Tuesday, February 12, 2008

50 Hottest Women on TV 41-50

Inspired by a recent 50 Hottest Women in Sports, the LSWTF crew got together, polled ourselves and a few of our friends to determine the 50 Hottest Women on Television right now. That was the key, they had to be on TV in some show or regular format that wasn't a movie, commercial or something like Baywatch that is always on but hasn't been filmed in ten years. Voice acting did not count, sorry Scarlet Johansen, and it was determined by the executive committee that Eliza Dushku was the all time hottest woman on television.

We had a group of people give us ten women they thought should be on this list. From that list we took seven voters who then gave us a top twenty five ranking, and we averaged it all out. There were definitely some surprises, and Friday Night Lights definitely came in as the hottest show on television proving once again that almost every man loves looking at high school cheerleaders.

Honorable Mentions go out to the four women who received votes, but whose average was not high enough to put them into the top fifty.

Poppy Montgomery-Without A Trace
Highest Ranking-25
Holly Madison-Beauty and the Geek
Highest Ranking-25
Suzy Kolber-ESPN
Highest Ranking-13
Padme Lakshmi-Top Chef
Highest Ranking-12

Now, we will list their highest ranking score and their lowest one. Now don't confuse lowest ranking for not getting a vote, only one woman received a vote from each juror.

50. Robin Meade-CNN Morning Express
Highest Ranking-19 Lowest Ranking-21

Overlooked by most of the voting block, Meade is enjoyed by a few of our voters as the host of CNN Morning Express. I can't say much about her since I don't think I've ever watched the show, or her for that matter. Though her biggest pusher had this to say,

-"Robin is hot. When I wake up in the morning I don't want to have to look at Al Roker."

49. Minka Kelly-Friday Night Lights
Highest Ranking-9 Lowest Ranking-N/A

Our first entry from Friday Night Lights is quite the looker, and now that I've seen more and more pictures of her, I'm beginning to think she deserves a higher ranking as she's sorta giving me that Jenna Haze feel prior to the boob job, but it's too late now. I think the other voters will feel the same, specially since the number 9 vote was her ONLY vote, which may be a crime against humanity, we'll check with Geneva.

-"I'm with you on the Jenna Haze feel, which makes me wonder what kind of freaky shit she's into. Is she like Jenna Haze in action as well as looks?"

48.Adrianne Palicki-Friday Night Lights
Highest Ranking-8 Lowest Ranking-N/A

The second official entry of Friday Night Lights makes me laugh a bit, not because she's not as hot in my eyes as Minka Kelly, but that she is better known to me and City Cat as Jessica Moore, the woman who went ablaze the first episode of Supernatural that started Sam down Emo Road, her death gave Sam the sad eyes of a crying clown. Of course, there's always that Smurf's shirt she was wearing in the pilot too...

-"The time I saw her on Supernatural in that Smurfs shirt I bought dropped my load right there. I mean I've had that dream, course it involved brownies too, so what?!"

47. Pauley Perrette-NCIS
Highest Ranking-14 Lowest Ranking-23

Whenever I look at Pauly, I am always reminded of visiting my parents once and their proclamation that this was the type of woman they foresaw me marrying, since of course they had seen my last few girlfriends and knew I had a thing for Goth chicks. It's amusing now to see how wrong they actually were, cause after all the goth chicks can lead to fun times, but therapy bills out the ass, not to mention the neosporin. Here's the crazy thing though, would you guess this woman is pushing 40?

-"The thing I love most about gothic women is that they wear leather and are usually up for any crazy sex game you want to play."

46. Lucy Liu-Cashmere Mafia
Highest Ranking-7 Lowest Ranking-N/A

The years have not been kind to Lucy Liu's career. Yes, she's had Charlie's Angels, but other then that, has there been anything of value? Personally, I wouldn't put her on my top ten of hottest Asian actresses, but one of our voters absolutely is enamored with her, as you can tell by the highest ranking. Still, she is quite beautiful, and is turning 40 this year. Now that I think about it, a lot of these women are pushing the 40...does that say something about how us voters are aging? God, I'm gonna be thinking that terrifying thought all day.

-"I could go into why I think Lucy is hot, or I can just say fuck it and keep on thinking about those business suits."

45. Kate Walsh-Private Practice
Highest Ranking-17 Lowest Ranking-19

I'm not gonna lie, I have a serious thing for redheads. That, however, is a story for later on this list. The story I have right now is how the last three women we've had each got a year older and Kate Walsh actually is turning 41 this year, and still looks like she would tie you to a bed and drill you like she was an oil tycoon.

-"She wants to get pregnant on the show, and I want to help towards that end, what's so wrong with that?"

44. Anna Friel-Pushing Daisies
Highest Ranking-11 Lowest Ranking-24

Finally, a woman more our age, which may be a first on this list since they've all been younger or older, finally someone within our RANGE. A beautiful Irish lass that was insisted on being included by our pollsters, noticed by our voters, and made a nice impact. Of course it doesn't hurt that she looks like the girl next door who turns out to be like Michelle from American Pie.

-"She's on pushing daises, which is may describe what happens to me when I look at her."

43. Rachel Nichols-ESPN
Highest Ranking-5 Lowest Ranking-N/A

A "local" representing on our list, even though she is now known the world over thanks to her work on ESPN. I think I will let this quote sum up how Rachel Nichols made the list.
"Rachel Nichols looks like some porn star I've seen... I'm pretty sure
it was lower class stuff too with 'lots of actors', but that messes
with me every time I see her reporting on ESPN."

-"I've had this reoccuring dream where she comes into the locker room to give me an interview and my towel drops and then...well...let's just say it's a VIVID dream."

42. Roselyn Sanchez-Without A Trace
Highest Ranking-11 Lowest Ranking-21

The beautiful FBI agent first garnered male attention in Rush Hour 2, though some may remember her from Captain Ron. If I ever go missing, I'd love to have Roselyn looking for me, since she without a doubt would distract said kidnappers allowing me a chance to escape. Didn't get as many votes as I was expecting, but does anyone watch Without A Trace on CBS, or just on TNT?

-"I love sexy FBI agents, or cops, or...hell, I love handcuffs, isn't that enough?"

41. Kari Byron-Mythbusters
Highest Ranking-8 Lowest Ranking-24

Apparently Dews and myself are the only voters who watch Mythbusters and find Kari Byron one geek that is sexy as hell. We apologize that intelligence and an appreciation of explosions is sexy to us. I know I find it sexy, hell I'm marrying that exact description. If this picture doesn't change your mind, then there is no hope for you my sons.

-"I'm sure when something doesn't work the way she wants it on the set of Mythbusters she gets frustrated, that's where I come in. I want to be her personal anti-frustration explosion machine."

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Steve said...

Kate Walsh looks like a dog...

I've never understood the infatuation with redheads...I mean...if their hot and attractive sure...but to think their hot just because they have red hair confuses me.

SayHey Kid said...

I agree with Steve, not a fan of Kate Walsh. But my God, the other 50-41 are st-unning!

Dews said...

Kari Byron... Lord...

I'm just disappointed more people don't watch Mythbusters and thus appreciate deh hotness :)

SayHey Kid said...

I love the show, just forgot to add her to my list. Trust me, if i remembered, she would have cracked my own top 15!

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Hell, we all forgot Heidi Klum

Kim said...

Hmmm...some very interesting choices. I find it funny that I get told I look like number 7 and then there's that kickball quote that follows.

SayHey Kid said...

We forgot her and Michelle Trachtenberg (Guest spot on Law and Order and House)

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Kim, the one who told you that wasn't the one who the quote is from...though amusing as all hell... lol

Kim said...

I'd be interested to know who said that quote! I think I have an idea of who would say something like that. haha...too funny.

Dews said...

Thats amazing, I don't quite see the Rashida thing, maybe more Olsen twin facial features, but the kickball reference is priceless :)

Dave Lawrence said...

I'm SHOCKED that you've got two women from Lost, but not Emilie De Ravin, who play's Claire.