Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Throw Down

In a scene that is oh so familiar, the DoJ thumbs their nose at Senator Feinstein.

Newt Gingrich continues to jump at shadows.

Keith Olbermann shows John Gibson his pimp hand.

A few thoughts on Intimidator Jr and the Nats very own El Guapo.

Welcome to New England Ray Allen, I guess KG was right after all.

I don't think Stephen Colbert doesn't see gender quite like our Nation's Capital police force.

Words cannot express how much I love Darren Daulton.

I think the word jabberwocky is very fitting in regards to this case.

I love how Ted Stevens thinks everything is going to be fine, even though there is more evidence against him at this point then there is of the Detroit Lions needing to fire Matt Millen.

I fuckin LOVE this shirt.

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DCSportsChick said...

Darren Daulton is really something! Wow.