exactly

PhillyFan: not really...

MrSanDiego: you put a bunch on base

SayHey: No, they need a 2nd basemen that can play

JackGonzo: the Rays lost simply because they forgot how to hit

SayHey: So winning a world series while beating the AL East doesnt change anything?

that makes no sense

MrSanDiego: Last I checked the Bullpen gave up two runs last night

so yeah

10:10 AM JackGonzo: it does when you go 7 games to beat the red sox

MrSanDiego: anyways

PhillyFan: Ha they had lost it already

MrSanDiego: I don't think either of these teams is there next year

SayHey: I dont want to hear that crap

I refuse to accept that the Rays were "tired"

JackGonzo: Physically, no, I don't think they were

MrSanDiego: they are both going to be facing teams that are hot in the free agency race

JackGonzo: Mentally, may be a bit, they're young

10:11 AM how many people on that field have played a full five years in the majors?

SayHey: Perhaps........but they did beat the Sox

That proves to me that they could handle the stress

JackGonzo: hell, this was David Price's first year in the pros at any level

SayHey: Price wasnt the problem

He was rock solid

JackGonzo: just an example

10:12 AM SayHey: Problem was bad umping, a terrible 2ndman, and lack of hitting

JackGonzo: they don't have the experience to know how to deal with pitchers they haven't seen all year

well yes, bad umping was definitely a problem

though gonna draft that 2nd baseman, dude is solid

PhillyFan: Alright, bt the Rollins call was made in a game we won 10-2

SayHey: Yeh, Akinori is done

PhillyFan: the call caused one run...

10:13 AM MrSanDiego: speaking of which

what happens to Philly now

SayHey: Its not just 1 run

MrSanDiego: we are all talk about the Rays

SayHey: It fucks up a teams ability to focus when they are getting screwed

MrSanDiego: Does Moyer have another year?

PhillyFan: Eh you can argue that all day... but it happened and it was a mistake

MrSanDiego: Do they trade Rollins?

SayHey: Moyer has like 5 years left in his tank

MrSanDiego: or Howard?

10:14 AM PhillyFan: Moyer is old. he could do it

MrSanDiego: Moyer has to be on the Roid train

SayHey: Howard stays, Burrell stays, Rollins leaves

PhillyFan: Burrell could leave

MrSanDiego: Yeah I think Rollins leaves

he shot his mouth off enough

JackGonzo: I'd like to see them trade Rollins only because my protege is right beneath him and should be in the majors right now, but sort of hard when Rollins and Utley is above you

10:15 AM MrSanDiego: Utley is untouchable

SayHey: He still has like 5 years left on his ginormous contract

JackGonzo: I don't want to see Utley go, for some reason I see him and I think of Lenny

SayHey: Utley is a blue collar player.......I love the guy

PhillyFan: It's hard to see Rollins leaving though

10:16 AM SayHey: Ryan Howard needs to be let loose

MrSanDiego: Rollins said you all were a bunch of shitty fans

how quickly we forget

Yeah Howard can take his strikeouts to the Midgets or somewhere

10:17 AM JackGonzo: well the man isn't wrong

SayHey: Yeh, Philly fan boos EVERYONE


MrSanDiego: true

So they have a solid core

10:18 AM JackGonzo: since we're talking baseball

MrSanDiego: if they can beat the Met with K Rod

JackGonzo: where does Manny end up?

MrSanDiego: they might get back

SayHey: Yankees

MrSanDiego: Manny goes to NYC

10:19 AM or maybe LA opens up the checkbook

one of those three teams

SayHey: Hank and Cashman still have their respected boners for the guy

JackGonzo: I don't see the Yankees only because he didn't like the atmosphere in Boston, he won't like it in NYC

SayHey: He is from NYC and has expressed an interest to go there

JackGonzo: I say he stays with the Dodgers due to the lifestyle alone

10:20 AM plus he'd have to cut his hair, shave, etc as a yankee

SayHey: Ill give it a 50-50 shot of him staying

MrSanDiego: yeah

good chance he stays

JackGonzo: I heard yesterday that Toronto is in the running

SayHey: Im shocked the brewers are going to work out a contract with CC

MrSanDiego: he is the definite leader of that team if he stays with the Dodgers

SayHey: Oakland better get on the ball

MrSanDiego: doesn't have to share the spotlight

10:21 AM Brewers need to keep one of those two

SayHey: Or trade for Peavy

MrSanDiego: and CC is definitely the stronger pick

JackGonzo: well you know how billy LOVES to spend money

MrSanDiego: yeah

SayHey: Hometown discount, baby!

MrSanDiego: Peavy to the Brewers could work

SayHey: Gwynn Jr and, hell, the Brewers throw in his father

MrSanDiego: the Pads could get the prodigal son back

10:22 AM JackGonzo: lol

MrSanDiego: Jr and Feilder for Peavy

JackGonzo: which is all they want, another Gwynn to cheer for

MrSanDiego: Fielder


SayHey: Nah, Adrian Gonzalez is the 1b man of the Padre future

MrSanDiego: Really Peavy for a minor leaguer is not going to happen

10:23 AM SayHey: Peavy for Cameron, Gwynn, and Hart

MrSanDiego: so the Brewers would ahve to cough up some starting talent


SayHey: COmpletely renovate that SD outfield

MrSanDiego: Cameron will never be in a Pads uni again

JackGonzo: I don't think you'll get as much as you want for Peavy

MrSanDiego: They as much as said that when they released him after his drug charge

SayHey: Agreed

10:24 AM Pad's are getting shit offers for Peavy

I say, straight up, 1-1 trade..........

Peavy for Zito!!!

MrSanDiego: Most likely they won't trade then

guy has more Ks then innings pitched

low era

low WHIP

SayHey: But nobody throws that 81mph heater like Zito

10:25 AM Peavy has elbow issues tho

MrSanDiego: only weak point is his win - loss

he came back after that

SayHey: True, but its still a liablity

MrSanDiego: and win - loss has more to do with the team than him

SayHey: One pop could end a season, and cost 10 mil

MrSanDiego: anywys

JackGonzo: true, but we may actually see the economy effect the offseason

MrSanDiego: K Rod to Mets

or Tampa

SayHey: K Rod to the Dodgers

10:26 AM K Rod is expecting like 15 million

Only the Dodgers are stupid and desperite enough to match that

MrSanDiego: they are going to sink all their allowance into Manny so no Dodger Blue for K Rod

JackGonzo: only the highest of highs will get big contracts, the manny and mark texs

everyone else may be screwed

10:27 AM SayHey: Texieria to the Yanks

K Rod might not have a job next yeare

Nobody pays top dollar for a closer

10:28 AM It wouldnt shock me if SF made a push for Texieria

We have all of that "Bonds money" leftover

JackGonzo: lol

SayHey: And our salary leaches are all getting cut

10:29 AM Vizquel, Aurillia are Gone!

MrSanDiego: I make my prediction here right now

The Midgets will not sink big $$ into a big name free agent this off season

10:30 AM We call it The Zito Effect

SayHey: A!

JackGonzo: nice

SayHey: At least Zito wasnt hurt........Although many of us wished he was

MrSanDiego: I think they are in the middle of a grow their own phase

10:31 AM SayHey: Nah, we need a big bat

10:32 AM We need a Tex kinda guy

MrSanDiego: I bet Mike Singletary has some pop.

JackGonzo: true

and he'd be the best player

SayHey: I was waiting for him to suit up and break Julius Jones's hip

JackGonzo: I'd put him at catcher, whoever thinks they can run him over

10:33 AM SayHey: Where the hell is Dews?

JackGonzo: now did anyone watch Obama's thing?

SayHey: Nah, was at Kickball

JackGonzo: trying to learn how to make coffee?

MrSanDiego: I did

of course

it was very slick

JackGonzo: I have it on dvr, just haven't watched it

MrSanDiego: good productio nvalue

but some odd editing

10:34 AM like they go from a story about a retired couple stuggling over health insurance

to Obama saying he can help them by supporting alt energy

10:35 AM Dews: MVP is here, sorry for the delay

MrSanDiego: Like, wha?

so anyways

it seemed like Obama had 27 minutes to get in every talking point he had made over the past two years

JackGonzo: nice

SayHey: It was a good move

MrSanDiego: and then there was a 3 minute live from Florida bit at the end

JackGonzo: oh come, it's him just being an "elitist"

MrSanDiego: he didn't totally F up

10:36 AM Dews: I totally missed the Obama show, how was it?

MrSanDiego: of course today is the day to judge the effect of it all

JackGonzo: did you get caught up in the riots?

SayHey: Nah, he got wasted last night

Dews: I was very wasted

still a little slow today

people where buyin me shots

10:37 AM and there was lots of free beer

SayHey: Yeh, that Keg didnt last long tho

Dews: it was quite the celebration :)

JackGonzo: ah all star games

SayHey: Yeh, Wednesday night provided me with there shit

Dews: course, beating all the so called "Veteran" teams was good too

SayHey: Uhm........We had like 2 true all-stars on the team

But go ahead and talk shit, Dews

10:38 AM JackGonzo: lol

SayHey: We had no Pugh......whats up with that??

JackGonzo: so even cavuto went after mccain yesterday

Dews: one run allowed

SayHey: Really??

Dews: 4-5 k's?

SayHey: I missed that

Dews: and a homerun


I owned you guys

10:39 AM SayHey: The Niel Cavuto......not a meaningless exhibition game


MrSanDiego: Palin is turning on McCant too

Dews: yea, McCain staffers are apparently calling her a Diva now

MrSanDiego: now his advisors are using her as a scapegoat

JackGonzo: so apparently Joe The Plumber went out and got himself an agent

10:40 AM SayHey: Yeh, its getting obvious now that Palin is working on a 2012 run of her own

MrSanDiego: haha

Dews: she's pulling a Lieberman

MrSanDiego: Romney is going to roll her

SayHey: Joe the Plummer is the worlds dumbest man

Dews: that son of a bitch

JackGonzo: as a part of the Genisis Pro Life Party

MrSanDiego: Joe the Plumber needs that scratch to pay his tax debt

SayHey: Joe the unlicensed Plumber was also at a Palin rally

10:41 AM Yeh, he is an unamerican as not paying taxes

MrSanDiego: oh did anyone see this?

Racists For Obama

thought it was funny

10:42 AM JackGonzo: I however have BIGGER news

SayHey: Good to know things will never change

PhillyFan: Oh wow sorry, got very busy at work

SLJ is a ninja Sho'nuff

SayHey: Fuckin-A man........that movie rocked

10:43 AM Good ole, 80's minority kung-fu

JackGonzo: but who plays the dragon?

SayHey: Nick Cannon?? I dunno

Usher, prolly

JackGonzo: I can see Usher

10:45 AM SayHey: I do find it fucked up that the racist people are the ones who support Israel the most

I dont get it

Prolly never will

JackGonzo: well since we don't have one these tomorrow due to me picking up citycat from the airport, I want to touch on one thing before we get to predictions

Dews: whats that?

10:46 AM JackGonzo: We hear from racists, republicans and pretty much every person at a Palin rally and they all spout the same idiotic response about Obama

Dews: you mean HUSSEIN Obama?

JackGonzo: He's a Muslim, we don't know who he is, he'll let terrorists into the country, he fucks goats, he'll swear in on the kohran, etc etc


10:47 AM SayHey: Question

Dews: I think the fuckin goats part they'd be in favor of...

SayHey: Who is more of a discrace to this country

David Ayers or Gordon Liddy?

JackGonzo: So after Obama beats McCain like Seth beat up Kimbo, and becomes President and NONE of these things happen, what then?

Will they all admit that they were wrong?

Dews: hell no they won

MrSanDiego: He is already downplaying himself

JackGonzo: Will they admit they succumbed to fear and race mongering?

Dews: er won't

10:48 AM they'll start planning his assasination

SayHey: No, they wont admit to any of that

MrSanDiego: in the infomercial he said he won't be a perfect president

SayHey: Agree with Dews

JackGonzo: Will they admit that he isn't the anti-christ and the world didn't end on his watch?

MrSanDiego: I think expectations are so him

and it is his own doing

people are going to expect to wake up and things are better

SayHey: Its going to be tough, his first 4 years will be spent cleaning up Dubyas trail of shit

MrSanDiego: and it won't be

Dews: we got no money to do anything

MrSanDiego: so after the honeymoon is over

Dews: its the worst time to be in charge

10:49 AM MrSanDiego: I think it will be more of the same

JackGonzo: it won't be because the first two he'll have the blank check of the capital

Dews: but, we'll see

MrSanDiego: not true

the repubs have had this before

and so have the dems

SayHey: Yeh, Dubya's first 6 years

Dews: yea, they usually squander it

MrSanDiego: when one party controls everything

JackGonzo: lets put it this way, the democrats will have the biggest opportunity they've ever had to destroy the republican party

Dews: both parties are horrible at using power

MrSanDiego: then Congressmen get worse about their pet projects

they don't fall in line per say

10:50 AM Dews: unless they're paid off with pork

JackGonzo: if they use the power correctly, worry about the whole and not just themselves, we could see some really amazing shit

SayHey: I agree

JackGonzo: of course this is the democratic party so...

Dews: well yea, but thats like saying "If I had a million dollars I could buy cool shit"


I don't

JackGonzo: but needless to say they could change our country in ways we haven't seen, for the better

Dews: and they won't


JackGonzo: we don't know

10:51 AM Dews: this is true

SayHey: Only time will tell

Dews: I guess I'm just not optimistic

JackGonzo: they could see the blood in the water, realize that they could elevate this country, elevate the world

hell, want to know a good first start?


open the administration with a bang

Dews: Cuba! the 52nd state!

10:52 AM MrSanDiego: oh just read this

SayHey: Side note- Obama does support Washington DC getting congresional representation

MrSanDiego: check this out

Halftime Interviews

so Chris Berman will get the final interviews for this election

Dews: dear lord

10:53 AM MrSanDiego: can't we jsutput the two of them on the field and have at it

Dews: sign #2 of the coming apocolypse

SayHey: The only difference between McCant and Berman is age

They both have nice tempers

JackGonzo: I can hear it now

MrSanDiego: oh dear god




JackGonzo: I'm Barack Obanarama Obama and John Big Dog McCain

MrSanDiego: that

Korheiser (sp?) is going to talk politics


10:54 AM SayHey: Senator McCain- Do you expect to Rumble, Tumble, and Grumble?

MrSanDiego: for the entire second half

of the Skins game

PhillyFan: aah

JackGonzo: Now Barack, you're from Chicago a city that knows how to win championships. McCain is from Arizona, are you saying he's used to losing by now?

MrSanDiego: Kornheiser I mean

SayHey: LOL

Dews: maybe watch the game on Mute then

SayHey: Soldier Field or University of Phoenix Field

MrSanDiego: Mute is in effect

SayHey: Which would you want??

JackGonzo: Look at him go, Obama could go all the way to the white house

Dews: well, maybe we'll be playin too many drinking games (Sink the Biz?) to notice

10:55 AM MrSanDiego: U o P

SayHey: Solider Field is so much more commanding

JackGonzo: fuck letting Berman talk to them, bring in special interviewer

SayHey: Scares people


SayHey: U o P makes me want to skip class

Erin Andrews in a bikini?

JackGonzo: Neon Deon to interview

10:56 AM SayHey: Michael Irving and Deion

Dews: grr

JackGonzo: they should just have her in a sidebar like that all game long

Dews: two of my most hated players ever

SayHey: Give her a stipper pole

Then, ill watch

Dews: oh yea

I'm game for that

JackGonzo: Quick before prediction time

10:57 AM Halloween...costume...what is it?

SayHey: Im doing a group theme with Rachels friends.......Naughty Amish

JackGonzo: Whatever it is, PhillyFans is better

Dews: <-- Steely McBeam, as long as I can find everything

SayHey: Drunk chick with a half torn McGraw jersey?

JackGonzo: I leave and NOW he does Steely McBeam

SayHey: lol

10:58 AM MrSanDiego: TBD

SayHey: He needs the flannel shirt and the foam steel

Dews: haha

JackGonzo: ah SD is like me

after this I am off to the Halloween story

Dews: I still need to get everything, its been hard

JackGonzo: find a bradshaw jersey

SayHey: Gonzo- Shave your head and tuck in your flannel, and BAM, Joe the Plumber

MrSanDiego: I kinda want to do one of those Haunted Forests

but I can't get any takers

SayHey: That would be fun

JackGonzo: well I realized that the past two years I had a theme going

MrSanDiego: and there is this cool party

JackGonzo: First it was General Zod

10:59 AM MrSanDiego: so I may jsut take more pictures of freaks in the city

Dews: IU girl went as "Lame excuse" to work, had a sign that said "Excuse" and wore a knee brace...

JackGonzo: Then it was Asylum Escape Joker

MrSanDiego: So photographer

is my costume


Dews: haha

SayHey: Yeh, ok

Dews: I can't picture that SD

SayHey: I really wanted to to Harry Carry

JackGonzo: but sadly that is really the only two worth doing...there are others...but not with the time constraints

SayHey: "HEYYYY"

11:00 AM Dews: "Whats yer favorite planet???"

MrSanDiego: I did want to bust out the Magnum PI but I am not getting into the UDT shorts

JackGonzo: SD, do photographer, but Playboy Photographer

SayHey: "Mine's the Sun"

MrSanDiego: and I don't have a Tigers hat

SayHey: SD Fan, be a spoirt

Jack, you should go as Jack

MrSanDiego: next year we should all dress as our favorite teams

JackGonzo: wait, I know what SD can do

11:01 AM MrSanDiego: I can find a monk robe

SayHey: We need to do Major League, or Bull Durham

MrSanDiego: and go as a Friar


MrSanDiego: clint jsut needs some horns

SayHey: With a doll roped around your groin?

Dews: totally getting the Oriole Bird outfit next year then

JackGonzo: hell, we should do that one night at the bachelor party

SayHey: Oriole- thats good eatin'

Fuckin a

PhillyFan: haha

11:02 AM JackGonzo: SayHey should dress up as a drunken gay miner

MrSanDiego: so predictions Clint?

JackGonzo: PhillyFan, tell them your costume

SayHey: Jack should dress up as a fan who has no SB titles.......oh, wait

Dews: ouch

JackGonzo: nah, I'll dress up as the 89 earthquake

MrSanDiego: oh god

PhillyFan: haha

SayHey: Ouch

11:03 AM MrSanDiego: I want to laugh

PhillyFan: well the idea was....

MrSanDiego: but that is so wrong

SayHey: You should dress up as "The Earthquake"

JackGonzo: or Kevin Mitchell's girlfriend's dead cat

PhillyFan: draw a backwards "B" on my cheeck with lipliner...and use eyeshadow for a black eye...and wear a Mccain tshirt

Dews: haha!

SayHey: Hey, that cat had it coming

MrSanDiego: that is good stuff Philly Fan

do it

PhillyFan: haha

JackGonzo: where is the party tomorrow night?

SayHey: PhillyFan- that is funny

PhillyFan: i need a mccain shirt then im set...

11:04 AM Dews: PhillyFan, you gonna burn down Philly tomorrow?

PhillyFan: ha

SayHey: If OleMiss saw you do that, that fake black eye could become a real one

JackGonzo: I know for me, since I have to be awake at 530 saturday morning, I'm hoping for the bar literally next door

PhillyFan: I am going home tonight!

haha he laughed, i told him

JackGonzo: ah the laughter of defeat

PhillyFan: Goin to the parade with philly people...yessss!

11:05 AM JackGonzo: ok then...back to business

SayHey: Yes

JackGonzo: South Florida @ Cin

Dews: I got Purdue

SayHey: SF

MrSanDiego: SF

SayHey: You would, Dews

MrSanDiego: lame Dews


JackGonzo: Definitely SF

Dews: SF

JackGonzo: Northwestern v Minnesota

PhillyFan: ST

haha I mean SF

SayHey: Lame

NW......they have a chip on thier shoulder

MrSanDiego: Minn

11:06 AM Dews: Minnesota, doncha know

JackGonzo: I'm gonna go with Northwestern, Minnesota is living above their means

Wisconsin v Michigan St

Dews: Wisconsin

11:07 AM MrSanDiego: I want to say Badgers

SayHey: ugh, tough one


MrSanDiego: but Spartans

JackGonzo: SPARTA! Wisconsin falls below 500

MrSanDiego: sorry Shals

JackGonzo: Tulsa v Arkansas

Dews: Arkansas

MrSanDiego: Tulsa

SayHey: Arkansas

JackGonzo: Tulsa baby

Missouri v Baylor

SayHey: Missouri

Dews: Mizzou!

PhillyFan: Tulsa

MrSanDiego: Missou

11:08 AM PhillyFan: Mizzou is right

JackGonzo: actually we'll just name the next two to go with that one Alabama over Arkansas St and OK St over Iowa St

SayHey: Alabama =(


JackGonzo: Oregon v Cal

MrSanDiego: Bama

SayHey: Cal

MrSanDiego: Ok St


Dews: bama, and OK yea

and Oregon

11:09 AM PhillyFan: Oregon


SayHey: Quack Quack

JackGonzo: Florida St v Georgia Tech

SayHey: FSU baby, FSU

Dews: Georgia Tech


MrSanDiego: GT

SayHey: You would, Dews

PhillyFan: Georgia Tech!

JackGonzo: I'll go FSU, but close then SayHey thinks

SayHey: We fucked up 2 VA Tech QB's, we'll fuck 2 more up Saturday

11:10 AM JackGonzo: second biggest game of the weekend, Georgia v Florida

SayHey: Georgia

Dews: Georgia

MrSanDiego: Fla

Dews: Bulldogs

SayHey: I dont buy Urban Meyers "Gag Orcer" bullshit

JackGonzo: Georgia, and someone does a dance on Tim Tebows lifeless corpse

PhillyFan: Florida

SayHey: Me?? No, I wont be at the game

JackGonzo: BYU v Colorado St

SayHey: BYU

Dews: Colordo St

JackGonzo: oh, and who was right about Georgia pimp smacking LSU?

PhillyFan: bu

MrSanDiego: BYU

PhillyFan: byu

11:11 AM Dews: Godless cultists lose

SayHey: We all think that Dews, but reality is a bitch

JackGonzo: in maybe the ugliest game of the weekend...Washington v USC

MrSanDiego: USC

SayHey: USC in a route

Dews: USC

SayHey: Did Ty quite yet?

JackGonzo: Boise St v New Mexico St

Dews: Boise

SayHey: Boise St

JackGonzo: end of the year he's done

MrSanDiego: Boise

JackGonzo: apparently Kiffin wants the job

11:12 AM SayHey: He would do well for himself to take it

JackGonzo: TCU v UNLV

SayHey: TCU

MrSanDiego: TCU

Dews: UNLV

JackGonzo: Game of the Weekend Texas v Texas Tech


SayHey: Texas, but it will be VERY close

MrSanDiego: Texas Tech

11:13 AM Dews: Longhorns

JackGonzo: fuck all the noise

oh and this kid?

Brandon Carter

Is fuckin Latimer

wears war paint, lip piercings and is one scary mother fucker

SayHey: Jesus Xrist, he looks like he is 30

11:14 AM JackGonzo: or as Rome called him, the Marylin Manson of Offensive Linemen

SayHey: Road Warrior would still eat him for a snack

"Ohhhhh what a rush"

JackGonzo: fuck that

He'd be eating the Road Warrior


I want to see that game

I want to see Texas Tech v Ohio St

11:15 AM SayHey: Would be a fun one to watch

Beanie well will rush for -12 yards

JackGonzo: better picture

SayHey: Oh, he wears the lip studs during the game?

JackGonzo: yep

SayHey: Yeh, thats Balls

11:16 AM JackGonzo: ok Nebraska v Oklahoma

Dews: wow

SayHey: OK

Dews: Okies

MrSanDiego: Got to go with the Huskers

PhillyFan: Texas


JackGonzo: shocker of the weekend Nebraska

Bo Pelini's first big victory

Tulane v LSU

SayHey: LSU

MrSanDiego: LSU

Dews: LSU, though I wanna take Tulane

11:17 AM PhillyFan: LSU

JackGonzo: I'm almost with Dews...I want to...and I'm going to TULANE! GO GREEN WAVE!

Dews: haha

ok, I switch

JackGonzo: Utah v New Mexico

SayHey: I Call bullshit, Dews

MrSanDiego: Utah

Dews: New Mexico

SayHey: New Mexico

Dews: ha, why?

SayHey: But it will be close

You cant change your mind like that, sellout

Flip Flopper

11:18 AM Dews: meh, its closer to Nawlins

SayHey: Zombie Kerry

Ok, ill accept that

JackGonzo: I'm taking the team that beat the Aztecs 70-7...Lobos

SayHey: Ouch

MrSanDiego: who hasn't

JackGonzo: lol

Dews: haha

JackGonzo: Cal Poly

11:19 AM and the Notre Dame games were close

and you did beat the Vandals

SayHey: Indiana vs Central Michigan

Dews: gee

SayHey: lol

JackGonzo: Indiana

MrSanDiego: Central Michigan

SayHey: Indiana

Dews: Indiana

11:20 AM JackGonzo: funny thing though, I just start NCAA 09 again and my UAB Blazers in what would be this season beat the San Diego St Aztecs for the national title

so there must be some kind of talent there

Dews: UAB??? where the hell is that?

MrSanDiego: hahaha

college BB

SayHey: University of Alabama, Birmington

MrSanDiego: ?


Dews: ahhh

MrSanDiego: yeah Fisher might have a good team this year

11:21 AM SayHey: SDS is top 30 in hoops i think

JackGonzo: no, football

MrSanDiego: no shit


SayHey: I need to double chec kthat tho

MrSanDiego: oh

this is for Dews

JackGonzo: it happens when all the top teams lose multiple times and UAB and SDS are undefeated

MrSanDiego: Happy Halloween

Great video

Dews: hahaha

11:22 AM I've had nights like this

11:23 AM JackGonzo:
Hmmm that's odd

MrSanDiego: Yeah I saw that too


SayHey: Oh I saw this

To funny

JackGonzo: now then

Jets v Bills

Dews: Bills

JackGonzo: Buffalos going to the Super Bowl

11:24 AM PhillyFan: Bills

SayHey: Bills, but it will be an ugly win

MrSanDiego: Jets

JackGonzo: Jags v Bengals

SayHey: Jags

MrSanDiego: AFC East/West parity this year

must be maintained

11:25 AM Bengals

PhillyFan: Jags

SayHey: Really? Bengals?

MrSanDiego: They played a few teams close

Dews: I got Jags

JackGonzo: fuck it, why not, Bengals

MrSanDiego: think the Jags look past them

Dews: nah man

SayHey: Aight

Dews: Garrard eats em up

JackGonzo: Ravens v Browns

MrSanDiego: Jags look past them


SayHey: Ravens

Dews: Ravens

sorry Jack

11:26 AM JackGonzo: HA! Browns, big time blow out that sends Chrissy crying in her beer

PhillyFan: Browns



put your picks in

PhillyFan: ok totally unrelated - did you guys know Teddy ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 6+ hours? Let Teddy Win

haha awesome.

JackGonzo: nice

Texans v Vikings

11:27 AM PhillyFan: Vikings

MrSanDiego: Houston

SayHey: Vikings

Dews: haha wow


JackGonzo: Texans, it feels like the Vikings are winless even if I know they're not

11:28 AM Lions v Bears

SayHey: Daaaaaaaaaaaaah Bears

PhillyFan: Bears

Dews: Lions cover the spread

SayHey: Kyle Orton looking like an MVP

Dews: Bears win

MrSanDiego: Bears

SayHey: Really Dews? Spread?

Damnit, commit haha

Dews: I do both

winners, and the spread

JackGonzo: actually, yes, I'm with dews...Bears win Lions cover spread

SayHey: Does Ashley know this?

Dews: oh, funny man!

11:29 AM JackGonzo: Buccs v Chiefs

Dews: Bucs

SayHey: Bah Dun.....Ding!


MrSanDiego: Chiefs

PhillyFan: Bucs

MrSanDiego: mark my words

SayHey: No larry Johnson, again

JackGonzo: Buccs

MrSanDiego: do you know how cold it is in KC this time of year

We know this

11:30 AM JackGonzo: in maybe one of the more interesting games this weekend

SayHey: Ok, just making sure

JackGonzo: Cards v Rams

MrSanDiego: Rams

Dews: total shoot out


SayHey: Rams

PhillyFan: Cards

SayHey: I agree, there will be alot of points on the board

Even without Stephen Jackson

PhillyFan: Dews is only picking the rams because he hopes they are good since they beat the Skins

11:31 AM SayHey: Ouch

MrSanDiego: true philly Fan

Dews: we're good nough to beat the lowly Eagles

MrSanDiego: I agree

JackGonzo: I'm going Cards, Kurt Warner reminds the folks of st louis what a QB looks like

Dews: PhillyFan, did you see that game?

PhillyFan: 38-3 against the rams? yes i did

JackGonzo: ohhhh another interesting game

SayHey: Im shocked Dews remembers that game

PhillyFan: ha

JackGonzo: Packers v Titans

Dews: Titans

SayHey: Titans

11:32 AM Dews: I'm a believer now

PhillyFan: Titans

MrSanDiego: Titans

SayHey: To soon to believe, but im getting closer

JackGonzo: Packers

defense is about the same, but the Titans offense is not the Packs

11:33 AM Dolphins v Broncos

SayHey: Bronco's find a way to win

Dews: Dolphins

MrSanDiego: Fish

SayHey: Same theory as SDFan and the weather

JackGonzo: The Tuna

11:34 AM Cowboys v Giants

SayHey: Giants

MrSanDiego: True but Miami plays better in weather historically than Tampa

PhillyFan: Dolphins


MrSanDiego: Midgets

Dews: Giants

SayHey: I predict a hissyfit from TO tho

11:35 AM JackGonzo: Giants in a landslide

Eagles v Seahawks

Dews: yuck

SayHey: Seahawks

MrSanDiego: Iggles

SayHey: ;-)

Dews: gotta go with NFC East though

Iggles indeed

PhillyFan: Eagles

SayHey: Yeh, Eagles........I was joking

JackGonzo: Eagles

SayHey: Haws are toast

11:36 AM PhillyFan: haha nice Eric

JackGonzo: Falcons v RAIDAS

Dews: Falcons

PhillyFan: Falcons

MrSanDiego: Dirty Birds

SayHey: Falcons

JackGonzo: ...Raiders

11:37 AM home field and all that shit

Dews: wow, ok

JackGonzo: Colts v Pats

PhillyFan: Pats

Dews: Colts

MrSanDiego: Pats

SayHey: Eh

Unless Raider fan is playing the game, it wont matter


11:38 AM JackGonzo: Colts

SayHey: Mike Singletary vs the Niners on the bye week?

JackGonzo: we may see an Aztecc in the game

SayHey: One word..........Pain!

Dews: Singletary, easily

JackGonzo: Steelers v Skins

MrSanDiego: The Steel Curtain

Dews: Skins

SayHey: DA Steela's

11:39 AM MrSanDiego: TK in the booth at FedEx

definite jink

SayHey: It pains me tho.........Id rather seen Dews happy that all the ass Steeler fans in DC

PhillyFan: Steelers

JackGonzo: Steely Mcbeam shits on Snyders head

Dews: haha

SayHey: Yuck

11:40 AM I wonder if Tom Cruise comes to Dan Synders rescue

JackGonzo: no, to busy with the colonization plan

Dews: yea, only if it was Xenu

not Steely

SayHey: Eh, I think Steely would crush Xenu also

11:41 AM Just give Steely a bottle of booze

Dews: and a car

SayHey: Knob Creek + a car = end of Scientology as we know it

JackGonzo: wow

11:42 AM SayHey: Hey, it could happen

JackGonzo: ok, on THAT note, everyone have a great Devils Night, and we expect pictures on Monday

SayHey: When is Xenu supposed to show himself?

PhillyFan: phillllyyyyy

JackGonzo: don't forget Bill Kristol on Daily Show tonight

PhillyFan: i will take pics of the parade for you :)

JackGonzo: we want pics of the damage!

SayHey: You mean the devistation, right?

PhillyFan: haha either way

SayHey: Insurance reasons, right?

PhillyFan: and my cheesesteak


Dews: burn baby burn

11:43 AM PhillyFan: mmm pats!

SayHey: If your sober enough to remember, can you bring me a Pats cheesesteak?

PhillyFan: haha it will be bad after that long

SayHey: I dont care how soggy it will be

SayHey cares not

JackGonzo: lol I can see her coming home with a backseat full of cheesesteaks

SayHey: LOL

PhillyFan: I am going to DE on Saturday night

haha that would be funny

Thanksgiving I will

when I come straight back

11:44 AM unless OleMiss eats them all on the way

SayHey: Which is possible

PhillyFan: haha

JackGonzo: very true

he's only had south american food and shit

JackGonzo: and nothing is more american then a philly cheesesteak

11:45 AM PhillyFan: He likes them

haha and agrees Pats is better

haha yummmm

Have a good Halloween!

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