Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday Throw Down

If Texas is beginning to go left, then it is a very good sign. Now it's just a matter of who is going to win the nomination.

Apparently Dubya believe in weapons of mass destruction up until 2006. He also believe in John Travolta's acting ability, that the Bills could win the Super Bowl and the tooth fairy.

Well, it's official, Fredrick of Hollywood has entered the race. I can't trust a man who can't even keep his own DAs alive.

Apparently we're all wrong and we're kicking some ass over in Iraq. If kicking ass means being on a base and not wearing a flak jacket then yes, we are indeed kicking some ass.

Moviefone has its list of top twenty five sex scenes in film. Everything was going fine for me until I got done and realized the number one wasn't even on the list. How can you not have Original Sin on this list?

Corrente has joined my side of Elizabeth Edwards being the best person in this whole campaign. I've said it before and I shall say it again, I'd vote for her alone.

I have to agree fully, it is time to wake up. Dubya, you are not Ender Wiggins and this is not a game. You don't get to push the reset button when a life is lost.

You know if I did things in my job just because I was certain I'd probably lose it. Sadly no one seems to be willing to force this asshole out.

Barry found a great flight story involving a hot Hooters waitress, a male stewardess and stupidity.

It takes an independent study to really get a look at Iraq. I'm waiting for their new line to be about how the US' government took a decade to get itself right too.

Senator Stevens, do you see anything wrong with what you did with earmarks? NO! So then you would be surprised that you look guiltier then Charles Manson?

We bring to you more simple answers to simple questions. It is just also another example of why Mississippi is fine and New Orleans looks post-apocalyptic still.


SayHey Kid said...

Whats with the Niner-hating??

Shane Rollins said...

I show a picture of Reggie Bush for tonight's opener and its Niner hating. If I wanted to do that I would have brought up Steve Young's mother, Dorthy Mantooth

Dews said...

And "Skins" hating too... bastard :)

Stevens is getting whats been coming to him for a loooooong time... Thats the same bastard thats been trying to sell ANWR for years.

Dews said...

Shane man, I was kidding!

Its cool man, its cool! Niners do suck! :)


SayHey Kid said...

Be-low me

Dr. Joey said...

R. Bush 38 yds. Ouch. And getting back one posting of yours, I live in the same neighborhood of Craig Newmark (and his list) and see him most days at the ol' coffee joint. I'll make sure I'll pass along that he's now a full fledged crime fighter - sorta like Shaq.

over and out.