Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Round The Bend 10.21.08

Today's edition of Round The Bend has a case of the Tuesdays…

  • We discuss the Singletary era beginning in San Francisco
  • We discuss the downfall of Elite XC and what fighters UFC may take in
  • Last night's Patriots Broncos matchup and whether that Pats are turning a corner
  • The latest political news, as well as video of John McCain's first debate in the 60s!

JackGonzo: Gooooooooooood Morning Vietnam!

Welcome to the first day of the rest of SayHey's life

9:44 AM Dews: Hell ya, Singletary is an interesting pick

9:45 AM SayHey: WooooHoooo

Should get some excellent news shortly regarding his long term contract deal

9:46 AM JackGonzo: Honestly, I don't support firing Nolan, but LOVE Singletary

SayHey: Singletary was long rumored to succeed Nolan

Dews: Mr. SanDiego sends his regards,but he is unfortunately dealing with Verizon on behalf of the "Hostel" at the moment...

SayHey: Anyone but Singletary and I would have been alittle upset

Dews: and I need to step away for 2 mins, but will return

JackGonzo: I take it PetcoParkEast is having communication issues

SayHey: Why is Verizon sucking? (We all know they suck, but whats the issue?)

9:47 AM PhillyFan: he probably means fios

SayHey: Ah

PhillyFan: i like the cell service :)

SayHey: Yeh, Noodle has hated them ever since the hostel got it

PhillyFan: But it seems like the house has always had problems with Fios

JackGonzo: Not surprising

9:48 AM Though MrSD should be careful with his team

SayHey: Im sure it will be the same kind of problem the Phillies will run into tomorrow night

JackGonzo: three out of the four California teams have fired their head coaches this year, the Super Chargers are the only ones left

SayHey: Yep.........Norv Turner will get fired, as will Mike Martz, which will result in the Niners rehiring Norv Turner

9:49 AM At least thats what im hoping for =)

PhillyFan: haha

9:50 AM SayHey: Hate Norv all ya want, but he is a magician when it comes to QB's

JackGonzo: wait, you didn't hire mike martz though

Dews: Martz is still there though right?

JackGonzo: oh, you're not talking bout for head coach


SayHey: Yes, I was being hypothetical

JackGonzo: I just woke up

SayHey: Martz isnt going anywhere

JackGonzo: how bout drafting a QB from a school who runs a pro style offense, not the spread?

9:51 AM SayHey: Yeh, You mean like Aaron Rogers? whom we passed on?

JackGonzo: Yeah, the local kid

The Cal Bear

SayHey: Lots of us wanted him

JackGonzo: The one everyone passed on his entire life and is now rocking it in Green Bay, yeah that kid

9:52 AM SayHey: Aaron Rogers has a similar style as Jeff Garcia, and I recall Garcia was money in SF

JackGonzo: Clone didn't, didn't and doesn't trust Cal QBs.

Hell, depending on how the year goes we have what you need...for the right price

Dews: Garcia was great for SF

Anderson or EAS man?

JackGonzo: pretty much

SayHey: We will likely snag a QB via free agency in 2009

9:53 AM "Now Im Done"........with Cleveland

Quinn should have gotten some snaps Sunday night

Dews: I'd be shocked if Anderson finishes the year as the starter in Cleveland

SayHey: Rommy is drinking that polluted Cleveland water

Why else would he NOT have Quinn getting some snaps?

9:54 AM Dews: think there are some incriminating photos

that Anderson must have

SayHey: Yeh, his needle dick or his dead arm?

JackGonzo: Arm is definitely NOT dead

dude still has a rocket

9:55 AM SayHey: True, so it must be the other

Then again, it would be helpful for Anderson if his team didnt have life threatening illnesses every year

Or stone hands

JackGonzo: they're preaching trust and loyalty and so in their minds they've hitched their buggy to Anderson, it wouldn't show loyalty to switch horses

9:56 AM then again, if the Jaguars could just solve the problem for us...

SayHey: True, but the loyalty card isnt going to save Rommys job

JackGonzo: Romeo is gone after this year period

Dews: how long has Rommy had that job?

2-3 years?

SayHey: 4th year

Dews: ahh k

SayHey: Hired the same year as Nolan

JackGonzo: Savage is staying, but short of winning a Super Bowl there's no way Romeo keeps his job

9:57 AM SayHey: If thats any indication

JackGonzo: It's time to bring the stache back to the AFC North

SayHey: 2009 prediction.........The "chin" takes over in Clevleand

So im assuming that topic 1 is the head coach scenarios in the NFL


JackGonzo: It appears to be

9:58 AM Dews: Kneel before ZORN

JackGonzo: Now then, topic number 2...EliteXC is apparently folding up their tent and calling it quits

SayHey: I predict Andy Reid getting fired

End of the season

Yeh, I read about that this morning

JackGonzo: He won't get fired as much as "resign"

SayHey: And Kimbo is still under investigation

Or, his fight is

9:59 AM Dews: yea, they'll give him the class way outtatown

JackGonzo: Most of Elite was a bunch of has beens anyways, but there are definitely some interesting fighters who may make the jump to the big time, and for back to the big time

PhillyFan: Andy Reid won't get fired

SayHey: Im waiting for Reid to pull a "Mora". Because you know the anger is just lingering inside that huge belly

The Shamrocks were pretty much it in Elite

10:00 AM Outside of Kimbo, who is finished

PhillyFan: Banner loves him...rumors lie

JackGonzo: The title holders should all get a shot in the UFC

SayHey: Banner Smash!!

I agree

Give them 1 fight to prove there medal

JackGonzo: Lawler, Shields, Noons and MAYBE even Silva

10:01 AM SayHey: Silva wants to retire

JackGonzo: Nick Diaz should come back

10:03 AM Now the interesting part will be whether Dana White brings in Gina, which in the past said he has zero interest in promoting women's fights

SayHey: Gina is pure money

JackGonzo: but Gina now has the most watched MMA fight in American history

SayHey: Dana White (who i kinda cant stand) would be insane not to promote her

JackGonzo: and her next fight was to be against Cyborg, the villain of Million Dollar Baby

SayHey: Cyborg is a beast

JackGonzo: I can understand his reasoning

10:04 AM He doesn't have a CBS deal, he's on Spike

So for CBS it's easy to promote Gina

SayHey: I just dont buy any of Dana Whites crap, after the way he treated Randy Catour (sp)

JackGonzo: Now you put her on PPV, will people PAY to see her fight?

SayHey: Oh, hands down

I would pay

10:05 AM JackGonzo: Yes, well there were faults on that on both sides

Emi wanted WAY more money then UFC was going to pay

SayHey: I agree, but even George S didnt publically bash Roger Clemens. Thats how I see it

JackGonzo: Besides it's not gonna matter here in a few months after Coture is killed by the Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar

SayHey: Clemens holding out for more money, that is

10:06 AM Fuckin A.........Brock is going to manhandle him

JackGonzo: Yes, but Dana has to, it brings attention to a sport that John McCain has called "human cockfighting"

QuadX L gloves, that's what Brock uses

SayHey: Oh, and Boxing isnt human cockfighting?

10:07 AM JackGonzo: That's like Andre the Giant sized hands

Well, there's no kicking...

SayHey: Only weakness Brock has are his chicken legs

True, but there is biting

JackGonzo: and you know as a POW he saw some cockfighting...

SayHey: Wait, wasnt McCant the cock? Or is that anti-american of me to say?

JackGonzo: Brock doesn


10:08 AM doesn't have chicken legs, those things are massive

what happened was that was his second professional fight

SayHey: Well, chicken calves......sorry, should have specified

JackGonzo: the ref illegally broke up Brock from murdering Mir, and then just made a rookie mistake

SayHey: Not knocking Brock, dude is a man-beast

I agree

10:09 AM Phillies suck!

10:10 AM Nothing?? Is PhillyFan alive?

JackGonzo: Saving her tears for next week

Dews: say Crack

SayHey: How about tomorrow night?

JackGonzo: Though it would be interesting to do a UFC 91 live blog

SayHey: Even tho I think the Phills will win game 1

PhillyFan: Where are the giants eric?

10:11 AM SayHey: Im down for that

PhillyFan: ...that's what I thought.

JackGonzo: Saturday Nov 15

SayHey: Giants are where we all expected them to be

PhillyFan: phillies are inthe world series, they don't suck.

SayHey: No surprise

LOL just checking for fog on the glasss, PhillyFan

10:12 AM JackGonzo: Topic Three....throw one out there

10:13 AM Dews: Pats death was exaggerated

SayHey: Oh, as it should have been

They may be a bit more human, now that they have 3 injured RBs

JackGonzo: Pats just that good? Or do the Broncos suck that badly?

SayHey: Broncos dont suck that badly

Dews: Pats are still good

10:14 AM JackGonzo: I for one am leaning towards the Broncos sucking

I have not been impressed with them at all this season

their defense may be the worse in the league save for Champ Bailey

Dews: I think they are just finally making changes to suit Cassel's ability

SayHey: Hard to say, since the Bronco's RB corp are all hurt

And Cutler got hurt on the opening drive

Champ is goign to miss some time

I agree Dews

10:15 AM Dews: they needed to make those changes before and stop believing they had another Brady in the wings

SayHey: The line still wont protect him, but Cassel made some good plays

JackGonzo: I'm just not impressed with anyone in the AFC West right now

is that the worst division or is it the NFC North?

SayHey: AFC West is just as bad as the NFC West

NFC North bad?

When did that happen?

10:16 AM JackGonzo: Any division who has the Lions...

Dews: ah yea

JackGonzo: The Vikings passing game...

Dews: In Gus we trust... sometimes

10:17 AM SayHey: NFC West is pretty God awful right now

JackGonzo: The Cardinals aren't, they're putting it together

SayHey: I dont buy them yet

PhillyFan: Sorry I am very distracted today

JackGonzo: I know it's tough for us to buy them, they are the cardinals

SayHey: Rams, Hawks, and Niners have a combined 5 wins

Thats bad

Dews: Cardinals are one of those dangerous teams though

JackGonzo: as you should be, you're coming to my neighborhood in less then a year to visit

Dews: they can beat anyone

10:18 AM SayHey: Rams could become dangerous soon also

Dews: but also lose to anyone

I'm starting to believe in the Rams

JackGonzo: Right now no team is hotter then the Rams

Dews: I don't believe that Dallas is THAT bad

SayHey: To soon

JackGonzo: So much for the mighty mighty NFC East

Dews: oh no, we are still the mighty NFC East

SayHey: I knew Dallas was that bad........So much bullshit attitudes

Dews: they just aren't THAT good

JackGonzo: How long until the Giants and Eagles fall to the Rams?

SayHey: To much talent, not enough discipine

10:19 AM Dews: those Pats comparisons were bogus

SayHey: Agreed

JackGonzo: Raise your hand if you'd laugh your ass off if the only wins the Rams got this year were against the "best division in the NFL"?

SayHey: Im starting to believe Jarod Mayo is the Defensive ROY also

JackGonzo: after a game?

SayHey: LOL id laugh

10:20 AM Mayo has been very solid

JackGonzo: Solid, but has he been Top Ten pick solid?

10:21 AM PhillyFan: hey we already beat the rams


thanks :)

Dews: not THE Rams

the old Rams

PhillyFan: ha

but he didn't say THE rams

JackGonzo: this is true

PhillyFan: he didn't specify

JackGonzo: but you didn't play the Hasslet Rams

10:22 AM SayHey: Hasslet is a pretty decent coach

PhillyFan: Best move they could have made

SayHey: Any update on Westbrooks ribs?

10:23 AM JackGonzo: He still has more then the normal number?

SayHey: Im looking at whether or not they are still broken

Seeing how the Reskins beat him mercifully

10:24 AM PhillyFan: I think he may play... he needed the bye though

Dews: who, weezy?

JackGonzo: Well Topic Number 4, as per usual we go to politics and whatever random tidbits anyone has

10:25 AM SayHey: Palin broke away from the McCant platform

Palin and her smartness, decided to openly support an ammendment ban on gay marriage, where as McCant rejected that

JackGonzo: Yes, but is wasn't a shocker that she's for an amendment

10:26 AM SayHey: True, but I thought McCant put a muzzle on her

She deviated rrom the script!

Dews: Biden kinda screwed up with his comments about foreign leaders though

SayHey: I dont think Biden screwed up

10:27 AM JackGonzo: Though I did find video of McCain debating in the sixties

there ya go


10:28 AM To funny

10:29 AM JackGonzo: BWAH!

No mud slinging!

10:30 AM Though William The Bloody Kristol is attempting to claim that 9-11 did not cause the xenophobia we are now seeing in this country

SayHey: I wonder what he thinks did

10:31 AM Dews: <-- now dealing with Verizon in a tag team effort with Mr. SD

SayHey: What is the problem?


There "award winning" service?

JackGonzo: HOT TAG! HOT TAG!

Dews: one enormous clusterF*&(

10:33 AM JackGonzo: wow, interesting news bit

Anne Pressley, a TV news reporter who also played Anne Coulter in Oliver Stone's W., was attacked in her home over the weekend -- beaten and stabbed several times -- and is suffering injuries that police say are "life-threatening". There are no suspects right now, however seeing as her purse was missing, police suggest a robbery.

SayHey: I had a feeling someone would get hurt due to that movie

10:34 AM JackGonzo: I don't know bout that

SayHey: I thought someone was going to bomb the Uptown when i was watching it

Dews: yea, read about that on the commute in today

JackGonzo: Now if it was someone who was portraying Malkin, then maybe

Dews: was found in bed with head wounds and beaten around the face

JackGonzo: Also interesting is that Daniel Craig turned down playing Thor

SayHey: Yeh, i read that also

10:35 AM JackGonzo: I still look forward to our second favorite roman playing thor

sinice our favorite is shooting up screens december

10:37 AM SayHey: Lucious Verinas!!

10:38 AM Dews: he'd be a great Thor I think

SayHey: Yep........Cannot wait for Punisher War Zone

Oh, and a side note- I totally forgot he was in Trainspotting

JackGonzo: We're gonna end today with a funny tidbit about this voter fraud bullshit from New Mexico

Voter Fraud in New Mexico Stumble

SayHey: Just thought id throw that out there

JackGonzo: Most people don't remember who all was in Trainspotting cept for Obi-Wan

10:39 AM Dews: no, and the amazing baby that can walk on the ceiling

JackGonzo: There is no one named Duran Duran....oh wait a minute...

SayHey: LOL, boy in the bubble moron

10:40 AM Oh, and our favorite Power Ranger is heading to death row

Dews: favorite?

Murderous Child Acotr

PhillyFan: what color was he?


SayHey: pffft i dunno, he was the nerdy one

JackGonzo: The pink one that looked like Hilary Swank? Or the White Ranger who had the flute sword?

Dews: oh she was cute

SayHey: She was cute

PhillyFan: Deleon, 29, is a former child actor who allegedly boasted that he was a star on the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" but apparently had only a small part in one episode

10:41 AM haha

Dews: haha, thats great

SayHey: haha and no he is going to die

JackGonzo: see, that's karma biting you in the ass about bragging about that shit

PhillyFan: That was Amy Jo Johnson

Dews: ahh yea

PhillyFan: later in other shows

Dews: there we go

SayHey: Oh I remember.....pfffft

10:42 AM JackGonzo: ok, we're done here, go and do what you do in DC, I'm gonna drink more coffee and play some NCAA 09. And remember, Love That Joker

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