Tuesday, February 12, 2008

50 Hottest Women on TV 30-21

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Hottest Women 40-31

30. Olivia Wilde-House, M.D.
Highest Ranking-12 Lowest Ranking-21

One of the newest editions to House, I believe she's referred to as 13, is a beauty, no matter what her hair color is. She's no Jennifer Morrison, who may or may not be showing up later down the list, but she'll do as a replacement...of sorts. Though she probably would have made this list anyways, if NBC hadn't cancelled the Black Donellys.

29. Paula Garces-The Shield
Highest Ranking-6 Lowest Ranking-18

This lovely baby in blue is Officer Tina Hanlon on the Shield, a favorite of many of the LSWTF.com crew. I personally remember her as the object of Harold's desire from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, with the good news that she will be playing Maria once again when they go to Guantanamo. This sexy Columbian is the epitome of many men's latina heat, and why not? She can look sexy as hell, and still play a convincing cop.

-"I can't lie, if I saw Paula Garces I'd be as hesitant to say a word, let alone breath, around her, just like Harold."

28. Sarah Chalke-Scrubs
Highest Ranking-8 Lowest Ranking-24

This could be another example of men finding humor funny, but I think it may go another direction. This to me seems more band geek freak then tomboy next door. She looks good at time, one of those that "clean up real well", but nothing quite striking per say. Then again the jury has spoken, and enough of the jury spoke of her highly enough to put her into this spot.

-"If you ask me, she looks like a screamer."

27. Katrina Bowden-30 Rock
Highest Ranking-11 Lowest Rating-15

The sexy sultry secretary of 30 Rock, least I think she's a secretary I don't watch the show, is definitely pure sex appeal. Though looking at her she definitely reminds me of Christine Taylor of Dodgeball and Brady Bunch fame. Ironically enough she's the same age as the Friday Night Light girls, but definitely looks older.

-"I'd have to go with the quiet type, but only when sober."

26. Shannyn Sossamon-Moonlight
Highest Rating-4 Lowest Rating-25

Playing Coraline on Moonlight has enabled Shannyn to enter onto this list. I think plays a vampire, or something, I don't know I've never actually watched the show. I think we all remember Shannyn from such classics as A Knight's Tale, Rules of Attraction and 40 Days 40 Nights.

-"Let me say this about that movie (40/40) I'm sorry, but I'm still calling bullshit on her getting off on nothing but flowers and breath, I don't care if it's with Josh Harnett or not. "

25. Megyn Kelly-Fox News Anchorwoman
Highest Ranking-4 Lowest Ranking-4

Megyn Kelly received two votes, both fours, and the funny thing is the majority of you don't even know who she is. She apparently is a Fox News anchorwoman who co-hosts America's Newsroom and has appeared many times on Brit Humes' show. Not being a fan of anything Fox News, you can tell our jury pool has a wide taste.

-"At first glance you think she'd ride you to death, but she's probably a kitchen door, after all aren't all Republicans turning out to be that way anyways?"

24. Jenna Fischer-The Office
Highest Ranking-6 Lowest Ranking-20

Like much of America I knew who she was on The Office and thought she was cute, until early last year when Blades of Glory came out and you saw her in the little number above. Then, and maybe only then, did men start looking at her differently.

-"I would imagine she's the kind of lady who you don't expect much from, but when the doors are closed she'd want things done that would make De Sade blush."

23. Elizabeth Mitchell-Lost
Highest Ranking-3 Lowest Ranking-17

Like most of you I always recognized Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Other Juliet on Lost. I though perhaps it was Frequency, then I realized no it couldn't be since all I remember is Dennis Quaid and radios. I hadn't seen The Santa Clause movies, so maybe that SVU episode? Nah, it wasn't that either. Then I looked on IMDB and realized she played Angelina Jolie's photographer girlfriend in Gia. Then it, and that scene, all came back to me and everything was right in the world.

-"I knew the hotness of hot lesbian action from Skinamax, but I didn't know until Gia how hot it actually could be."

22. Jennifer Love Hewitt-Ghost Whisperer
Highest Ranking-5 Lowest Ranking-23

Every man who is from his mid-twenties to his mid-thirties had a thing for Jennifer Love Hewitt at one point in his life to another. She continues to look fabulous and has plenty of followers, just look at any message board. In addition her fight against the Paris Hilton look and for "normal-sized" women continues on, and I'm a huge supporter of that.

-"Some of us cannot stand women who look like they would break upon impact, we want something that can withstand...ramming speed."

21. Kristin Kreuk-Smallville
Highest Ranking-6 lowest Ranking-20

Ah, the fantasy of young Clark Kent's life has grown into a damn sexy woman hasn't she? Even when Lana Lang is being annoying to the point you wish someone would slap her she gives you a scene. You know, a shower scene, standing in front of a window topless scene, and of course diving into the poll in her undies and slowly getting out scene.

-"She inspired one of the greatest songs of the last decade in Scotty Doesn't Know where all you're actually thinking about is the various places you can have sex with her."

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Steve said...

as expected and how the list should work...the womens keep getting hotter!

Dews said...

I kinda forgot about Kristin Kreuk. Haven't seen Smallville in easily 5 years, so other then some random noxema commercial, she hasn't been around

gore53 said...

Supposedly 'liberal' people who then go ahead and belittle other people for their personal beliefs, be they political, religious or otherwise... are narrow minded and far from the traditional definition of liberal. Fact is, you're a glaring example of a far too typical boring hypocrite.