Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Round The Bend 10.22.08

It is hump day here at LSWTF, let's see what's in store for us today…

  • Our predictions on tonight's Game One of the World Series
  • A discussion about fantasy players and keepers
  • Our choices for the various MLB award winners
  • Determining where we shall move to if this election is stolen once again

JackGonzo: Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the show

It seems slow this week now that baseball is finally at a close and no one really caring about the NBA

PhillyFan: Good morning

Phillies tonight :)

9:47 AM Dews: Good morning all


JackGonzo: That is the one plus, World Series action tonight, Hamels v Kazmir

PhillyFan: I think dews is a closet crackhead

JackGonzo: Topic One, World Series game one thoughts, any bold predictions from the bleacher bums?

9:48 AM Dews is secretly Tracy Morgan from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Dews: ohhh, secret is out....

JackGonzo: I'm brian fellows!

Jeff has left

9:49 AM Jeff has joined

PhillyFan: He left for more crack

Dews: <-- Plenty of crack now

JackGonzo: Now we know Dewey no longer has an interest in this series, but who hits the first home run of the series?

PhillyFan: nice


Dews: Crawford

9:50 AM Lefty Lefty matchup

jacks it

JackGonzo: I'm gonna go with the obvious pick...first inning, and what may be the Rays only run of the evening, Upton off Hamels

Dews: 1 - 0 Rays first inning

SayHey: Im going to pick the Phillies for game 1

Hamels is unstopable right now

Dews: against NL teams, sure

9:51 AM now he plays the big boys

SayHey: He proved himself in interleague

JackGonzo: which reminds me I need keepers

SayHey: Ill submit mine by the end of the week

Dews: same here

still waffling on Crawford or Granderson...

JackGonzo: clone kept Puljos, Ichiro, Russell Martin, Cliff Lee and Youkl

9:52 AM SayHey: Im screwed on my pitcher keeper

PhillyFan: So everyone is goin for a tampa bay guy to hit a homerun?

Dews: yup

PhillyFan: i pick te whole team of philly

Dews: first inning

PhillyFan: *the

Dews: crack?

just occured to me I don't even know who is starting, Kazmir for Tampa?

9:53 AM JackGonzo: you do that

SayHey: Kazmir

JackGonzo: Our other favorite Pine seater from Philly is keeping Morneau
Matt Holiday
Dempster (AKA, Cum Dumpster)
Roy Halliday

SayHey: Im keeping:

9:54 AM Mark Teixeira, Adrian Gonzalez, Carlos Quentin, Brian Roberts, and a pitcher to be named later

Dews: Tentatively I'm keeping:
Miggy Cabrera
Johan Santana

may switch Crawford for Granderson though...

9:55 AM JackGonzo: though I have zero clue as to how I lost the championship, this is the toughest year for me in regards to keepers

Dews: same here Gonzo

SayHey: My keepers are thin, hence why i got 9th place

9:56 AM JackGonzo: I desperately want to keep Kuroda, but I know in the end I won't. Same goes for Loshe, Franklin and Soria

So tenatively...

9:57 AM Mauer, Wright, Pedroia, Webb and one fifth player

9:58 AM which will have to be decided on Jeter, Ellsbury, McClouth, Pena, and Alexei Rameriz

Dews: Jeter???

JackGonzo: Shortstops are hard to find

at least constant ones

9:59 AM Dews: from the group, McClouth or Ramirez I'd think

SayHey: Jeter? really?

Dews: 2b eligible right?

Alexei I mean

JackGonzo: Yes, which is why he's leading, he's currently listed as 2nd, ss, and cf

But even if he disappeared in the playoffs, love Ellsbury

10:00 AM SayHey: He isnt bad

Dews: nah, but there is a possibility that people have figured him out

September call-ups can have enormous stats some years, but don't necessarily extrapolate well

JackGonzo: Hell, there's still Sphan from the Twins I have

and I could shock the world and keep Milledge

10:01 AM Dews: yuck

Josh has left

Dews: that would bea shocker

SayHey: Im thinking of keeping Joba

Or even David Price

Dews: Joba spoda start next year, but I dunno about Price yet

JackGonzo: want your blotter report of your fantasy team to look like your college's?

Price would be a no brainer for me

SayHey: Yeh, which is why im deciding my pitcher after the WS

Dews: I don't think so, he hasn't proven anything yet

10:02 AM JackGonzo: I'm just looking at his body of work in the minors and now majors

SayHey: Well, my pitching is badly thin

Dews: even on draft day, some people liked his stuff, but the fastball is a bit to straight

JackGonzo: each level he has gotten better

SayHey: Yeh, he has been dominant thus far

All in big games

JackGonzo: against the best talent

Dews: fixable, but this takes time to really determine a pitchers long term worth

this is why I hate keeping pitchers

SayHey: I agree

10:03 AM JackGonzo: but like you said, you're thin on pitching

Dews: me?

I did fine on pitching

you can always find pitching

and I've got Santana going into next year

SayHey: Im not keeping Nathan or Beckett, so it leaves me with very little choices

Dews: consistency in the lineup killed me

SayHey: I disagee, pitching is difficult to find

10:04 AM JackGonzo: you're not keeping Beckett?

Dews: Vasquez and Greinke beg to differ

SayHey: No

Terrible year and is always hurt

JackGonzo: buying that he can't overcome the injury?

SayHey: Vasquez was shit in August and Sept

Greinke is a fluke

Dews: final numbers on their seasons show productve fantasy pitchers

10:05 AM thats all that matters

SayHey: I agree with you on that.......but I can name maybe 10 dominant pitchers

Dews: true there, there just always seems to be a few bargain guys

SayHey: Or 10 worth keeping

JackGonzo: I don't need dominant, I need consistant

dominant will slip when you least want them to

Dews: of those 10 every year though, 3-4 fall off a cliff somehow

10:06 AM JackGonzo: consistent will do the same thing game in and game out

Dews: Tim Hudson is one of those guys, typically, but even he got hurt

JackGonzo: Well, this was obviously topic numero dos, now to tres...

SayHey: Cliff Lee was another I wish I had

10:07 AM JackGonzo: Who would be your MLB award winners?

Dews: great Bargain example there SayHey

Cliff Lee for Cy in AL (closely followed by Halladay), Lincecum for NL Cy

SayHey: Lee in the AL, Lincecum in the NL

10:08 AM Dews: Sabathia for MVP in NL,

not sure about AL

SayHey: Pujols MVP, hell, Pedria maybe in the AL

JackGonzo: If Sabathia is able to get MVP in NL, then I now who pick

10:09 AM Dews: he fits the definition of what the Most Valuable player to a team is

JackGonzo: now pitching yes, Lee AL Cy, Lincecum NL Cy

Dews: he put that team on his back and got them into the playoffs

JackGonzo: MVP...Manny for NL,

Dews: ahh yea

JackGonzo: yes but they were in contention

Dews: that would be a compelling case too

though, less time served

JackGonzo: the Dodgers were a 500 team without Manny

10:10 AM SayHey: Manny took them to the playoffs

JackGonzo: bigger hill to climb in less amount of time

Dews: kind of telling the best two players in the NL were both members of the "Big Boy" league before hand...

JackGonzo: and the dude batted near 500 in the NL

10:11 AM SayHey: ROY- Clearly Longoria in the AL, not quite for the NL

JackGonzo: Is it though?

I think Alexei should get a voice

SayHey: Sure, but without Longoria, the Rays are not in the playoffs

JackGonzo: and technically Pedroia is elligable for the RoY

10:12 AM SayHey: Is he?

Josh has joined

Dews: even the Royals guy put up a god fight for ROY

Rays are a playoff team with Iwamura at 3b I think

JackGonzo: Yes, he keeps talking about how he wants to win back to back RoY honors cause he's eligable

Dewey: whoa, hello folks

fresh back from court

JackGonzo: welcome to the party pal

SayHey: Word

Dews: welcome back Dewey

JackGonzo: discussing our picks for awards

10:13 AM Dewey: k

which are we talking about now?

Dews: AL NL MVP, CY, etc

SayHey: I dont think Pedroia is eligable

JackGonzo: well we're pretty much in agreement in the cy youngs

Dews: for ROY?

SayHey: for ROY

For MVP......mos def

Dewey: I mean, he won it last year,

JackGonzo: though it pains me not to give it to webb who won 22 games

SayHey: Oh, this is true

Dewey: I think he's got the MVP in the bag

10:14 AM SayHey: I think he does also

Dewey: and I think Cliff Lee has Cy Young in the bag

Dews: Lincecum is prolly the guy that does not

JackGonzo: Yes, but according to their rules, he played a low enough amount of games last year which makes him technically eligable to win it this year

SayHey: Cant win that award twice

JackGonzo: no rule saying you can't

Dews: that would be awesome if he did

10:15 AM SayHey: Well, Longoria made his case

He is clearly the ROY

JackGonzo: Or is Soria?

Dews: how can you not vote a guy ROY though if he also wins the MVP?

Pedroia "I'm gonna win a second RoY"?

SayHey: Soria isnt eligable either, is he?

Was their closer last year

JackGonzo: thank you Dewey

10:16 AM Dewey: like Fernando Valenzuela

JackGonzo: I don't know, I just felt like saying his name, Soria

Dews: it is fun to say

SayHey: Rolls of the tongue

Dews: speaking of... this has been bothering me... quick baseball trivia for you all

10:17 AM what was the double play combo in Cincy that had Mookie to Gookie?

or something like that

SayHey: Gookie Dawkins and



JackGonzo: I never paid attention to the Reds, blocked out 90

10:18 AM Dews: yea, its bugging me

Dewey: Reds are off my radar

SayHey: They have been off many radars

Although Edison Volquez has a good shot to win ROY

Dews: I was just thinking about it the other day, and buggd me I didn't know

Dewey: very true

10:19 AM Dews: yea no clear cut winner in NL

Dewey: alright, back to work folks

later folks

Dews: enjoy Dewey

SayHey: Later Dewey

JackGonzo: see ya dewey

Yes, I think I'd give Volquez NL RoY

10:20 AM saw him at least twice in person, nasty stuff

Dews: best watch him now before that bastard Dusty ruins him

10:21 AM JackGonzo: lol

Dewey: Dusty Baker...destroyer of worlds

SayHey: Which he will

JackGonzo: has he been fired yet?

Dews: and arms

SayHey: He already ruined Aaran Harang

Dews: that man shouldn't be allowed to coach anyone under the age of 40

JackGonzo: lol

Dews: Giants!!!

SayHey: Fuck........You!

Dews: haha

10:22 AM SayHey: Giants are going to be one of the youngest teams in baseball next year

Dews: oh sure, its called rebuilding, we're doin that too

SayHey: You've BEEN doing that for 10 years

We just started hah

10:23 AM Dews: right, you started right after winning the WS

SayHey: No, that is not correct

JackGonzo: snicker

you're right, they didn't win the world series

Dews: :)

SayHey: You can hate the Giants all you want

10:24 AM Well, we did go in 2002

Dews: I don't hate, they're in the same boat as me

JackGonzo: Hey I can like the Giants now, they have Ravashing Rick Rude as their manager

SayHey: Hey, our coach isnt dead

Hell, i dont even think he was juiced


SayHey: Speaking of which, Jose Canstrikeout?? thoughts on his rebutle and regrets?

10:25 AM JackGonzo:

Dewey: will we ever reach a point where we take anything he says seriously ever again?

Dews: Canseco used to be my hero when I was a kid, so this whole thing is very sad anyway

10:26 AM SayHey: I grew up with the Bash Brothers, I dont like it either

As of 2 months ago, he was writing a sequal to he sorry for writing the first? What happened?

10:27 AM JackGonzo: someone threatened his life?

SayHey: I wonder if Bonds and Viagra boy cornered him in a back alley in Miami

Dews: Viagra boy doesnt have the stones to confront someone face to face

Bridget has left

Dews: even with Large-Headed one

SayHey: Litteraly........I think his nads are the size of a pea

10:29 AM JackGonzo: he still has nads?

10:30 AM Well the final topic of the day as usual comes to the current political scene...just a quick question, how does it feel to be living in un-real america?

10:31 AM SayHey: To be honest, its quite depressing

10:32 AM JackGonzo: Oh? But what about your nightly bible burnings and pissing on the American flag? You must LIVE for that?

SayHey: Oh, I never said I hated that part

Oh, and the weekly "wiping my ass" of the US Constitution

10:33 AM JackGonzo: Well, to be fair, at least you READ IT before you wiped your ass with it

10:34 AM SayHey: Oh, and regular torture sessions with people who look like terrorists

Dews: I always get a chuckle outta reading it before wiping

SayHey: LOL touche

Those buzz words like "Freedom",,,,HAH, so useless

JackGonzo: so where exactly do we plan to move if this election is once again stolen from us?

Dews: Thailand?

SayHey: Bill Maher like Australia

10:35 AM JackGonzo: We can't go to Australia

SayHey: Because when Palin comes looking for us, she will confuse Australia with Austria

JackGonzo: you think Dews is bad now...those hot Australians LOVE Americans

Dews: actually, the smart money would be China


someone say accents?

SayHey: Im always a fan of Canada

JackGonzo: something like that

10:36 AM course my favorite memory of Tiajuana was with a six foot blonde Aztec Australian co-ed wearing a supergirl shit


Dews: haha

SayHey: Jaw = dropped

Dews: too tall man

JackGonzo: for you, some of us don't have to constantly look up

10:37 AM Dews: just sayins...

JackGonzo: then, meerkats are small in stature, but make up for it in their coat

Dews: and by standing on our tip-toes

JackGonzo: What about heading over and invading the UK?

10:38 AM SayHey: Well, Eastern Euro's love a man with a pelt-chest

Dews: too depressing, its dark and rainy all the time

in the UK I mean

JackGonzo: The entire flight over we could cause a ruckus just singing ANARCHY IN THE UK

plus we'd be guarenteed at least one NFL game a year

10:39 AM Dews: hopefully it would be like the Miami vs Giants game

with the 30 foot tall Jason Taylor

JackGonzo: same accents with fewer animals that could kill you then australia

Dews: sold

JackGonzo: plus, Ireland is right there

10:40 AM Then that's the plan, if the Republicans steal this election we make a move to the UK and attempt to introduce those limey bastards to baseball

Dews: agreed, even though it apparently was invented there...

10:41 AM JackGonzo: cricket is not baseball

Dews: not cricket, there was an article on ESPN about it few weeks ago

JackGonzo: cricket is a nonsense sport that I have no time to learn

Dews: I know Cricket, I can put googly on a ball :)

10:42 AM JackGonzo: they can claim all they want, but we're coming over and taking over if need be

Dews: thats what we do best

JackGonzo: but we're done for the day, you folks go eat your lunch or whatever it is you do at this time

Dews: McCain and Palin wouldn't be far behind...

SayHey: Later everyone

Dews: later

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