Monday, October 20, 2008

Round The Bend 10.20.08

Highs and lows this weekend are discussed on Round The Bend today…

  • Coverage of the NFL
  • Coverage of College Football
  • Coverage of the ALCS and World Series predictions
  • Coverage of anything and everything else

JackGonzo: Good Morning, and welcome to Terry's Neighborhood

Dews: ahh, what a weekend it was....

9:40 AM JackGonzo: We're starting with topic number one, since we know Dews is itching to get it off, The NFL

Dews: honestly, the highlight for me was the Rams drubbing of the boys

that made my week

JackGonzo: Since I was working all weekend and when I say I haven't seen a single highlight, I mean a single highlight

9:41 AM Is there a hotter team in the NFL other then the Rams right now?

Dews: I took today off, so I've seen Sportscenter about 4 times in a row now

I don't think so

SayHey: The highlight was Fox Sports switching to the Niner game, citing the Cowboy game was "non-competitive"

Dews: Rams have certainly turned a corner with Haslett

SayHey: They got good again

Dews: haha, yes, that was beautful

9:42 AM JackGonzo: They keep this going, Haslett coach of the year?

SayHey: Dispite the Niners losing (well, O'Sullivan-Fumbullo losing the game) it was greaty

Dews: if they end up with a winning record, then yes

SayHey: Nah, Jeff Fisher

Dews: unless Zorn wins 10-11


MrSanDiego: was there football yesterday?

Dews: I still don't believe in Titans

perhaps delusional

SayHey: THey are undefeated

Dews: I know

SayHey: Hence, at this moment, coach of the year

9:43 AM MrSanDiego: I vaguely remember listening to some guys from new york calling a game on the radio using cell phones

Dews: yea talk about bizarre game there

JackGonzo: How bout Dem RADIAS

SayHey: No, that was Brett Farve calling the Lions, giving them the Packer playbook

Players of that Raidia game- Both FSU kids


9:44 AM Dews: as good with the ball as with the knife then

JackGonzo: watching the Raiders highlight now

9:45 AM Dews: the Skins Browns game was probably one of the worst games I've seen in a long time until the 4th quarter

neither team wanted to win

JackGonzo: that's what appeared like in the stats

SayHey: Raiders wanted that win, Farve seemed to not give a crap

JackGonzo: bout the only player playing anything was Portis

SayHey: Oh, Skins game


Dews: yea, sure seemed that way

I was falling asleep watching my own team

9:46 AM and I wasn't even hungover

SayHey: Fat-ass McGee (aka the punter) fucked up a simple FG snap

JackGonzo: and news that Winslow's latest stint in the hospital for yet ANOTHER staph infection is not acceptable

SayHey: I think we talked more about the punter than the actual game

Dews: yea, he was a popular topic

in that he looked like the kicker from "The Replacements"

JackGonzo: that's about the 20th staph infection at the home office since we've come back

9:47 AM Dews: yea whats up with that?

JackGonzo: Browns won't talk about it, but something is obviously fucked up

and it is unacceptable

Dews: apparently he feels like a piece of meat too

seems kinda messy right now

whatever it is

JackGonzo: We never had Bentley because he got 2 there, Joe J got one, Winslow, this is his second or third

SayHey: I agree.........This cant be good

9:48 AM I think Winslow had 2 last year alone

Had something to do with the Browns medical facility or something

Dews: more staph infections in Cleveland now then during the civil war

JackGonzo: yup

to quote a wise man, this shit's fucked up

Dews: yup

9:49 AM JackGonzo: now, I notice SanDiego is being silent this morning

Dews: I was waffling between a dirty needle joke and the civil war one

SayHey: Yeh, SD was silent yesterday also

Dews: I'm happy with my choice

JackGonzo: wasn't I the only one to call the Bills?

SayHey: Dirty Needle jokes are saved for Cowboy fan

Dews: yea, I'm still shocked on that one

SayHey: I called the Bills

And got shit for it yesterday

MrSanDiego: What time does the game start?

Dews: didn't expect Bills to do that well

9:50 AM MrSanDiego: wait it already heappened?


SayHey: Trent Edwards- 25-30

Excellent stat line

MrSanDiego: Isn't it Sunday?

Dews: haha, sure feels like it

MrSanDiego: If I believe it then it must be true

9:51 AM SayHey: After my painful weekend, I wish it were still Sunday

Free beer = Ouch Town

Dews: oh lord...


MrSanDiego: I am still shell shocked by this football season

Dews: that was nearly my demise too

yea, totally unexpected things so far

JackGonzo: I correct myself, SayHey called the Bills as well

MrSanDiego: sorry but I will be living in dellusional football world for the rest of the season

SayHey: Thank God for brunch or else i would have slept through the entire football day

MrSanDiego: so yeah, great Chargers win there guys

JackGonzo: Thank God I have the number one team in the nation

9:52 AM Dews: oh, UT?

JackGonzo: Fuckin A the man has a major credit card

Mr.SanDiego was the only one to take the Ravens

9:53 AM Dews: I wanted to take the Rams (as did MoDews), but we felt like our rationale was clouded by hatred

JackGonzo: nice blocked field goal sayhey

a smart play by quincy morgan as well

9:54 AM MrSanDiego: I went 8 for 13 so far

JackGonzo: Broncos 6-22 all time on MNF

MrSanDiego: not my best week

Dews: Who we all got for tonight's game?

9:55 AM MrSanDiego: two teams I don't care for


got to

Dews: yea, agreed SD

JackGonzo: Let it be known though, that PhillyFan and I were the ones to call The Rams winning

Dews: good call, I think I did give them the spread though at least

9:57 AM JackGonzo: should have been in vegass

between the Rams and Bills, I could of made some money

Dews: yea, this is true

JackGonzo: Topic Two, college football

9:58 AM I knew it was going to be a good weekend when I got off of work, turned on the radio and saw that it was already 28-0 Texas in the second

Dews: How about that powerhouse Wake Forest in ACC???

oh wait...

MrSanDiego: Penn St - Texas for the BCS

9:59 AM what I find funny is Joe Pa is in a contract year

10:00 AM Dews: yea, will be interesting to see how they force him out after this

JackGonzo: it is interesting, less he told his team he's done and they're playing their collective ASS off

MrSanDiego: that 80 year old is pulling a 20 something pro move

rumor is that he is pushing for his son to take over

but anyways

Michigan just rolled over

10:01 AM JackGonzo: also big props to the team who got shutout by the Blue Devils for beating the Tar Heels

I'd also like to thank the Wildcats for punking the Golden Bears

10:02 AM this one is for Dews, The Coach almost punking Les Miles

JackGonzo: This question is for MrSD

MrSanDiego: Bear down Arizona

10:04 AM JackGonzo: Is it time for the Pac 10 to drop Washington St and Stanford and add Boise and Fresno?

MrSanDiego: never happen

SayHey: I knew this would be brought up again

MrSanDiego: Stanford is an anchor for the Pac 10

and think Basketball

that is big money

JackGonzo: you mean dead weight?

MrSanDiego: the Pac 10 is the ACC of the west coast

10:05 AM PhillyFan: Wow I forgot this started. Hello

SayHey: stanford basketball is also a big moneymaker

MrSanDiego: exactly Say Hey

Dews: Crack?

MrSanDiego: and Wash St is decent too


the Pac 10 may never change

they are too set in stone

JackGonzo: then do like the big ten, and make the change in the basketball group alone

but change the football

10:06 AM MrSanDiego: there has been talk for years


they aren't likely to split the sports

SayHey: I dont see that ever working

JackGonzo: Fresno now has the addition of having a baseball and softball national title

MrSanDiego: It is a collusion of the worst kind

they market the Pac 10 as a premium college football conference

the WAC is like Walmart

10:07 AM JackGonzo: eh, then become the pac 12, but that's besides the point

MrSanDiego: didn't happen in the last 20


never will

JackGonzo: Topic Three, Fresno State Bulldog Matt Garza, ALCS MVP and the Tampa Bay Rays

Dews: was his coming out party

MrSanDiego: I shouldn't have waived Garza earlier this year in FBB

10:08 AM he looked dominant

but I go back to my last statement about the Rays

isn't is something that they have so little faith in their Mid Relief that they left him in there through seven with just a 1 run lead

10:09 AM SayHey: Twins must feel stupid for trading him

MrSanDiego: this was Game 7 of the ALCS

Dews: think its still early on that trade though Sayhey

MrSanDiego: was shocked he pitched into the 8th

Dews: Young is still a phenominal talent

JackGonzo: True, but this has paid dividends NOW

SayHey: LOL always

Dews: this is true

SayHey: Exactly, thank you

JackGonzo: Any time something helps you get to the world series is worth whatever price you pay

10:10 AM MrSanDiego: And now they have the homefield advantage for the series

SayHey: And how about Rocco Baldeli?

JackGonzo: specially in the what have you done for me lately MLB

SayHey: Wow, came out of nowhere

MrSanDiego: does Tropicana help them?

JackGonzo: well, winning the WS will help them get that new ballpark

PhillyFan: So what are the phils chances according to you guys?

SayHey: I think Tropicana is a push

Dews: Baldelli is a great story, I've been pulling for him

JackGonzo: which looks AMAZING if they get it

SayHey: Philly is a disadvantage

10:11 AM JackGonzo: Rays in 6

Dews: I got Rays in 5

SayHey: Rays in 6

MrSanDiego: I think Philly has better homefield advantage

SayHey: Yeh

JackGonzo: Hamels will win two games, but that's the only Phils wins

MrSanDiego: but this series starts in Tampa

PhillyFan: Philly was a much better road team throughout the year

Myers is good

MrSanDiego: Tmapa wins more at home

Dews: but they played national league teams on the road mostly


PhillyFan: well philly wins more on the road


JackGonzo: Myers is good, but Hamels is the only starter who could start on the Red Sox

10:12 AM SayHey: Myers will DH

PhillyFan: ha

Dews: hah, he should

PhillyFan: Yea we will see

I obviously pick philly :)

JackGonzo: Ah, you know who had a touchdown in the Rams game? Houston's own, Donnie Avery

SayHey: Avery has been hot

10:13 AM MrSanDiego: Rays in six, I agree

JackGonzo: lol I keep hearing Johnson almost picked off

10:14 AM Topic 4, everything else. Let's hear everyone's opinion on W.

SayHey: W. was pretty good

Dews: Doh.. still haven't seen it

SayHey: nothing what i expected

JackGonzo: Did folks hear that the Dems may start leaking Dews''s story?

MrSanDiego: I think it was well done

SayHey: Facebook has already leaked Dews story

Dews: well, its abut time

10:15 AM JackGonzo: This could be HUGE, waited just for the right time

SayHey: I didnt know that Tommy Franks was such a complete moron

JackGonzo: right when it will be on the forefront of folk's minds

pretty much

remember shinsheski was calling for a surge before we even invaded

SayHey: The acting was amazing

10:16 AM Colin Powell- Hero of the movie

MrSanDiego: I like seeing the movie

then getting a does of common sense for General Powell on sunday

JackGonzo: Speaking of, responses to Powell endorsing Obama, and the right's reaction

MrSanDiego: dose

10:17 AM SayHey: I dont know if it will help him

It certainly wont hurt

Dews: only thing that worries m now is whether this will effect voter turnout if people assume Obama has it in the bag...

MrSanDiego: It is interesting to hear Republicans coming out of the woodwork in agreement with Powell about the GOP

I think the evangelical right has frightened many moderate repubs into silence

and Powell was the first to speak out

10:18 AM JackGonzo: Yes, but some of those who hold the banner who basically say Powell is for Obama for teh black...

MrSanDiego: not so much that

SayHey: And that SNL skit couldnt have hurt the Palin campaign

errr helped

Well, there will always be those out there who think people endorse on race, rather than issues

MrSanDiego: most Regan, Bush I Repubs know Powell well

Dews: was kinda funny, but she certainly doesn't look presidential

MrSanDiego: and respect him

10:19 AM SayHey: She looks like an idiot

PhillyFan: I didnt see it!

MrSanDiego: she is a non issue now

she did her damage

SayHey: Alec Baldwin rant was priceless

MrSanDiego: The GOP knows it f'ed up months ago

SayHey: Yep

MrSanDiego: now they have to wait four years to try again

10:20 AM JackGonzo: lol

SayHey: We'll see

McCant could still win this one

10:21 AM Dews: this is true, its not over til the final recount

SayHey: Like Dews said, peeps could feel so overconfident, that they wont feel the need to vote

MrSanDiego: the popluar vote may seem close

Dews: it wouldn't be the first time

MrSanDiego: but the electoral college projections are quite lopsided

Dews: Polls are not reliable

especially given how most of them are based off Land-line calling

MrSanDiego: turnout will be high

10:22 AM Dews: do any of you have a land-line?

JackGonzo: 538 does a great job of taking all the polls and averaging them out

MrSanDiego: because of the record new voter registration

JackGonzo: yes

MrSanDiego: if you go through the slight hassle to register for the first time

Dews: I've had one land-line in the last 7 years

MrSanDiego: of course you are going to vote

and if you are a member of the Dallas Cowboys

Dews: and that was back in VT

MrSanDiego: you may vote 3-4 times

10:23 AM SayHey: If your a member of the Cowboys, you lost your right to vote long ago

Dews: yea, I think felons lose that in Texas

SayHey: Yeh

And in most states

JackGonzo: Texas isn't close to being swayed


and I live in the liberal part of the state

SayHey: Oh, and if you live in Florida and your black, you lose the right to vote

10:24 AM Dews: and if yer old and white in Florida, you are gonna vote for Buchanan again

SayHey: LOL

MrSanDiego: Nader

SayHey: They wil vote for the early bird special at Dennys

JackGonzo: Dole 08!

MrSanDiego: crap

SayHey: Jack Kemp

MrSanDiego: I would vote for Dennys

10:25 AM SayHey: Oh hell yeh

Dews: yea really

maybe Hilton can get that on her ticket

JackGonzo: Viva Viagra 08!

Dews: we said Dole already

MrSanDiego: the big question now though

SayHey: Viagra/Dennys 2008

MrSanDiego: is can the Dems dominate in the Congress too

SayHey: Dole/Palmero

MrSanDiego: because if they can really roll

10:26 AM then they can pass all the legislation they want

60 seats can prevent a fillabuster

SayHey: Yep, and its doable

Go Al Frankin!!

MrSanDiego: imagine

unfettered power to make changes


10:27 AM Judicial appointments

SayHey: Indictments??

MrSanDiego: oh yeah

SayHey: Throw Dick and W in prison, where they belong

JackGonzo: this would be a beautiful thing

MrSanDiego: I can't wait to hear who Bush pardons

JackGonzo: (sorry been watching the SNL Palin bit)

MrSanDiego: watch him pardon Cheney

Dews: I wouldn't get too excited, neither party is any good at actually taking advantage of this power

SayHey: Has Rummy officially been pardoned? I think he can still goto jail

MrSanDiego: pre-emptively

10:28 AM JackGonzo: talked to the misses about that, not sure if it would work

SayHey: And Albero Gonzo

MrSanDiego: Unfortunately


will never go to jail

Dews: the partisans on both sides are experts at playin the underdog role

JackGonzo: they also would never travel outside the country

MrSanDiego: even Nixon got a full pardon from Ford

SayHey: That was negotiated before Nixon resigned

JackGonzo: yes, but Nixon admitted wrongdoing

they still don't see that they did anything wrong

MrSanDiego: no sitting President would ever indict a predicessor

10:29 AM it would set a precident that they would not want

SayHey: No, one president would........

Jessie "The Body" Ventura

MrSanDiego: they cover for each other regardless of party

SayHey: 2012 baby!

MrSanDiego: he is going to leave the country

that is what he said

SayHey: He also said if he gets pissed off enough, he will run in 2012

MrSanDiego: anyways

SayHey: Last I checked, he has a short fuse

MrSanDiego: he is not stable

10:30 AM so I would vote against him

SayHey: Well, McCant proved that stability is moot

JackGonzo: lol

SayHey: Ventura/Kinky

Excellent ticket

MrSanDiego: He makes McCain look good

JackGonzo: well for those who are paying attention at least

That's the ticket I'm voting for in 12

10:31 AM SayHey: As myself

MrSanDiego: Bobby Rindel will run in 2012

my guess

JackGonzo: if he's not too busy with the exorcisms

it is 2012

MrSanDiego: haha

10:32 AM true

JackGonzo: well we're rambling now

lets wrap this up

MrSanDiego: Maybe Palin and her witchraft is what we need for the Mayan New Year

SayHey: Would be fitting

JackGonzo: I just wish I got fantasy points for Haynesworth crippling Croyle

10:33 AM SayHey: I dont think one gets points for injuries

Or else i would have taken Lawrence Tayler earlier in our All-Time draft

JackGonzo: lol

10:34 AM fair enough, thank you for joining us as Dews cries himself to sleep now reliving my favorite monday night moment

SayHey: LOL

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