Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weds Wrap Around Post-Wedding Bliss

We have not received all of the pictures yet, so there very well may be very amusing shot of dews somewhere among them, though at the end of this I very well may have to post what has been declared as the greatest picture...well, ever.

The wedding was a rousing success, hailed by all as very possibly the funnest wedding that ever was had. Having quite the hand in it, as opposed to most grooms, it gives me great pleasure in hearing that. I kinda feel like Vince McMahon after Wrestlemania X7, knowing that I just put on a show that may not be equaled. Now then, onto the news, since I am the only one of us who has had a legitimate reason for not posting lately I guess I'll have to be the one to kick the tires and light the fires.

In case you missed it, there was a new Republican sex scandal recently in Pennsylvania. Where as this man may not be guilty of rape he is definitely guilty of upstaging Bob Crane and doing more men then Ted Haggard.

The housing and economic "crisis" is continuing to grow, so what's the Senate's plan? Well, if you guessed big tax cuts and credits for corporations you must have been paying attention these last eight years.

It's probably a good thing that dews and I were at my wedding on Saturday. If we weren't we may have this shindig and in the process gotten arrested on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial.
*PS-The quote from the wife when I told her about this and our near miss with jail, "Probably, see, marriage is already saving you from yourself."

When I told one of my roommates what Obama had said about investigating the possible Bush crimes if he became President his response is one that many will have, "Well he certainly has my vote now."

A beautifully written piece about feminism in society today , the way things have changed, and the future outlook on the equality of the sexes. If you don't believe it still isn't an issue I'll give you an example. People in Texas are still shocked to hear that I would be the one staying home with the child if CityCat and I ever have kids.

Here is a present to SandFleas for doing our wedding, the Charger Girl tryouts photo album. This is what to expect where I'm moving to in a month and a half.

This just in, Allison Stokke is still the hottest woman in all of sports. Hey, I'm married not dead.

An amusing case for our group of lawyers from the great state of Texas and the complication of redneck Engrish.

See, the US and Iran are not as different as they would like you to believe.. After all their conservatives get caught in prostitution sex scandle just as ours are so caught we all just be friends already?

Forget PA, Obama just locked up the tri-state area's primary by getting the most important Super-superdelagate one can get in that area.

Finally, a great pie chart on why Pennsylvanian's are so bitter. I don't know, not having loving JoePa but he still won't retire should be on there as well, eh it seems East side of PA biased anyways.


homebyastream said...

I enjoyed the pie chart on bitter Pennsylvanians. Although I am not bitter about the Amish, or the fact that Christian Siriano is gay. Oh yea and that whole incest thing...I wasn't born there :)

Oh yea, and I already said this but the wedding was pretty great too. Good job!

Dews said...

Can't tell you how much fun the wedding was man, truly of epic proportions...

I don't quite remember some of the pics (especially the Air Guitar one), but thats a good sign as far as I'm concerned :)