Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Blog The Horn

We open today with a great analysis of energy, politics, candidates and where they all stand. I love the opening part about all the ties the Administration has to the oil industry, at least we're not the only ones who can recognize it.

You can bet that commuting a death sentence would never have happened on Dubya's watch. Hell, he tried to install an express lane for people who had Smart Cards.

Let it be know that Iowa is now going to be included on the list of places that have "activist judges". It's not activism when all they are doing is following the letter of the law folks.

I love this kind of thinking. When something is broken and filled with corruption, press the restart button.

KO lets us know that the GAO report was leaked because of fear of the administration watering it down once again. What, the administration manipulate a report to suit their ends? Never.

The Right-to-Lifers continue to spread their lies and misleading information. This time they target Colorado, the one place that NEEDS birth control. Say it with me folks, no more Broncos fans!

KO goes after Bush and how a Republican state not hit as badly by Katrina has received about double more money then the Democratic state hit worse by the hurricane. Of course this should come as no surprise by anyone, Kanye West already told us why.

The state of the Terminator took steps to prevent bad sci-fi movie shit from becoming real life and mandatory. Now my friends and I have to stop another friend from creating Skynet.

The Diamond Hoggers have your various baseball stories in one nice little article, go forth and multiply.

Hey, someone got a hold of the questionairre job application for the Justice Department. How can you say this doesn't violate the Hatch Act? Well, I guess you could say it, it just wouldn't be true.

We all knew Manny Rameriz was from Planet Man-Ram, but now we know who his parents are as well. I wonder, was he babysat by Jim Neidhardt?

The Cleveland Browns took it the defending NFC Champions last night. Let it be known that Joshua Cribbs is quickly becoming the most beloved son in Cleveland since a man named Bernie.

I want to be serious for a minute, like Lance Storm, this makes me sick to my stomach. I am down right furious right now, they have no right what so ever and damn them and their souls for doing this. If you're as upset at this as I am look into the organization mentioned.

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