Monday, December 10, 2007

My Raw Top 15 Moments

The WWE has put out their top 15 Raw Moments of all time, so I thought I would to. Now these are my own opinions, things that occurred that have stood out in my mind and stood the test of time. Ironically enough, I don't think anything is past the "Attitude" era. I think the only things that got on the probable list were the Radicalz showing up, Angel's Cage Moonsault, Hurrican beating Rock, Rock singing in Sacramento and Matt Hardy's invasion of Raw, which did eventually make the list.

13. Bret Screwed Bret

12. Rock, This is Your Life

11. Paging Dr. Austin

10. A Degenerate Nation

9. I'm Gonna Make Your Life Miserable

8. Mankind Wins Gold

7. Raw Is Jericho

6. DX Invades WCW

5. Austin Throws IC Belt Off The Bridge

4. Pillman Must Protect This House!

3. Three Faces of Foley

2. Raw is ECW

1. Raw Is Owen Hart

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