Tuesday, February 12, 2008

50 Hottest Women on TV 40-31

Hottest Women 50-41

40. Kaitlin Olson-It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Highest Ranking-7 Lowest Ranking-23

I won't lie, I'm not a huge fan, but I know there is a good portion of our men who find humor sexy. To me she looks like that stripper who has been working just a bit too long at the club, who expected to meet some rich man who would take her away and make an honest woman out of her but never quite panned out that way.

-"Don't care if she looks like an old stripper, do you realize what those old strippers DO?!"

39. Emily Proctor-CSI:Miami
Highest Ranking-13 Lowest Ranking-16

CBS has a good contingent here in the higher rounds, and most red blooded American males our age should know miss Proctor has the kinky blond from the Tara Reid soft-core porn Body Shots. I don't know what she does on CSI:Miami, but does it matter? I don't know of a straight man who wouldn't let her go looking for evidence on him any day.

-"I still have images of her in some kind of gimp outfit illuminated by the bathroom light in a doorway, and it's never going away."

38. Aimee Teegarden-Friday Night Lights
Highest Ranking-11 Lowest Ranking-24

When a friend of mine heard that Aimee Teegarden had received votes his initial response was, "The one who looks like she's 12? Who do you have voting, a bunch of pedophiles?" Though I do have to point out that she is of age, even if Miley Cyrus looks older then she does. For me though it's a bit creepy, she looks the way the little girl from Poltergeist would have looked at this age.

-"Come on man, look at her, you know she's gotta be a screamer."

37. Heather Chantal Jones-America's Next Top Model
Highest Ranking-9 Lowest Ranking-25

Chantal, as most of you know her as, was the runner up on the last cycle of America's Next Top Model. I would say who initially nominated her, one of our main writers, but I wouldn't do that to him. He, like myself, has been forced to watch this show due to our significant others and I applaud him for finding something at least enjoyable about this fact. I just get to witness Fantasy America's Next Best Friend in the living room every week.

-"I remember the nature photo shoot and thinking to myself, I want to play some Adam and Eve with this woman."

36. Melissa Theuriau-French Anchorwoman
Highest Ranking-2 Lowest Ranking-24

This is a world wide competition, though I am a bit shocked by the person who is enthralled with our Le Crouisant. Without a doubt she is beautiful, no? I too wonder if she gives cigarettes to babies, or if she takes a bath on a regular basis. To quote who...dignitary shall we say,

-"She's a dangerous combination of smart yet beautiful girl next door with eyes that say 'I'm only playing innocent until we get back to your place'. The accent helps of course as well."

35. So Cal Val-TNA Knockout/Ringgirl
Highest Ranking-1 Lowest Ranking-25

Apparently I am the only man among us, save for the person who gave Val number 25, who appreciates this lovely wrestling red head from TNA. The new Miss Val to Black Machismo, Jay Lethal, is so smoking hot that the rest of you should be kicking yourselves for not giving her the respect she so rightfully deserves. I mean come on, look at that and tell me that isn't number one!

-"She plays the new Miss Elizabeth, I want to hear her moan Oh Yeah Mach just a few thousand times in my ear."

34.Giada De Laurentiis-Food Network
Highest Ranking-16 Lowest Ranking-19

I believe this is the first of the ladies to make half the voters, and can you blame them? Not only is Giada an absolute delight to look at, you know what she would cook you would taste as good as she looks.

-"Does anyone else want to recreate the scene from Hot Shots when looking at her, or is it just me?"

33.Christa Miller-Scrubs
Highest Ranking-6 Lowest Ranking-22

The love interest of SGT Red O'Neil on Scrubs, most of us probably remember her as Kate on the Drew Carey Show. Now, I'm not one of those huge Scrubs people, which I am apparently surrounded by, by she is one sexy older woman. Though, this grouping of older women is probably saving our asses from our girlfriends since it dispels the notion that all we want are high school cheerleaders. Funny side note, she was the voice of Cleopatra on the vastly underrated animated show, Clone High.

-"I have no problem with her being older, she can be my Mrs. Stifler any day, and twice on Sundays."

32. Sophia Myles-Moonlight
Highest Ranking-7 Lowest Ranking-10

Most of the voters missed out on Sophia because most of the voters forgot about Moonlight. Actually, I don't think one of us has actually watched the show, but I remembered before voting was closed that she was on there, and then discovered someone else on there who is on this list at a later point. For me, I've had a thing for Sophia Myles since Tristan & Isolde, a movie I enjoy more then I really should, or so I'm told.

-"There's just something bout a frail, British blond that does it to me, I'm talking right down to the bottom of the spine."

31. Jennifer Carpenter-Dexter
Highest Ranking-5 Lowest Ranking-24

I know this is about the hottest women on TV, but let me sidetrack and just say that this lady is one phe-nominal actress. I don't know if you saw Exorcism of Emily Rose, and judging by the box office you didn't, but this woman can creep you right the fuck out. I was a bit shocked she got the recognition she did, as she's not your typical beauty especially for this crowd.

-"Yeah, I saw Emily Rose, I want to find out if all that bending in the church was her or CGI, and if it was CGI, would she be willing to attempt her own stunts?"

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Dews said...

hahaha "phe-nominal"

Listen up clones...



Steve said...

something tells me i should start watching friday night lights...

Dews said...

I have no idea what Melissa Theuriae is ever saying, but she's hot as hell and has an accent, thats pretty much the checklist for me right there.