Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Round The Bend 10.14.08

On this truly wondrous morning that awakens to a world where Eli Manning has gone back to being Eli Manning…

  • We discuss the greatest game the Browns have had since they returned to Cleveland
  • SayHey's possible comedy movie that is his future Honeymoon
  • The LCS, Molina clan, and Michael Barrett
  • John McCain and the desperate acts of a desperate man

JackGonzo: Good Morning Everyone and welcome to a particular raining Tuesday, least in Houston, but a day where is sunshine coming out of my ass

Dews: totally agreed...

SayHey: Im shocked you didnt go on an all night bindge

9:30 AM Dews: Thank you for spanking Manning Gonzo

SayHey: Yes, thank you

Oh Dews, Shawn Alexander is working out with the Skins

JackGonzo: We popped Eli's lil bubble and Mr. SanDiego should be the happiest...cept for maybe PhillyFan

Dews: oh yea, read that last night, to replace Betts

SayHey: Eli looked like the half retard we all grew to love

9:31 AM JackGonzo: Have fun with that...oh and have fun this week Dews

You know, with your hurt corners and the like

and with a returning Soldja

Dews: yea, Smoot is coming back though

JackGonzo: with the Love Boat?

SayHey: What ever happened to Soldja boy?

Dews: ya, wtf was the "Undisclosed illness"?

he goin through drug rehab?

SayHey: I guess his father never told him about STDs

9:32 AM Dews: hahaha

JackGonzo: We don't know, we've been trying to think

SayHey: Im sure it was the Clap

JackGonzo: CityCat thinks something embarassing like Chicken Pox

SayHey: At least it wasnt a broken pinky

Dews: Chicken pox for the genitals....

JackGonzo: ask the Cowboys, the Clap doesn't keep you from playing football

SayHey: LOL

Dews: Romo's Pinky thing is ridiculous

9:33 AM I'm sorry, pull a Ronnie Lott, cut it off and get our ass back on the field

SayHey: Well, im sure the Cowboys have the secret remedy for the clap locked away

Dews: Cocaine

SayHey: Agreed

Cocaine cures all ailments

JackGonzo: Cocaines a wonderful drug

SayHey: That is is, Rick

9:34 AM Either way, my vote is on the Clap, or another STD of equal or greater value

JackGonzo: which brings us to topic numero uno today. Did the five fingers say something last night to spoiled rich boy, or was this the best game the Browns have played since they returned to Cleveland?

9:35 AM Dews: I think we saw a Browns squad that is finally playing as well as they should be on paper

SayHey: I think that was a statement game of epic greatness for Cleveland

And it puts Quinn back on the bench

Dews: "Now I'm done"

SayHey: "Now im done"

Dews: bam!

SayHey: Woo

JackGonzo: Nicely done

SayHey: And Stonehands actually did something

9:36 AM JackGonzo: Is the trade deadline over or can we ship Saint Quinn to the Vikings for their first and second rounders yet?

Dews: I will admit, I was shocked to see the score at the bar last night though

SayHey: That game proved my theory.... Cleveland wins when Heiden is their TE

JackGonzo: He would have had two touchdowns if had run full speed after the 70 yard catch

SayHey: Yeh, but his run looked awkward........ i dont think he had footing when he caught the ball

9:37 AM JackGonzo: I think he thought Ross fell down

when he stumbled

SayHey: I think the Quinn experitment is a failure, but if they get a 1 or 2, then its a great trade

Dews: there hasn't been a "Quinn" experiment yet

JackGonzo: Wow, dews theme song just came on my music player

Dews: Which one is that?

JackGonzo: What Is Love Techno Remix

SayHey: Well, If Anderson gave Romeo a reason to be benched, maybe Quinn would play

Dews: haha

9:38 AM JackGonzo: Well it's amazing what our offense can do when we have more then just Edwards as a WR

Stallworth didn't do too much, but he at least attracted attention

Dews: and when Edwards can catch

SayHey: Yeh, I swear i saw Stallworth, but that couldnt be

He is fragile

And weak, and a waste of money

JackGonzo: CityCat first thought it was Cribbs

Dews: I don't understand why anyone trys to cover Stalworth

JackGonzo: Still want to trade him to the Cards for Bouldin

9:39 AM SayHey: Yeh, just let Stallworth run 4 yards........he will hurt himself, game over!

Dews: he can't catch!

let him run deep

SayHey: Youd have to add Quinn to that deal

Dews: what is he gonna do?

SayHey: Boldin is damn good

9:40 AM JackGonzo: They wouldn't take it, Leinart AND Quinn? The Raining Men song would play in Phoenix non stop

SayHey: Leinart is crap

That, and Arizon would get that much uglier

JackGonzo: though I chose the right week to start DA

SayHey: The women that is

9:42 AM JackGonzo: Topic Number two...our own SayHey has determined on his Honeymoon vacation, and we know it is somewhere in Mexico. The question is...how quickly does this become a comedy movie with Petco Park East taking a trip to Mexico?

Jeffrey has left

Dews: haha, oh lord

I wouldn't dream of invading anyone's honeymoon

SayHey: Jesus, where is Seth Rogan with the script

9:43 AM Dews: we'll have our trip to Nawlins

that'll be enough

SayHey: True, but the beer flows like wine in Mexico =)

JackGonzo: i can hear it now...DUDE! What are you doing here? We're on our Honeymoon Cowboyfan...you know this....DUDE!

SayHey: Name that movie and ill give ya a cookie

Dews: haven't had much trouble finding beer recently, gotta be honest


SayHey: I can see CowboyFan stumbling in on us

JackGonzo: I have to agree with Dews, my cup runeth over

9:44 AM Yes, but he would likely think it was M Street

SayHey: Well, make sure you have plenty for a refill for tomorrows debate

Dews: er, I won't be at the debate

neither will you

SayHey: Well, directed more at Jack

Dews: ahh right

SayHey: But we will be at the bar once the debate starts

9:45 AM Dews: wonder if they'll have it on

doubt it

SayHey: Doubtful.......Game 4 of the TB v Dead Sox game is tomorrow

JackGonzo: Ah, I take it this is a KB night

SayHey: Oh yeh

Dews: I'm filling in for Pirates wedensday

SayHey: Or is that game tonight?

JackGonzo: See, and we were gonna have a Debate/ALCS chat, and you two fuck it up in best lewis black voice

9:46 AM Dews: haha

SayHey: Yeh, our speed guys decided that work was more important than sport

LOL dy-no-mite

Dews: I can get you two Sawks Nation guys for the debate coverage :)

and MoDews will be ome

er home

SayHey: Nah, they wont show

JackGonzo: Looks like it will be myself and Skynet, without you two, who'd rather play with big red balls

9:47 AM Dews: who wouldn't?

SayHey: Saux fans never show their faces when they lose

They are like the mighty osterage (sp)

Head in the ground

Dews: Ostrich

SayHey: Ah, good

Dews: dems goooood eatin

SayHey: Hence the (sp) =)

Lets ask Ray fan

JackGonzo: Which brings us to topic number three, thoughts so far on the LCS

9:48 AM Dews: we have a Ray fan?

SayHey: Not really

Dews: really REALLY disappointed in Dodgers

SayHey: We are all Ray fans =)

Not at all

Dews: we are, Tampa

SayHey: I knew they would fuck up

I called that one prior to game 1

Remember...... V is for Victorino

JackGonzo: LMAO someone just offered me Brandon Stokely for Brandon Jacobs

SayHey: Jesus Xrist

9:49 AM With Royal coming back, stokely is a #3 now

Dews: and you said no???

JackGonzo: SayHey is that Xzibit's kid?

9:50 AM SayHey: Nah, I feel dirty adding the CH......hense, the X

JackGonzo: Silly Jews

SayHey: We have our ways =)

Dews: kinda like writing G-d instead ofGod?

JackGonzo: Do the Phillies put Manny and Joe down? Can the Sawx come back and beat the Youth Movement?

9:51 AM Dews: I believe in the Rays

Dodgers I think are done

SayHey: Phillies will own game 5

And I believe in the Rays also......So much momentum and energy

Tough to beat

Especially when Beckett tosses up BP

9:52 AM And Lester getting lit up

Dews: Beckett is all sorts of beat up

JackGonzo: Random note, the Padres actually attempted to send Michael Barrett to the minors, he of course said fuck you, and is now a free agent

Dews: and Lester is FINALLY doing what I picked him to do

SayHey: Im not gonna knock Lester

He proved himself already

JackGonzo: which means Michael Barrett should be a Giant soon

9:53 AM SayHey: One bad game

PFFFFT we have Buster Posey, bratha

AP College baseball player of the year =)

9:54 AM Dews: Posey is not gonna be in the Majors next year

JackGonzo: is he ready right now? Don't you need to keep your age minimum to 36?

Dews: hehe

9:55 AM SayHey: He isnt ready, but Bengie is still solid and ISNT 36......yet

Dews: whens his bday?

JackGonzo: Oh, that's right, you have one of the 36 Molinas playing in the Majors

They're like The U players on a police blotter, they're everywhere

9:57 AM SayHey: Hey, at least they arent felons

JackGonzo: it was an analogy sparky

SayHey: Oh I know

9:58 AM JackGonzo: ok, topic number four...McCain said yesterday (to excuse his supporters for being racists ignorant fuckwads) that people at his rallys call him a terrorist too. The question is, what other bullshit should we expect to see pulled from his ass in the coming weeks?

9:59 AM PhillyFan: Oh wow I am missing out. I would just like to express my happiness over the last few days in sports

Dews: he has to do SOMETHING

PhillyFan: Sorry was in a meeting!

JackGonzo: excuses excuses, Philly always have excuses lol

SayHey: Good question

I do find it funny that Palin mistook her supporters as protestors in Richmond

PhillyFan: Uuuum the worst part.... I fell asleep for the eighth inning!!!

JackGonzo: Of course it's a good question, they're all good questions

PhillyFan: and woke up when it was over :)

MrSanDiego: yo

Dews: There we go, PhillyFan and Mr. SanDiego on boad

MrSanDiego: sorry I am late. Just woke up

Dews: grr

JackGonzo: we'll get back to number four and go back to number three, the LCS, Padres trying to put Barrett to the Minors, and the number of Molinas in the Majors

Dews: I'm downing 5-hour energy drinks like water over here...

10:01 AM JackGonzo: Coffee is spice my son...

he who controls it...

MrSanDiego: aren't there like four molinas?

SayHey: 3

JackGonzo: 36

SayHey: Benji, Jose, Yadier

10:02 AM Dews: and the lesser known Vladimir

kinda the black sheep

SayHey: Ah

10:03 AM JackGonzo: And of course Danny, Jesus, Marical, Rafael, Pedro, Manuel, and Tom

MrSanDiego: LCS



and Phils

looking good

SayHey: Total agreement, as I predicted =)

MrSanDiego: as did I

JackGonzo: Very true, and the Phils...can't stop the Rays

10:04 AM SayHey: Nope, not at all

Rays will own Hamels

Dews: Phils couldn't stop Rays or Sawks

JackGonzo: I don't know if they'll own Hamels, but the rest of the staff they will

Dews: the real WS is with Sawks and Rays now

JackGonzo: lol

SayHey: This is true

More like a spanking tho

Dews: Also, would like to recognize Baldelli for his Homer last night, great story there

10:05 AM glad to see him producing again

PhillyFan: Nope

SayHey: Good to see he beat his fatigue

PhillyFan: just wait...all I will say

and then I will laugh at you a'll when you are wrong

MrSanDiego: having some google problems

got kicked out

SayHey: Id like to congrat Ryan Howard for actually doing something this this post season also

PhillyFan: very true :)

SayHey: He had an RBI =)

10:06 AM Dews: he struck out right?

SayHey: Well, yeh

PhillyFan: and he got home

SayHey: But he finally got a hit

PhillyFan: on a wildpitch

SayHey: Victorino is a man possessed

PhillyFan: uuum Stairs? niiiice

SayHey: Lesson to Asian pitchers. Dont throw at his head

JackGonzo: The Phillies aren't so much as winning as the Dodgers are losing

10:07 AM SayHey: Im shocked Stairs didnt keel over due to exhaustion when he ran the bases

JackGonzo: I'd throw at the Hawaiians head

PhillyFan: Yes we are....our offense is doing well

SayHey: Offense is doing well indeed

Dews: Stairs is thriving because he's a professional AL East Hitter

JackGonzo: He knows the rules, it's called OG

PhillyFan: Hi 4 y-o ass was able to jognot sprint!


Dews: he played most his career in the Real league

SayHey: pffffft please Dews

10:08 AM PhillyFan: He is also a High School hockey coach in the offseason...


SayHey: Well, he is Canadian

Dews: dude can just flat out hit

has always been able to

JackGonzo: Hell after Victorino I would have thrown at the next guy's hip

SayHey: True, he has a low AVG but he rarely strikes out

10:09 AM JackGonzo: Love that Kuroda kid, not surprised that he's the only starting pitcher really rockin for the Dodgers right now

10:10 AM SayHey: Lowe pitched well last night........he has been solid

PhillyFan: Did anyone see Loge rip his shirt off?

after the first inning?

He was angry. we got to him :)

Dews: I missed it

SayHey: He should be pissed.......Got yanked after giving up just 2 runs

10:11 AM PhillyFan: He sceamed, ripped his shirt down the front, and went inside. I think he needed a replacement :)

SayHey: Im sure that was easy enough, since LA is overstocked with Lowe jerseys

10:12 AM JackGonzo: lol

SayHey: The city wasted all thier money on those damn AndrEw Jones ones

10:13 AM PhillyFan: haha

JackGonzo: Ah, a fine example of why the economy is shit...MLB clubs give all their money to someone like him

SayHey: Yep, 10 mill to play AA baseball

JackGonzo: can I get that job?

MrSanDiego: um

10:14 AM Dews: yea, dibs!

MrSanDiego: I am less worried about Barret than what I read about here

JackGonzo: Most overpaid Minor League player since some guy named MJ

SayHey: And Clonse said he was crap in AA.......so who knows

Padres Moves

SayHey: er, clone

MrSanDiego: second bullet point

10:15 AM SayHey: Epic stupidity

JackGonzo: hmmm

MrSanDiego: If Peavy winds up in a Yankees or Red Soxs uni I am going to give up baseball

SayHey: Maybe the Giants can get lucky and pull a 1-1 with Zito

MrSanDiego: hahaha

SayHey: Wishful thinking

10:16 AM MrSanDiego: given their luck with high priced free agents

JackGonzo: and apparently SsayHey's been sleeping and dreaming this entire chat

10:17 AM SayHey: There is nothing wrong with that

10:18 AM JackGonzo: lol back to topic number four

Dews: I'm genuinely curious to see what McCain pulls

cause, nothing is working

10:19 AM SayHey: I agree

Dews: he went negative, it hurt him

SayHey: Apparently he is releasing his 300th ecomomic recovery plan today

JackGonzo: Wait, something just occured to me...with his comment...

Dews: prolly excellent bedtime reading material

PhillyFan: Random...Palin is speaking at Elon...they will love her there


JackGonzo: nevermind he did say it was Obama rallies

10:20 AM SayHey: I wonder if she will confuse them for protestors also, as she did in Richmond over the weekend

JackGonzo: Flyer fans actually treated her appropriately...but who was the fat Hockey Mom next to her?

MrSanDiego: Two things I found facinating

San Fran Chronicale compared McCain vs Obama to Clinton vs Obama

and it appears that McFail is making the same mistakes

10:21 AM Dews: weird...


MrSanDiego: Quote "lurching from "Only I have the experience to lead" to "I am the only white opponent in this race" to, this week, "I am the scrappy underdog who will fight for you."

JackGonzo: interesting

Dews: hey, its worth a shot

10:22 AM SayHey: Wow, despetare ranks of an old man

JackGonzo: but it begs the question, has McCain ever been an underdog?

MrSanDiego: second thing I am hearing is that many in the Republican party jsut want to cash it in on McCain

SayHey: He claims he has been

MrSanDiego: and stop directing money to him

Dews: he was in the republican primary for a while

at first

MrSanDiego: instead they want it to go to preventing a Demo 60 seat senate

Dews: he's awful at raising money

JackGonzo: Yeah, I've heard that too, and hope to hell the mess is too big for the Dems to fix in four years and so they hang themselves

10:23 AM It may be WAY too late to prevent that

MrSanDiego: because what is bad for them is bad for everybody...

Clint you anarchist

JackGonzo: say it with me, Senator Al Franken

SayHey: You didnt know this?

MrSanDiego: yeah

Maybe a reason to actually watch CSPAN

10:24 AM Dews: no it won't

JackGonzo: that would be a blast watching investigations

Dews: trust me

that'll put you to sleep faster then Wild Wild West

or Contact

JackGonzo: please, you can't stay awake without five hour energy anyways

MrSanDiego: at leat Franken can be funny

Dews: if I get some sleep I can stay awake

SayHey: Battlefield Earth!

10:25 AM Dews: oh lord, there we go

SayHey: This is true

MrSanDiego: oh check this out Obama advertising in video games

too funn


SayHey: Because all gamers at 18 and older

Dews: wow

his campaign is so loaded, they can afford this

thats amazing

10:26 AM MrSanDiego: yeah

that he has the money to blow on advertising

JackGonzo: yeah but those voters have to put the control down and leave the house to vote

MrSanDiego: and the line about "John McCain doesn't know what video games are"

JackGonzo: lol

10:27 AM Dews: McCain needs a commercial like the old "Bo Knows" ones

"McCain knows... Blogging"

"McCain knows... Bitches"

"McCain knows... Games"


JackGonzo: how about Palin when responding to the question saying the report finding she did nothing ethically wrong...when it states specifically what ethics rules she broke

McCain knows...trophy wives

McCain knows...skin cancer

10:28 AM MrSanDiego: Then they can feature Levi the high school dropout in one of them

SayHey: Her own Aides warned her about this

JackGonzo: McCain knows...sharp pointy sticks

Dews: McCain knows.... trailer trash

SayHey: Ouch

JackGonzo: lol

SayHey: McCant knows the elderly

JackGonzo: hey he keeps bringing it up

McCain knows....George Washington...they served together

10:29 AM breaking news

Ex-Gop Operative Found Guilty

MrSanDiego: I heard McCain worked his way up from sweeping the floors of Constitution Hall during the first Continental Congress to his position now as senior senator

10:30 AM Dews: Its about time they indicted those scum bags

haha, I like it SanDiego

SayHey: proves that good things happen to those who wait........along time

10:31 AM MrSanDiego: since we are covering the republican crime blotter

JackGonzo: Ted Stevens may be taking the stand today

Upstate GOP politician busted for Kiddie Pron

this guy must have been one of Rudy's boys

JackGonzo: lol

10:32 AM MrSanDiego: but in the interest of being fair and balanced

10:33 AM the transcript on this post is just too much

Mark Foley's Replacement a Cheater

10:34 AM JackGonzo: and I think we just found the perfect district for Dews to run in

Dews: ewww

MrSanDiego: haha

The congressman from Florida

10:35 AM SayHey: Great, another McCant rant, errr i mean speach on CNN Live

JackGonzo: you have fun with that

after I get this posted it's more coffee and NHL 09 for me

this is a blast to read though

Chicago Columnist Smacks Back At Rush

JackGonzo: Finally we will end on this note, as I think a picture is worth a thousand words and this picture pretty much sums it up

The Terrified Right

10:38 AM Dews: priceless

PhillyFan: haha

SayHey: Funny

10:39 AM JackGonzo: and that's all the time we have for one word response hour, join us next time as we move up to two words...good night, good luck, and someone get Dews some burn ointment, he's gonna need it this weekend

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