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Round The Bend 10.15.08

Today on Round The Bend…

  • The cast continues their love affairs with Sonic
  • We talk about the drumming the Red Sox received last night and the game tonight
  • We discuss the Roy Williams trade and the Shaun Alexander signing
  • Predictions for tonight's final Presidential Debate

JackGonzo: Good Morning, and welcome to the last time we'll see McCain with a smile on his face

Dews: You don't know that

Viagra may be on its way

10:29 AM JackGonzo: and very possibly Dewey as well, until next season at least

not just viagra, viva viagra

Dews: hate that commercial...

Its on CNN all freakin day...

JackGonzo: I always prefer the football through the tire swing metaphor too

10:30 AM Dews: Dewey may not be on long, he's having crazy-busy day

ahh yes

the ole "Can't play pool with a rope" joke

JackGonzo: nothing tells your wife that you love her quite like saying she's as wide as a tire swing

Dews: exactly

right from the heart

JackGonzo: now we need to give electro-shock to the rest of the audience to wake them up

10:31 AM SayHey: Yo

Dews: if jokes about non-working wangs won't work, I dunno what will

JackGonzo: cause of course SayHey is looking off into the distance of his cubicle dreaming of the wonder years where his teams competed

Dews: there we are

SayHey: Busy watching clips of Larry King

Ben Stein pretty much conceded for McCant

Dews: speaking of Viagra...

SayHey: Bam

JackGonzo: peperika?

10:32 AM Dews: paprika?

JackGonzo: or that one, never said I was a speller

Dews: <-- likes to cook :)

JackGonzo: Topic number one, did anyone see the monster shot over the monster by Aybar? The thing went up AND out

SayHey: Yeh, you mastered the chili cheese tots

Dews: yea, was a no-doubter

10:33 AM impressive

JackGonzo: great, now I'm gonna have to go to sonic today for the extra long cooney and tots

SayHey: Yeh, that was a nice shot

I turned the game off at the 6th

Dews: I had to watch it all

JackGonzo: same here, then watch Hellraiser on Chiller till 3am...which may or may not have gotten me in trouble

PhillyFan: Wait! Is sonic on the way to kings dominion?

10:34 AM SayHey: Yes

PhillyFan: If so I am going on Saturday!


Dews: PhillyFan = one track mind

JackGonzo: I don't know, we don't have Kings in Texas

PhillyFan: Yesssss!

SayHey: Yeh, But its the right track

JackGonzo: sad sad people

Dews: There is a Sonic on the way to anything in Texas

PhillyFan: Although if there is no fried mac and cheese what is the point?

JackGonzo: I don't go to Sonic unless a group is going there and it's the only option

PhillyFan: Ok well I should move to Texas for sonic then

10:35 AM Dews: Fried mac and Cheese isn't on the menu anymore

SayHey: I would go for the hell of it

JackGonzo: There is that option

SayHey: I havent had sonic since my Denton trip

PhillyFan: Try camping in May


Dews: Denton was sooner then that

JackGonzo: PhillyFan can move to texas and start the marticulation of all you stuck in dc fucks

10:36 AM SayHey: Denton was in July

JackGonzo: try...two sundays ago

SayHey: Dews can top that

Dews: I was there this weekend

talked the manager into giving me extra Tot containers so I could make some for SayHey's bday party

SayHey: Id like to thank you again, Dews, for the greatest tease of a gift

PhillyFan: Might be happening :)

SayHey: A Sonic gift card

10:37 AM JackGonzo: So I was wrong, topic number one, all of your unhealthy obsession about a burger joint whose best item is their commercials

Dews: haha, anytime SayHey

SayHey: So i can look at it, stare at it, but never use it =(

PhillyFan: I think if sonic was nearby I wouldn't go there

SayHey: Jack- I sense some sarcasm

PhillyFan: It is just that there is none anywhere closeby :)

Dews: There is one nearby!


kind of

10:38 AM SayHey: But anyway, im ready to celebrate a Philly win tonight

JackGonzo: Now to topic number two, last night and tonight...

Dews: I'm resigned to a Philly win, but I won't be "celebrating" it

SayHey: You just dont get it, do ya

JackGonzo: Wosrt playoff loss for the Red Sox ever? Does Philly seal the deal like Dews in the Swerve?

SayHey: Dodgers are evil

10:39 AM Dews: ha, I like the comparison

SayHey: Nah, worst Red Sox playoff loss is Buckner ball

Dews: I can't hate the Dodgers

Dewey: Aaron Effing Boone

SayHey: Oh, good one

Dews: ahh yea

10:40 AM JackGonzo: I didn't say toughest loss, that is obviously Buckner

Dewey: Bucky Dent

Dews: guess there are a few tough ones

JackGonzo: the just completely manhandled loss

Dews: lopsided losses aren't as tough to swallow as close game losses though

or last second comebacks

10:41 AM the numbing sense of disbelief is far worse

I think

JackGonzo: When Willie Aybar launches a ball like it took off from Cape Canaveral, there is a few issues

Dewey: what was the name of that guy in 1946?

JackGonzo: Truman?

Dews: ha, yea

10:42 AM not to interupt Baseball talk, but Palin is in New Hampshire, and I just find it telling that they HAVE to campaign in New hampshire...

10:43 AM SayHey: This is painful to watch

JackGonzo: So I'm assuming we all believe that that Hamels seals the deal like its prom night tonight correct?

SayHey: She just used "Maverick" and "Hero" in the same sentance

Mind = exploded

Dews: Oh, Jack, I was wrong about Indiana by the way, its looking like its in play afterall

JackGonzo: oh?

Dews: Polls are looking promising

SayHey: Hames will end the game tonight

er, Hamels

Dews: I credit our Indiana friends

10:44 AM JackGonzo: so congrats to PhillyFan, her team is in the world series and Mitch Williams is nowhere to be found

Dews: haha, I did see him on a show not too long ago

SayHey: We still have ole Kruk to look forward to

Dews: and yes, I believe Hamels seals the deal

JackGonzo: I miss players like Dykstra

Dews: roid users?

we still have those

10:45 AM SayHey: Well, when your so doped on roids, you dont feel pain

Dews: I miss players like Surhoff...

SayHey: I miss the Daulton time travelors

JackGonzo: then again, last night after the game they kept bringing up that limp son of a bitch and you could see the hate from Ecks and my eyes

SayHey: Yeh, I felt that hate also

PhillyFan: Philliiiiies!

10:46 AM SayHey: Dynamite dropin Monte

Dews: yes, good job PhillyFan

PhillyFan: If Cole Hamels doesnt pull through Myers can get a couple hits... :)

shut up Dews

SayHey: I will give the Rays the series in 6

PhillyFan: haha

Dews: I vote Myers as their DH for the WS

SayHey: Yeh really

Dews: or have him play First base

PhillyFan: As I was tellin Dews... I want Boston to break the rays' confidence some

Dews: they don't have anyone hittin there right now

SayHey: He has more HR's that Ryan Howard

10:47 AM If Boston still had some key guys, i could see a heartbreak

JackGonzo: I don't think the question is if the Rays will win the series...the real question is can they put up three touchdowns on the Saux?

SayHey: Madden doesnt fuck around tho, he is starting Kazmir tonight

To prevent another Boston miracle

Dews: Kazmir wasn't great last time though

but, may as well go for it

SayHey: I would expect him to rebound after a bad start

10:48 AM Dews: wait, I thought it was Shields?

against Dice-K?

rematch from Friday

10:49 AM SayHey: Not sure

JackGonzo: they may be laying it all on the line tomorrow night

personally I can't wait to watch Shields throw at Victorino

10:50 AM SayHey: Double knockout

Dews: ah yea

Dewey: What are the topics today, btw?

10:51 AM JackGonzo: well, it began with their obsession with sonic

now it's onto the LCS

then we'll get into the latest political hackery

Dewey: Sonic is strictly okay, that is all

JackGonzo: and eventually something else

Dewey: nothing special

JackGonzo: word

SayHey: Gonzo has turned his back on us

10:52 AM Dews- so sad

Dews: ...

et tu... gonzo...

SayHey: Any mention of Jerry Jones last ditch effort to win?

Im sorry, Roy Williams is not worth a 1,3,and 6

JackGonzo: Roy Williams? I know he's just happy to be out of Detroit

Dews: he traded for potential, but wayyy too much

10:53 AM SayHey: Way to much indeed

Dews: Roy Williams STILL hasn't proven himself totally in this league

SayHey: But Jones does that..........Joey Galloway rings a bell

JackGonzo: Yes, but what were they going to use those draft picks for? Where are their weaknesses?

Roy Williams has

SayHey: Most Longhorns fade away once they get to the NFL

JackGonzo: he made the pro a Detorit

SayHey: Or pull a Cedric Benson

Jeff has left

JackGonzo: being a first round detroit wr pick and still being in the league has proven himself

Jeff has joined

10:54 AM JackGonzo: Excuse me?

Dews: Texas shall be defended now :)

JackGonzo: Phil Dawson, Ricky Williams, Shaun Rogers, Roy Williams, numerous linemen, some secondary players, and of course Vince Young

10:55 AM SayHey: Great college guys

Crappy NFL guys

JackGonzo: I could name Chris Simms, but he should just die

Dews: came close already

JackGonzo: Phil Dawson is one of the greatest kickers of all time

SayHey: He is accurate, but has no leg

Dews: if you're into that kinda thing

SayHey: This is true

JackGonzo: definitely a better kicker the foreign player exemption

10:56 AM no leg? Dude nailed a 56 yarder in the pre-season

SayHey: Jason Elam is having a better year

and he is like 50

pre-season? Practice??

Dews: yea, Elam has ice-water in his veins

like Vinatieri

JackGonzo: You don't rank kickers on distance it's accuracy

SayHey: I think its alittle bit of both

10:57 AM Dews: wait though, we were talking about Roy Williams...

SayHey: Vinitiei is solid, but had 1 FG of 30 yards or better last year


JackGonzo: we were talking about Longhorns

When the Seminole wanted to bring up colleges...

SayHey: Longhorns are an amazing college team, but are complete underachievers once they make the pro's

JackGonzo: Hey Peter Warrick, don't throw stones

10:58 AM Dews: oh hell, I could care less about Longhorns, Seminoles, or Beavers, I'm just talkin Roy Williams worth in draft picks

JackGonzo: For them, yes it's worth it

SayHey: Right on Cedric

Dews: I dunno to be honest

JackGonzo: There was no legit threat opposite TO

(this is now the third topic)

Dews: but to give up that much, then immediately give him a 5 year deal

10:59 AM JackGonzo: It keeps the fans happy

Dews: if I'm Roy Williams, I'm on easy street

happens to some players

JackGonzo: They will always support a Longhorn

SayHey: Jerry Jones wants to make love with Texas

JackGonzo: especially a pro bowler

Hasn't he?

SayHey: Williams will be ok, but is he worth so much?

Dews: plus, who's gonna throw to him? Pinky McPinkerton, or 60 year old Brad Johnson?

SayHey: Randy Moss was worht a 3rd round pick

Brad Johnson, FSU with a Super Bowl ring

JackGonzo: Isn't the scene from Johnny Be Good where Anthony Michael Hall has sex on the star inspired by Jerry Jones?

11:00 AM Moss was a fourth rounder

Dews: you just lost a CB, so you go trade for a Wideout?

SayHey: Dallas defense is as soft as McCant

JackGonzo: Yes, time to go the St Louis route and try to outscore everyone

Dews: missed that one

Moss was a special case though


you can't do that with a limp-armed QB like Johnson

11:01 AM SayHey: Johnson has a super bowl, punk

What Redskin has one?

Dews: so does Dilfer, doesn't mean he can throw past the 20

JackGonzo: plus now it screws up any other trade...might have done it just to screw the Tony Gonzales trade

Dilfer CAN throw it long, just not accurately

Dews: this is possible

there was the rumor of Tony to Philly afterall

11:02 AM SayHey: That would have made sense

JackGonzo: remember everyone looks to see what other people are doing in the league, and if Roy Williams garners all those picks, then a hall of famer?

SayHey: Shawn Alexander in Washingon....... Thoughts Dews?

Dews: hey, as long as he keeps the ball off the carpet (like Betts enjoys doing), I'm totally cool with that

PhillyFan: And the new punter...seattle, washington welcome to washington

Dews: I don't have high expectations, but he knows the offense

SayHey: Williams would need a ring to match those picks

PhillyFan: He is apparently healthy too

11:03 AM Dews: he could be a great part-time back for us

SayHey: Alexander will steal those 1 yard TD's from Portis

Dews: I doubt it

SayHey: End up with 30 yards, 10 TDs

Dews: if anyone is gonna get those short liners, it'll be our felon

SayHey: It means either Sellars, Rock, Or Betts is out

11:04 AM Dews: Rock isn't gettin many carries either

its obvious they don't trust him

thats why they went out and got Alexander

JackGonzo: Alexander isn't a power back

SayHey: Or Washington IR's Betts

He is the prime KR and PR

err KR

El doesthe PR

JackGonzo: hell Alexander isn't much of anything anymore

Dews: no, Sellars is pretty much it

SayHey: Yeh, id have to go with Jack on this one

11:05 AM Dews: well, we really dunno what he is right now, but Betts wasn't really a powerback either

he was just someone to give Portis some downs off

SayHey: Nah, he was east/west

Dews: and liked to fumble

SayHey: Used his speed

JackGonzo: Alexander likes to fumble too

SayHey: That he does

Dews: Portis is proving to be pretty durabe this year, so this is really just the guy thats gonna get another 8-10 carries a game

just to give Portis some downs off

JackGonzo: Lets see what happens when Shaun Rogers does the 747 splash to him this weekend

11:06 AM SayHey: Portis is proving to be a mini Barry Sanders

Dews: uh

SayHey: Lots of success with a shitty O line

Dews: you can't be a "mini" sanders

the dude was like 4 feet tall

JackGonzo: That O Line isn't that shitty

Dews: that is actually a great O Line

even with Jansen in there

SayHey: Janson is crap, and another Oline got hurt

Dews: have you been watching any of the games?

SayHey: Uhm

11:07 AM No Dews, I watch different games at the house

Dews: you sure?

SayHey: And that dude who dropped the ball? what was his name?

Was another backup

Calm down Dews

Dews: Offensive line's job isn't to run a ball


SayHey: Ok, remind me never to compliment a Redskin

11:08 AM You fucking fans get so aggitated

Dews: haha, ok...

SayHey: Bah

Dews: kinda went 0 to 60 there man :)

SayHey: I dont see how, but whatever you say

JackGonzo: you both suck, live with it

Dews: eh, fair nuff

11:09 AM SayHey: Niners have more wins than Cleveland =)

But I wont go there, yes, Niners suck

Dews: we suck until we win again, as far as I'm concerned

PhillyFan: Do you play giants this week?

SayHey: All or nothing, eh Dews?

Yeh, in NY

Dews: eh, just that was a tough loss

SayHey: Will be a tough game

JackGonzo: You forgot to say, so far

PhillyFan: Ok...beat them please :)

SayHey: Luckily Cleveland beat the shit out of thier CBs

11:10 AM So all we need to do is throw long

PhillyFan: Their spirits are already crushed

Dews: haha

PhillyFan: do iiit

JackGonzo: to who?

SayHey: Ross is out, isnt he?

JackGonzo: last time I checked you didn't have a wolverine

SayHey: Niners?

David Bass

JackGonzo: lmao

We didn't need our Warrior to put 21 on them

SayHey: Oh, ahhhh gotcha

11:11 AM JackGonzo: Bass is from Hawaii right?

SayHey: No, Michigan

Dews: which matchup are we talking about, Eagles Giants, Niners Giants?

JackGonzo: Who the fuck am I thinkin of then...

SayHey: Niners vs Giants

Dews: ahh

JackGonzo: who knows, let's get on to tonight's predictions so you all can go to lunch and I can go to Sonic

SayHey: And the ass whippin the Browns gave the Giants, to break thier spirits

11:12 AM Dews: that part I got

that was fun to watch

PhillyFan: Yup :)

SayHey: It was.........I had to cock block Dews and have him watch Edwards catch a ball

Dews: haha

it wasn't bad

SayHey: May have ruined whatever 3-some chances you could have had

But it was worth it

PhillyFan: haha

Dews: I was just as shocked as you were when he caught that ball

11:13 AM PhillyFan: who was the third here?

Dews: 3-some???



PhillyFan: Lol

SayHey: The "friend"

Dews: no no

PhillyFan: ooooh

SayHey: LOL

JackGonzo: two hands don't make a....

PhillyFan: the one joining summer league huh dews?

Dews: not really sure where that came from

this is how ugly rumors start

gettin me in trouble :)

SayHey: Ugly rumor? Nothing ugly about it

11:14 AM LOL.........Of course I am joking

JackGonzo: it is rarely the rumors that get you in trouble, it's the I don't remember portion of the evenings

SayHey: Exactly

Dews: haha

11:15 AM JackGonzo: but seriously, since I'll probably be all alone due to KB for tonight's debate, predictions?

SayHey: I hope to get home early for that

Dews: I'm going to be making an early night of it Jack, so I may be home as well

JackGonzo: Over Under on McCain snapping, low crawling over to obama to cut his achilles tendon?

SayHey: Obama KO in the 2nd round

Dews: I kinda want to see McCain take a swing

11:16 AM hell, why not at this point?

SayHey: He doesnt take swings, he bites ears off

Dews: if he makes Obama cry, he could still win this thing

SayHey: McCant is bringing up Ayers

Dews: America don't like pussy's afterll

JackGonzo: he wants to eat your children

Dews: well, he has to slug Obama

SayHey: So hopefully Obama can counter punch with Gordon-Liddy

Dews: I'm not talking figuratively

SayHey: Does that make me Canadian?

Dews: I'm talking straight out, walk up to him and sock him

11:17 AM SayHey: Oh, nm

Dews: and if he makes him cry, he wins

JackGonzo: nah, straight up pimp slap

SayHey: I dont know if McCant has the foot movement

Dews: its his only hope I think

SayHey: McCant would need a gun

JackGonzo: yeah have Obama moving all around him like Ali

SayHey: 2 cheap shots in the knee caps

Dews: I dunno, this could expose Obama

11:18 AM JackGonzo: Obama kum bi ya

Dews: who knows if Obama can take a punch?

it hasn't been brought up

SayHey: We know McCant can take punishment......could go all 12 rounds

Dews: I think if McCain walked right up and slapped him silly, and Obama cried, McCain would win

and that may be his only hope

there I said it

SayHey: Agreed

Dews: America would eat that shit up

11:19 AM it would be all over the media

SayHey: Is Palin going to be the ring-girl?

Dews: the "talking heads" would say how awful it is, but they'd still be chuckling

JackGonzo: true, but it wouldn't be the same without howard cossell

Dews: good call

SayHey: Well, nothing has been same without cossell

11:20 AM JackGonzo: but that's all the time we have for today, join us tonight for the presidential debates when we find out who wins between the leg drop and the rock bottom

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