Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Weds Wrap Around

Do yourself a favor, and educate yourself on the history of the right wing and Islamic extremists.

You know what isn't a good idea, trying to get support for you war by comparing to the most despised war prior to this one.

If this is the real reason Rove left then may the Gods have mercy on us all.

So that's why Garrett Anderson has had a down year, he was saving up his offense for a one night stand.

Some of us have thought of this theory for a very long time now. It is very Reagan-esque, where he acts harmless, but is really a cold hearted killer underneath it all.

Guess what Nats fans, the Nationals are officially no longer in last place!

You gotta love those College Humor guys, they always find the best shit....FIRST!

Oh happy day, Claire is 18.

I think the new theme song for Dubay should be Liar by Rollins Band.

Maroon 5 is just proof that today's bands have nothing on the OG bands. Sorry Adam, but Billy Idol, Brett Michaels, Tommy Lee and others would have had Maria moaning like a banshee.

It is a sad sad day when Troy Aikman asks for a leave of absence from UCLA.

Apparently the White House and Justice department are trying that Twilight Zone trick of everything you think you no is wrong in this world, things work this way.

I think it is quite sad that people don't read more. Hey, I watch movies, TV and play Madden and I still find time to read ten plus books in a year.

Speaking of good music, it is the 40th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's Are You Experienced?.

Finally, this doesn't help Republicans chant of the economy does better under us. I guess it's true, if you're part of the upper echelon.

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