Monday, December 10, 2007

Thank GOD for Natural Selection

Not to be an asshole here, but I believe that every life is not worth taking (I can already hear Shane chuckling at his desk 2 blocks away) but in this case, I can make an exception. Some moron fan at a San Francisco Niners football game yesterday, Sunday, December 9th, died while misjudging a jump off of a ramp..

First off, why did this guy have to do it in SF. We have a bad team, why do we need this bad press??? This is almost as bad as the Niners sex tape, ERRR i mean training video for rookies back in 2005. This is a clear case as to Darwin's law of Natural Selection. The weak shall perish. Obviously this guy was pretty stupid, hence, weak! Apparently this is not the first time fans at our beloved CANDLESTICK PARK have died. The first time, in 1980, 2 geniuses decided to ride a dumpster down the ramp and died. In the words of Mr. Carlos Mencia "Dee Dee Deeeee!!!"

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