Friday, October 19, 2007

It's The Least He Could Do

It appears that Touchdown Jesus attempted to help Notre Dame this week by attempting to kill the USC Football team before it even reached South Bend, Indiana.
USC players, coaches and supporters aboard the team's charter flight from Los Angeles endured a harrowing arrival in South Bend, Ind., on Thursday night. Several players, administrative staff and coaches' spouses said passengers were hurled out of their seats and hit their heads on the ceiling when the plane dropped while making an approach through a lightning storm.

Is that how bad things have gotten in Notre Dame? They're calling upon Jesus to strike down the opposing team before they get their heads kicked in? For shame ND, you should be put on probation for that outside interference. I mean if getting a recruit hookers and booze is against the rules, shouldn't getting the almighty to eliminate your opponents be as well?


SayHey Kid said...

Hookers and booze is how CU gets their recruits.

But hey, if you were Notre Dame, youd have prayed for a crash.

Dews said...

Hey man, use every advantage you can.

To quote a great man...

"Just win baby"

Anyone know where thats from?

SayHey Kid said...

Al Davis

I guess if you were ND fan, youd relate the all mighty with Rick Vaughn.

Charlie Weiss- "Bring in Almighty" "You mean "The Almighty???" "Yeh, he is due".