Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Blog The Horn

We start the day off with some bothersome educational news.

Great, Bush learned all his tricks while he Govenor of Texas.

As a vet, this is about as disgusting as the Pentagon can get.

Apparently, in Alabama, it's ok to kill but not to masturbate.

Well, that's one big name to smell the air of reality will there soon be another?

Finally, Top 25 list that I can agree with almost a hundred percent.

I know it's rhetoric, but it's rhetoric no one else is saying and is getting closer to my vote.

Awesome, one of my favorite pitchers is back pitching in the majors again.

And another ones off the bus and another ones gone another ones gone another ones off the bus!

Hey, who doesn't like a good pig roast?

Jason Giambi breaks a very proud and long standing record. Congrats my boy

I could only hope that one day, I might have a son as pimp as this one.

Finally, may the Gods have mercy on our souls if this assclown become the candidate.


SayHey Kid said...

Wes Anderson finally got some love!!!

Im shocked 3 O'Clock High wasnt on the top 25 highschool movies of all time. Come on, the bully knocked out the shell-shocked Nam vet/rent-a-cop and the principal. Then gets knocked out by the geek. CLASSIC 80's movie!!

Shane Rollins said...

The ones that shocked me that weren't on there was The Karate Kid and Varsity Blues